#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


It’s terrible but as is our game plan none of our tall marking fwd leads inside 50. Or they are that far up the ground that when we move the ball quickly like we should. They are not their.

Can someone explain to me wtf is going on with this. I hear woosha sometimes say we tried to move it to quick before our fwds could set.

This mantallity is so back to front to me.


I apologise!

Can you imagine this thread if we had lost though! Would be standing room only

Never seen a guy almost actively give the ball to the opposition at every ruck contest


He’s really bad, but I’d prefer him in the side banging into rucks rather than making McKernan and Hooker do it all.


Can one quarter redeem him? The first three quarters…man oh man. The crowd’s reaction when he got his first kick said it all…

It’s saying something that Smack offered more in the ruck, but we need him doing other stuff - plus Smack is the main ruck, more chance of injury. Perhaps there is merit in the Hartley call after all.


Never should he play for us again. Play Hartley. Play another mid and don’t compete at the bounce. Both better options.


He means VFL.


Alex claimed him as his boy as well.


Yep did a good job if his role was to hit it to Allir.


You can’t be farming serious! There’s spuds, then there’s the sweat on spuds balls, then there’s Zac Clarke.

I was at the game today, and I watched him like a hawk. He literally tapped the ball to the opposition on 90% of his center contests. He has 1 job and he was humiliated by a makeshift ruckman.

If not for that on mark at the end, he literally would have been less useful than the goalposts. If he plays again, I will spew!


Saying he tapped it to the opposition is kind.

He tapped it to his direct opponent.


Who isn’t even a ruckman.


Did ok in the last. First three not so much.


When will these coaches realise that he’s not up to it?


He was really, really poor today. He had his ■■■■ handed to him by a ■■■■■■■ key defender playing as a fill-in ruckman. You’d expect that Allir Allir would have him covered around the ground (although 22 possessions to 5 is an absolute annihilation) but the hitouts were 25 v 22 in Clarke’s favour, so it’s not as if he completely outpointed him in the ruck and gave us an armchair ride at clearances. Quite the opposite. His game intelligence was poor. The amount of times he tapped it straight to a Swans mid, and sometimes comically his direct opponent, was ridiculous. I didn’t think he could, but he’s really put his spot in the team under jeopardy. Imagine if we decided to play Hartley, ironically a key defender himself, as a ruck ahead of an actual specialist ruckman. I’d nearly do it, because I can’t see him at all being competitive against Goldstein in the hitouts. So if we are gonna get belted there anyway, might as well play a bloke who will get around the ground and give us something there.


don’t know about backing him in.
but i will say some of the clearences alir got was from being out the back by himself, while clarke was chasing the ball or man who had the ball.

why did no one go and help him out and cover his man while he was actively chasing the play ?

was poor today, but i’d be more concerned with the players who are actually supposed to be skilled on our list, who can’t hit a ■■■■■■■ handball 1 meter away or can’t kick the ■■■■■■■ ball, let alone to their team mates advantage.


Words can’t describe how unimaginably bad he was today. I haven’t seen such ruck destruction since Hennemen filled in the ruck in an early 2003 game against Carlton and single handedly turned the game in their favour in a single (last) quarter. I don’t care if we have to ruck Myers, I’d rather us try and shark opposition ruckman than have this man regulary tap it to his opposite number, get slaughtered around ground and embarrass himself against a newbie ruckman. He had one good mark (his only) in the last quarter and if that’s more than what Hartley could do filling in then we’re truly, truly doomed. At least Hartley could offer something at either end and do OK at ground level.


Don’t we have any one at the club who can give Clarke a refresher course on how to ruck?

It appears he has forgotten how to ruck and his confidence must be at the lowest level. Feel for him, and hoping he can improve.

Plus side don’t think we have lost a game he has played in the seniors.




Don’t let anyone tell you that the WAFL is a strong competition when this bloke won the best on ground in the GF.


Doesn’t help when he had 40 thousand Essendon supporters jeering him every time he was near the ball


Imagine if we picked some other jobber up in the mid year draft.

You don’t just get a ruck because your other ones are injured.