#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


He needs to give them something to cheer for because calling a spade a spade he was worse than the worst Myers game I’ve seen . The crowd was indifferent in the the first quarter to him, and by the third the crowd was begging for him to be moved from the ruck such was his ineptitude and dominance from a guy was nothing more than a fill-in for them. It’s one thing to get smashed in the ruck and literally tap it down his opponents throat every time, it’s another to let your opponent utterly ruin you at ground level. If he wants confidence he can go back to VFL level and learn how to provide a contest.


I cheered him in the last as a sign of encouragement but know the other 39,999 thousand did not. However I suppose he just has to wear it for now, just like some of our other players have worn jeers and boos over the years.


I agree with all you have said, I just feel for him (just like I felt for all our other players who have been jeered over the years) .


Jeering him is stupid.

Letting him play AFL again… also stupid.


Just needed a tune up game and he’ll be good next week. Right?..please be right, please.


Made Aliir look like Grundy in the third quarter. To his credit, did a couple of decent things in the last, but frankly speaking, he was a massive liability out there.


Unfortunately he’s going to be needed against a monster like Goldstein. Anyone remember the game a couple of years ago when we tried to use McKernan solo against him? Didn’t end well at all. Think McKernan gave away a world record number of frees.
He was useless today. The sort of game that Bellchambers can put in against spuddy and non-recognised ruckmen. Somewhat better in the last.


Clarke will get bullied by Goldy and offer nothing around the ground.

Maybe Hartley is worth a shot.

Just concede the taps like Aliir today and try and get involved in general play. Would love to see Hartley kick inside 50.


That would involve… you know… tactics, planning, that sort of stuff. Doesn’t appear to be our longest suit…



Last year against Port, we had no effective ruck due to injuries. We send up Stringer against Judas. Port gained so much from that, just getting any stoppage or a throw in was a huge advantage for them. We have to present something somewhat competitive to the tin rattlers next week, even if they get 80% of the taps.


He Was just to farkin stupid in the ruck today, pin point taps to Aliar. Woosha should have dragged him and pointed out how dumb his tap work was


He shouldn’t have played.


Did enough.

In next week.


I never noticed Clarke when he was at FREO…

…so…I’m wondering…what was he like as a raw young draftee…before he, er, developed his game to this level?


Frankly I don’t care if his feelings are upset. He’s a professional athlete and he played like a mug for 3 quarters. It’s not as if there’s any question about it - every game he’s played for us there’s been clangers - that wrecks your team cohesion. The issue is bigger than Zac. The team will play more intense and coherent football if someone with better skills and footy nouse replaces him (even if not as tall)…


No one going to talk about how no midfielder was in front at the clearance?


He was actually good in his early freo days i thought he was going to be a star. Not sure wtf happened.


I realize it’s not at all funny watching him play live, but seeing him on replay 10-15 years from now is going to make your day, in the same way I find myself chuckling to myself for 10 minutes when Simon Eastaugh or Ilija Grgic bob up in random 1999 season highlights.


You win the first round. :+1: not sure if there will be another round anytime soon though.