#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


You are seriously funny. He has NFI and he is an excellent ruckman for the opposition. Our blokes are going to have to learn how to play to his miss taps.

Is Sam Jacobs from Adelaide available? We should check him out.


Obviously he was poor and he looks devoid of confidence. However he is what we have and fwiw I think he will match up on a traditional ruck in Goldstein a lot better this week. I’d rather persist with him so we can keep Mckernan forward.


Clarke was great in the fourth, needs more game time. At the moment for a lot of you, he’s just an easy target of ‘oh should never play again, he’s useless, a joke, don’t le thin on the field’.

Solid after being out for four or five weeks and we won the game, few more weeks under his belt will do him good so shut up.


Sign Draper to a $500K a season deal NOW!!! He can’t do anything for us this season but ■■■■ me we can’t go into next season with a slowing Bellchambers either one of Zac Clarke or ■■■■ Ryder as backup and no young ruck coming through…


He was one of those guys who looked SUPER athletic and had you thinking “when this guy fills out he’s gunna be a beast”. Cept he never did. So he’s just this supertall, skinny dude who moves pretty well.

EDIT: His skills, hands and tapwork looked better than this. Turns out missing 4 weeks of footy completely doesn’t help!


But you also have to factor in that he was the clear #2 to Sandilands his whole time there. He was pretty much a forward/ruck who would pinch hit when required.


Message to Champion Data: Zac Clarke has created a new stat which you should utilise - taps to disadvantage. He is unrivalled in this and probably several other previously unrecorded areas of the game such as ‘giving your direct opponent an armchair ride’


Next week, Smack and Hooker to share ruck duties. We’ll be move competitive with them as a duo


Right, and then they are targeted and badly injured. Better to keep on with Z. Or some of you could train with him and coach him.


7:10pm Saturday PRIME TIME CLARKE.


I honestly think Goldstein will win them the game if Clarke plays. Clarke has got to be the worst ruckman in AFL history. If we have learnt anything from yesterday, it is a makeshift ruckman can still have an impact. Bring in Harley or Zerk.


I am with you on most of your post, but not this part.

That makeshift ruckman should have been the sole reason Sydney lost. That it was almost the reason they won is an indictment on the bloke we had as our ruckman. There are no learnings to be taken from this except those involving Zlarke.


Hooker looks like he’s carrying an injury. Don’t want him anywhere near the ruck if thats the case… and Smack needed fwd at least 50% of the time.

Clarke, as awful as he was, may have done enough in the last qu to get another game… that’s how desperate we are.


Desperate times, desperate measures.
Beating Norf is vital to any chance of making the 8. We must have a dedicated ruckman for 75/80% of the game against Norf.
That way we don’t weaken our strong defence (Hooker), or further weaken our struggling forwards by rucking Smack.
Hartley or Clarke must play the no 1 ruck position.


ZClarke is always in the bottom few players when he plays the seniors. Play farking snelling. … I don’t care just not him


where has all this rubbish about Hartley rucking coming from?


He’s had a few short runs in the ruck in the VFL lately and done okay.



Calls in this forum that he is the worst ruckman in AFL history are just ■■■■■■■ pathetic.

Took a solid grab in the last and hit the contest hard a few times. Was playing against an incredibly mobile athlete. His tap work certainly could improve but you could see he was rusty.

We won a flag with Peter Somerville in 93. I’d rather have a >100 plus game ruckman playing than a pinch hitting injured Hooker or having to move Smack out of the forward line (he’ll likely get weeks anyway).


I swear I’ve seen TBC put in some ordinary performances just like Clarke, but people around here treat him like Simon madden.

If Clarke gets picked gotta show some respect.

FFS in 2016 we had a team full of washed up busted ■■■■ players, and I’m pretty sure we have those guys a heap of support.


In that last quarter, it looked to me we were struggling. Zac Clarke contested a mark, was free kicked and his game lifted, bringing McGrath and Parish more into it.

He then took a clean overhead mark, probably the first I have seen from him and kicked the ball forward and we scored a goal.

He does have ordinary skills at times, but he contested. And seriously why didn’t our mids watch the play and tackle Allir Allir or at least follow where Clarke hit the ball.

We need to play him, as there is no-one else.