#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


I hear there was confusion in the middle.

Clarke and Clarke
Zac and Zach

Get some nicknames people


I assume you ran out of time. I could name at least another 727 players that would also give him trouble.


Tom Campbell went to Norf but im not sure how hes going there…


You know what he could have done.

1.Closed his hand into a fist and knock it 20m forward.

  1. Tapped it backwards

  2. Taken posession.

  3. Head butted the ball so it went in a random direction rather than straight to Alir time after time.

Let’s hope he has some good moments for us. Would be great if he could kick a winning goal or something. Even a goal would be good. Actually feel a bit sorry for him after the rage subsided because he is just not up to it.


We should have a rookie ruck-off!


Problem is ZClarke probably doesn’t want to get hurt at this stage of his career. He’s not in it for the long run.


As frustrated as I was at the time about Clarke’s performance, I agree that some of the blame has to lie with the midfielders. Was there any communication among the ruck/midfield group prior to the centre bounces? The loss of Bellchambers’ and Heppell’s leadership in this regard probably hurt us, but guys like Merrett and Shiel should have stepped up in their place to ensure that everyone was working to the same plan. There seemed to be such a disconnect between ruckman and midfielders that it can’t have all been down to Clarke’s inability to execute.

During the game my thought was “never again!”, but upon reflection, there are a variety of reasons why Clarke has to stay in next week, many of them already expressed in this thread.


He was the 2nd last player added, to the very bottom of the rookie list, on a 1 year deal.
And needs to be judged as such. Context, people.

He’s been ordinary, with bits of OK. If he can get to a consistent OK, he gets another year, or he packs his bags in October and we go again.


How so?

He’s uprooted his life & moved across the country, for a 1 year deal on rookie money?


I saw him beat Draper pretty convincingly earlier in the year.


People whinging we didn’t take a ruck in mid season draft don’t realise ZClarke was the dominant WAFL ruckman last year, so have a look at the pool your choosing from.

Evidenced by Syd not playing Knoll last week…ZClarke was the best of the available bunch last year.
West Coast took Brooksby who was also decent and delisted by GC, but is yet to play a game.


I can get the stuff that gets said during a game about him, heat of the moment and some stuff ups are pretty frustrating, but when people cool down midweek and still throw the same abuse it’s pretty ■■■■.

Reckon we’ve all been guilty of it in some regard but really, the guy is all we have and showed some pretty big heart in that last quarter.


Watching Natainui jump all over Fremantle on the weekend I thought, in a Jaws like moment, “We’re gonna need a better ruck”.


He probably wants another contract though, rookie $$ are probably not worth uprooting your life from WA to Vic for a year.


It is not as if you ever criticise any Bomber player or coach.


I literally wrote that I did.

The coach bit is way. way off. I actively support the coach.


He is from Victoria.


That third quarter in the ruck almost cost us the game.

To consistently do the same thing over and over and get the same undisired result!!!

He was WOEFUL… we are here to discus footy as we see it. Not become precious like the rest of the world has become.

Fortunately he improved in the last, and took that good contested mark when it really mattered. I am really hoping, more like trying to convince myself that for the first 3 quarters he was blowing out the cobwebs.

Trying to think back to earlier in the year. didn’t he have a pretty good game against gawn?


He’s lived in WA since Freo drafted him, 2008.


This is spot on and why it was his fault.