#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


Im not claiming what’s going through his head, but he’s nearly 30 and careers coming to an end. Move to a club you don’t really care too much about, so self preservation comes into your mind.


I reckon he would be doing everything he can to get another contract. There is no way he is doing self preservation.


He won’t play this week.


I hope so


He will play cause Woosha is dumb…and he will play sh*t and the Blitz will go Ape


Yes he will


You monster


Clarke definitely has to stay in the side. Hopefully he’s better for the run. He’d barely played VFL in the last 6 weeks from what I can tell, so fairly good chance his touch will improve.


It’s like decanting a fine wine, got to give it time to breathe.


Let’s get behind the big unit and back him in this week!


if you want to shark his taps you’re better off being in front.


He was never what you would call a physical ruckman.
He’s not now.
Half of this aggro is people realising what TBC gives us.


Yep. Can’t believe how much ■■■■ people are giving one of our players. He’s having a crack, and I reckon once he strings a few AFL games together he’ll improve.


and when does it not ‘go ape’?


Yeah but 5 mins into the first quarter, when his had 3 clangers


Seriously people. I would have thought by qtr time last week you’d all have jumped off the Clarke bandwagon, placed large explosives on it and then run!

I can only assume you are all vegans.


i jumped off that wagon at pre-season game 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


I gave him 2 games. He is just horrible!


You’ve said some pretty ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ over the years but that one takes the tofu.


Careful !