#20 Zac “Zed Clackers” Clarke


Oi, I resemble that ferment


I believe!


There’s a difference between being on the wagon, and recognising that we have nothing else, so let’s get behind him, and hopefully he can do the job we recruited him for.

I really hope he plays well from here on in, and think he has a spot in the team without question.

I also didn’t want to sign him, because I didn’t think he was physical enough.
And I also wanted to draft him about 10 years ago after seeing a 200cm kid from Oakleigh with stupid hair throwing himself around and demonstrating more athleticism that he had any right to do at an U18s game at Princes Park.

At this point I think he’s a very average option. But he’s our only option, and he has the capacity to be way better than he has been so far. So I’m backing him to do the job.


In many ways this photo demonstrates the importance of having him in the team. In the last quarter his extra 3 inches on Aliir made a difference at a key time. A shorter part timer wouldnt have had that advantage


Especially with the form Aliir was in. Clarke really does deserve credit for standing up in the last 5 mins of that game. Let’s hope he take confidence from it.


He had 3 kicks 2 handballs and 1 mark for the farking game… Why do people keep talking about having a good last 5 minutes?


Because 3 kicks, 1 handball and 1 mark came during that last 5 minutes#?

#May not be true, but at least 2 kicks and 1 mark did…


He’s all we’ve got ATM. He’s staying in the team. Let’s all get behind him.


Are we carrying knives while we are getting behind him?


20 hitouts to advantage and 5 goals next game.


I don’t care about possessions. If he can stop the opposing ruck’s hit-outs to advantage and defend when he pushes forward, that’ll be enough.


If he was treated the same as Laverde you haters would be posting about ZClarke looking like he was ready to XXXXPLODE at any moment and that you could tell he would probably be ■■■■■■■ jetty next week and most likely XPLODE.


The error was playing Clarke in front of Draper

Should have brought Draper in much earlier in the season and played TBC and Draper in tandem with TBC playing 60% forward

Draper was almost always one of our best players in the twos. Clarke was poo.

Now we’ve got TBC gone due to a fatigue injury and Draper has done an ACL.

Sliding doors moment picking Clarke earlier this season.


While good in theory, Bellchambers is a rubbish 60% forward.


Yes, but doing his ACL meant he didn’t die in the house fire he would have been in a week later.

Or he might have done his ACL five minutes into his first game of seniors.


Lloyd on the AFL website thinks Clarke will cost us a finals spot.


So its confirmed that Lloydy reads blitz


And even more likely to if don’t play him


Or hit by a tram crossing the road in Armadale.


he’s the hero essendon doesn’t need and blitz deserves