2013 benfti hype thread

I've decided to go a little early this year, and more details will follow, as ive started to get asked about a lot of different guys this year. Profiles to follow, as well as where i think they will go in the draft.


William Rioli Junior , NT Thunder - St Marys - 180cm/80kgs



Willie is this years Long/Rioli St Marys alumni Melville Island prospect, and 2 years ago was probably going to the best since Cyril. Lets no beat around the bush here. Willie has been in a good paddock, and if he ends up on an AFL list his first port of call is a ton of cardio. However, as it stands, right now in September 2013, his disposal by foot is at the elite level, his footy IQ is off the charts, he averaged a staggering 6 goal assists a game at the champs in a weak NT side. His speed is reasonable but not elite. He went from St Marys to Clontarf and down to South Freo last year so he is starting to get on the radar of a few teams, but will find himself down the bottom of the national draft to a rookie prospect. Forward pocket who will probably end up a damaging half forward if he can keep his physical condition in check, sound familiar?



Jay Kennedy-Harris - Oakley Chargers - Vic Metro - 173cms/68kgs (Humble Minion will review)




Due to a personal connection to Jay that will lead to me to enormously over rate him as a result, Humble Minion has kindly offered to do the review of Jay, will add to the thread once complete.


Thanks to HM


Jay had a really dynamite season last year as an underager in the Oakleigh Chargers flag-winning side, and I was expecting big things this year.  He didn't QUITE deliver on what I expected, largely because with McDonald playing for Norf 2s and Billings playing school footy and continually injured, Jay often had to step into centre-square roles that don't really suit his game (and Oakleigh kinda sucked, which didn't help his cause either).  He's not a clearance player or a front-and-centre crumbing forward pocket - in my book he's best used as a running wingman/half-forward, he's got the pace and agility (and confidence) to carve through zone sand wrong-foot a defence.  He can get on the board in quick time too, doesn't mind a goal and often has little purple patches where the oppositions matchups change and he ruthlessly exploits it and will get 6 touches and three goals in five minutes.  His forward pressure (and repeated pressure efforts) are really good.  His maturity is rated highly from what I've heard - he was selected as Oakleigh captain this year, and after last year being told that he was too light to play AFL, stacked on 5-6kg over the offseason.  He's still got a way to go on the physical development side of things (and his height will pretty much preclude him from any position where he might be dragged into the backline and have his pretty-much-nonexistent overhead skills exploited), but he's showed willing there.  His pace is fast-midfielder standard - he won't make your jaw drop but on the other hand there aren't very many who can catch him either.  His ability to find space was a little hampered this year compared to last - part of that might have been carrying the extra kgs, part might have been getting better attention from oppositions, and part might be because he spent so much time in the middle.  But he'll need to focus on that side of his game.  I reckon he'll probably be a 2nd round pick - he hasn't had the dominant year that small blokes like Devon Smith and Prestia have needed to get themselves into the first round, but he's been solid and his attitude will be a big tick against his name so clubs won't think they're taking much of a risk.


Jarmen Impey - Murray, Vic Country - 176cms/78kgs




Im going to find this one hard to write about without people getting a little to exited. I have seen Impey play half back, midfield half forward. When he plays off half back he does in a mold that strangely resembles Courtney Dempsey, with a element of Hibbard aggression. In the midfield, he can go inside for the hard ball but has burst speed to play on the outside, and when he goes forward he reads the ball off the pack better than nearly anyone in the draft, and can convert across his body. He is a once touch player who tends to always be clean when everyone else around him appears caught up in kaos. Here is the issue, his tank is well below where you would want it to be right now, it has improved between season 2012 to now, but he is a good 3 years away from even being considered for midfield role. He has the ability that will probably see him go 2nd round despite this, however may slip a little. I would have no hesitation taking him with our first live pick which he may end up available at. There is a bit of Steven Motlop about the way he plays when he pushes forward. His body is AFL ready now. His tank is really not. He is not unfit, just does not have what you would call high level endurance.


Clayton McCartney - Stingrays- Vic Country - 176cms/70kgs




Clay is currently a small forward, who is as all or nothing as you can get in a player, in the champs he kicked 6 goals in the season opener and followed it up with 7 touches, only 3 effective. However, there are elements of his game that should he improve with his consistency could see him move up the ground and end up somewhere near Allen Christensen in impact and playing style. He has flashes of brilliance but just cant seem to put it together. Allen worked very hard in the midfield and Clayton at least in the games I saw did not have the same intensity going the other way as he does when the ball hits the deck going forward. I have no doubt though he will gain that, but the result of this would see a potential first rounding coming into this season see him slip into the middle of the draft. There is a bit of Leroy Jetta about him to be honest, the good and the bad. Though he will have a shot if he gets it within range.


Steven Edwards -Clairmont WA - 178cms/69kgs




Steve is this years bolter for me, figuratively and literally. FAST, Oh my god is he FAST, did I say he‘s quick, he is stupid quick. He could go anywhere from 3rd round to completely undrafted because I know only a few clubs show interest, but the ones that do want him and hope to get him cheap. He has a camp invite I think because a couple of recruiters just want to get a stop watch on him. He is a skinny winger who can break lines with ease, but he lacks displine. He played of half back for WA and got opened up by his opponent a few times, but I really see his long term future on a wing. For me there is a lot of Stephan Hill about him. Get him, put him in the bank and develop him into something to slingshot off half back. Would be a great understudy to Courtenay. 


Dwayne Wilson SA - Sturt FC - 178cms/75kgs



I talk to a lot of Hawks supporters to find out what they think of Bradley Hill, and they all like him and what he brings to the team but their knock on him is his ability to get clean one touch posession when under pressure. Dwayne is Bradley Hill with much better hands. Has the ability to play anywhere from half forward, mid or half back and does all well. His ability to make decisions under pressure is first class and shows a very high footy IQ when playing foward, always seems to be a step ahead of everyone else around him. HIs endurance to go against the grain from the last few guys is really good and it could see him getting some AFL games next year as a result. Coming from Sturt in the SAFL I got to see a ton of him before I left for NSW and was sold on him as a first to second rounder mid way through last year, a few weeks after he got added to the AIS academy so I was not alone. Genuinly loves a goal and anytime he goes forward he finds one or two. He needs size but his ability by foot and good speed will see him picked up.

Dayle Garlett - Swan Districts WA - 181cms/77kgs




Do I really need to? He is the best player not drafted in the country, and he is in good nick this year.


Charlie Cameron - Swan Districts WA 178cms/69kgs



Im a fan of Charlie, he tackles like a maniac. He is light, as you can see, but someone forgot to tell him. He gets clearances to, he will be on the radar of most clubs because he got 6 clearances against vic metro, to go along with 10 tackles! which is weird, because, well, look at him, he looks like Michael Long in 1989. He will probably test in the top 10% in speed, and he runs great lines to get to people without them knowing to get tackles. He has come from a rugby background they tell me which helps in this manor. Needs a lot of time in the gym to match up with his enthusiasm and so he does not get killed at senior level. but I like the kid, because he does things he has no right to be doing.


Daniel Cox - Southern Districts NT Thunder, 174cms/67kgs




Danny is about my favorite out of this years NT team. This years Jake Neade for mine, he is small, lets not overlook that, which will see him slide, but he has an extremely high footy IQ, and goes and gets his own ball. As it stands right now nearly all the lounge room recruiters have failed to notice him, he appears on very few mocks, however 8 clubs have asked for him to come to the Combine, so clearly there is decent level of interest in what he has to offer. What got him noticed was a strong game in NT's thumping at the hands of Vic Country. 23 touches and a ton of clearences. Moving into the AFL next year he will play as a small forward who will get to all the right spots but long term he will end up a midfielder.


Neil Vea Vea – NT Thunder- Wanderers 190cms/89kgs



This years upside, could be anything, but pick. Firstly there will be some conjecture as to whether he qualifies for my list as he is originally from the Soloman Islands. But his mum is born in Darwin. Neal is new to footy, only crossing 2 years ago from the Cantebury Bulldogs so he still has a lot to learn, but he is an atheltic freak. He played in the ruck for the Thunder and aquitted himself well but obviously wont be able to do that at AFL level. What he will turn into is a 3rd tall forward, because despite being new to the game is a lovely long kick of the footy and he pushes nicely up the the ground to find the ball. 


Kevin Renehan - Pioneer NT, 184cms/79kgs




Kevin is the older pick in this years pool who may go unoticed but is quietly improving himself to get closer to AFL footy, he spent some time with Claremont in the WAFL but has recently moved back to Alice Springs, which throws him off the radar a bit. Is a supurbley balanced midfeilder with good disposal on both sides of his body, played for the NT as an overager and just great footy IQ, a poor mans Travis Varcoe at the minute but could develop into the mid range version



Jack Long - St Marys NT Thunder 186cms/80kgs


Am going to hold off on Jack for a year because a source close to him has told me his intention next year is to try and get into state league footy and then go for the draft a year later.


Malcom Karpany - Woodville-West Torrens, SA - 175cms/71kgs




The candy man, I can gaurentee you in this pick he is not going to handball. He is going to sell that like Willly Wonka and have a shot at goal. This kids latteral movement is nearly the best in this years crop, he can just side step out of anything. His great overall vision allows him to do this time and time again, to the point though where he probably plays with the thing a little to much. He is an excellent finisher around goals, and in reserves SANFL footy regularly hit the score board. Great rookie prospect for mine but may go higher.


Marlon Pickett – South Fremantle WA 188cms/82kgs


I cant find a picture of him.


Another of Peetos boys, Marlon has been this years come out of no where guy, well not no where as such, jail. But what does he bring, well elite pace, elite foot-skills, exceptional vertical leap, great size, high footy IQ, can play on the ball, on a wing or as a forward who can mark but also crump, he is really a great all round player. But there is that thing. 



Anthony Tipungwuti - Tiwi Bombers Essendon VFL 171cms/79kgs







A few of the more learned people will see an omission or 2 but I've focused on a few specifics and when i get down to posting the profiles, it will make more sense. 


I will continue to add to this OP as we get closer to the draft. Its great to see Victoria finding a few gems. Its been to long.


Thanks for reading.

Is ky miller from south Adelaide any good?

Good to see you have fired up.


There's a few dwarves on that list though.

Change Willie Rioli to South Fremantle, ■■■■.

These threads just make me sad. So much promise, but we never select any of 'em.

needs more RELTON


171 is pretty short... 

Too short unless you have something special. Can't see it myself, but people seem to rate him.

Benfti i'l be able to give you a hand with some of these guys. I'm in the NT at the moment.

Watched a lot of the NT Thunder this year and the NTFL kicks of in 2 weeks.


I'm also coaching down at Nightcliff so I'll be able to give you some pretty good insight once you have posted your profiles.

171 is pretty short...

Too short unless you have something special. Can't see it myself, but people seem to rate him.

Only seen him play twice and both times I felt like wow there is something to work with here. Not the type to get more than 10 touches but those ten touches could be ten goals.
Worth a rookie pick.

Change Willie Rioli to South Fremantle, ■■■■.

Doesn't Willie make Dean look ummmmmm fit.


Change Willie Rioli to South Fremantle, ■■■■.

Doesn't Willie make Dean look ummmmmm fit.


Nah, they are tallking about Jnr. Snr is a tad porky though.

Good to see you have fired up.
There's a few dwarves on that list though.

A few choices for the Saints in that case.

Benfti i'l be able to give you a hand with some of these guys. I'm in the NT at the moment.

Watched a lot of the NT Thunder this year and the NTFL kicks of in 2 weeks.


I'm also coaching down at Nightcliff so I'll be able to give you some pretty good insight once you have posted your profiles.

awesome, thanks!


If you could pick ONE, who would it be? The likelihood that we'd pick any more than one of these guys is pretty miniscule.

impact right away, Garlett or Tippa.


Long term, Kennedy-Harris, he is an Essendon supporter. 

Small is ok, if they have great pace, skills and read the play well. This is my definition of excitement machine. Along with being an original Australian… :slight_smile:

No pace and small is not so good. I know this from first hand experience.

Good to see you have fired up.


There's a few dwarves on that list though.

Well that should add some fuel to the fire.