2017 Candidate Q and A


Hey Aboods - should be announced at the AGM.

edit: that’s the 18th of Dec.




Where tf is my “control number.” Do I have to wait for that in the post?


It’s a tech glitch that some people have seen… Just try refreshing the page. Sorry!


Thanks, will try that, as have had the same problem.


Why are the club (aka members) paying for a staff member to flog cars?




Some sponsorship deals have a ‘bonus’ based on a sales target component. Jannina looks after one of those - and she nailed it this year!


Getting the same … very frustrating


I got that also, if you go back to the club site and re-click the link it should disappear


One number was your member ID, if AFL member- use that one . The other was your dob, if i remember correct.


So long as sponsorship deals don’t involve ones like a certain club( not EFC) used to have. Players were coerced to join the Health Fund owned by a sponsor. Turns out that they were paying in excess of the going rate that they could have secured elsewhere as individuals.


Just voted. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Nope. Not like that at all.

Thanks @gillsy! Appreciate it.


No change for mine.


Thanks gorgo!


It is now 4.15pm on December 11th. Members have one and a quarter hours left to vote. Get onto the EFC website and have your say!


The AFL run a decent equivalent of this for OS only followers, it runs pretty closely to NBA league pass and even has fox footy show content, just can’t get it in Oz which is a disgrace.


League pass has blackouts in local US markets though right? We wouldn’t be better off with that model.


It does.


It has blackouts where it’s broadcast locally. You can run the model without the black outs, but they won’t because of th Telstra/Foxtel deal.

If you could just take the footy channel would be fine, but minimum $50a month for only wanting one channel is gouging.

Continuing to not broadcast in HD is more pathetic than anything else.