2017 Candidate Q and A


Last time he walked into the board room there were no jackets - but a seismic amount of swagger.


At least 3 tonight.


This thread is making me realise I need to invest more heavily in hot jam donuts at the footy in season 2018.


My understanding is you’re often too busy at the VFL Nick, but I highly recommend them from the on site van if you manage to sneak away…


Haha your understanding is spot on! I’m already looking forward to a cold winter’s night at Etihad with a hot jam donuts. Or if I’m too busy with the VFL then there’s …half time. Maybe.


I’m fairly sure our AFL9s team have banned donuts for the season.

Ahhh who am I kidding!


Thanks for the opportunity to chat so that I can state my platform and interact with all the great people on Blitz. Always happy to answer questions.


Hi Ivan. Weighing in on the Simon Lethlean discussion. I actually think it would be an inappropriate appointment at this time. I don’t know him but we do know how the media coverage during the saga coloured public perception of our club. We don’t need to attract any further controversy when we are just starting to kick some goals. Football Operations Manager is a very important role and I believe a candidate needs to have some experience in the role. Of course I am sure Xavier is aware of all of this but let’s be very careful about these very public appointments.


Thanks for joining in Gai.

Just want to know what you can bring to the board that we don’t have at present?


If in the interview and due dilligence of the club lethlean was by far and away the best candidate, would you push to reject him based on public opinion?


Hi, So what you are saying is that the because of public perception and because we might get some controversy that you would rule a candidate out even if he is the best candidate for an extremely important role at the club.


Gai: An assertion was made on another thread that the last time you stood, you favoured limiting membership. Not sure why that was asserted, but could be worthwhile addressing that.
There is of course the separate issue of members getting better access to finals tickets when Essendon competes


@gaiwilliams It’s important after you’ve answered the serious questions.


Surely the insight that Katie and Paul give us all on a consistent and regular basis is enough to get everyone’s votes?

I know I personally trust someone we’ve all built a relationship with over the last three years as opposed to candidates that turn up for five minutes before an election to pick and choose what questions they want to answer.


Far be it for me to speak for Gai - but I’m fairly certain that she did not say that at all. That’s if my reading comprehension abilities haven’t totally deserted me.


Is there a board member in charge of wine appreciation and craft beer? I think our club should take on “average ■■■■ at games” as key issue and become an industry leader, with quality beverages on offer at all our home games. Very serious issue.


Sadly that is a stadium supplier issue. Hopefully the AFLs grand plans for Etihad Stadium include looking at food and beverage offerings in the future. We are Melbourne, the land of delicious food trucks and craft beer after all!


What is the clubs logic of agitating a few thousand voting members (ie. those with AFL Club Support) re: AFL Members w/ Essendon Club Support screwed over

The sad thing is that 99.95% of the AFL Club Support members would have no idea in this change of policy until Essendon get to a Grand Final and then they would find they have been stripped of their right to enter the club GF ticket ballot (as the poor Tiger fans found out this year)

Why should Essendon AFL Club Support members be forced to purchase a pointless duplicate membership just to access a GF ticket ballot or purchase the GFG? Why the change as for the past 20 or so years AFL Club Support Members have been treated equal but are now fobbed off as second class citizens

I have spoken to the AFL Membership Manager and they are fuming with the clubs change of tact (but admitted they can’t do much about it but may look at withholding some of the money that goes back to the club) and have also spoken to a very unhelpful individual at EFC named Simon Whelan who arrogantly fobbed me off with the line “buy an Essendon membership”

Hey Simon I already have one! It’s an Essendon club membership with full voting rights, get sent the dodgy membership pack, GA access to 11 home games, can purchase upgraded seating in the Essendon allocation, access to purchase Finals tickets in Weeks 1-3 from the Essendon member allocation without the need to once step inside the AFL Reserve I shouldn’t need to purchase a duplicate one

Anyone who can give back AFL Club Support members equal rights gets my vote


Anyone that abolishes AFL members getting grandfinal access has my vote.


Hi Bullwinkle.

Honestly I am not across the changes to AFL Club Membership. I’ve asked for some background before I give any opinion on the matter.