2017 Candidate Q and A


Thanks Katie… The question wasn’t so much directed at you because I know you have answered it earlier on and have put a lot of time and effort into NT. This is the major reason I will vote for you once more (that and your engagement with the supporters which has changed whether there is an election or not).
I too don’t think players should be chosen “purely based on their background” but it does concern me very much our lack of recruitment of indigenous players. On our list now we have Walla - who, lets be honest, almost recruited himself, and Jake Long via father and son. You can’t tell me that there have been no other ‘best available’ indigenous players we could have picked up over a number of seasons now.
Hopefully you are right and this will change. But I have to say, I am extremely disappointed that we didn’t select one in this draft…


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Lavender is indigenous. Arrernte tribe (Alice Springs).


Just as I have stated don’t vote for me because I am a woman so recruitment is not based on whether or not a player is indigenous or not. You recruit the best available players. However I know our club works hard at interacting with the indigenous community so if the right player comes along I am sure they will snap him up.


Club contribution to the pathway to developing indigenous player capacity to achieve elite level and to maintain elite level- including through player welfare for those separated from their families and community - should be recognised , beyond the actual numbers recruited.


To all candidates…what is your favourite Radiohead song? (hint, if you say Creep you’re a fraud)


Honestly it changes with my mood. It goes from There, There to True Love Waits to How To Disappear Completely.

And now if you will excuse me, I need to put Radiohead on.


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I don’t want to hijack this thread, but did you go to their last Australian tour? MY GOD.

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Yes, yes I did. Front row Rod Laver was amazing. They don’t want to come back tho :sob:


Sorry, didn’t know that.


Neither did I, and I thought I had my finger on the pulse


I’ll be brief as I’m at my 5 year old’s dance concert but couldn’t let this pass - either Fake Plastic Trees or Paranoid Android.
OK Computer is top 5 all time for me. Hopefully one of these dances is set to Radiohead.


Howdy @gaiwilliams

With respect, I find your post above artificial and condescending.

In November 2015 you joined blitz and posted for 13 days as you campaigned for a place on the board. You’ve returned two years later to again campaign for a place on the board without a single post/interaction since last time.

My question, if you were successful and ended up on the board, would you disappear of blitz again until the next election or would you commit to interacting with bitzers, answer questions from “the great people on Blitz” and give us an insight to some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes (when appropriate of course)?


I will pass my vote onto the relevant person in charge of members scarves.


Think Katie covered this one Blitzemnow, though I’d add that the future AFLW license, while disappointing that we don’t yet have one, is largely a formality at this point.
The good news is that we’ll now have really strong development programs in place via our VFLW team and NGA that should hold us in great stead when we do enter the AFLW fray.
Thanks for the support, much appreciated.


Again I think Katie covered this one but I’ll just add that the club as a whole is incredibly passionate about our NGA’s and really getting involved in not only football but the communities of our zones on Tiwi and West Arnhem, obviously the club fought hard for the regions with our strong ties and we’re already making great strides.
As for the lack of indigenous players on our current list, I can assure you it hasn’t been planned that way. The club took a pretty big chance on Yestin Eades last year that unfortunately didn’t work out, but also took a chance on Walla when no one else was that has worked out amazingly well.
Everyone at the club can’t wait for the talent we’re beginning to nurture at the academy levels to start to come through, it’s extremely exciting.