2017 Candidate Q and A


Awesome! Shame he dropped Cricket but glad he has chosen the bombers, good luck to the lad


I think @gaiwilliams might have missed this one


Sorry. Could not quote any Radiohead songs. Don’t know if that makes me old or blonde!!!


More as a comment than a question, I’m afraid, but when it comes to something like this ‘we didn’t plan it this way’ doesn’t really cut the mustard. You have to actively plan to make indigenous representation happen, not just hang your hat on the fact that we aren’t actively sabotaging it.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a club that used to routinely field 5-7 indigenous players in our best 22 a decade ago now only has three on the entire list. Only five indigenous players have been brought into the club since 2007. We have the fewest indigenous players on the list in the entire AFL - again. There is a very distinct pattern here. I 100% believe it wasn’t planned, but it’s happened regardless - probably as an unintended side-effect of changes in recruiting.philosophy. The club has been coasting on sheedy’s record for indigenous recruitment for a long time, it’s really time to start taking this seriously again.

Edit: actually, I got it wrong. In fact, SIX indigenous players have been brought into the club since 2007 - I forgot Shaun Edwards. Woohoo, hey?


Really accountable question fogdog. I have occasionally passed over Blitz during that time just not contributed. In my defence I have completed 2 demanding business courses in that time and got a little “computer fatigued” and I am an only child and my mother has been very unwell so downtime has not been very limited. I actually love BB because it is light hearted and politically incorrect at times!
I actually had a conversation with a sitting Board member some time ago about what I perceived the disconnect between the Board and the membership. Most members don’t even know who is on the Board until it comes to election time. We actually agreed that BB would be a perfect forum for a regular q&a between Board members and members perhaps once a quarter.
However it never happened and I think it should!
I would still push for that and I make a public promise right now to remain a member of BB and participate regularly - had forgotten how thought provoking and how much fun it is.


The only job of the club is to win football games and not be a Affirmative Action equal opportunity collective

Wouldn’t matter if we had a list full of redheaded Irishman with 3 eyes as long as they are the best players available

The moment we pick a player purely on skin colour or race is the day the club should shut up shop


Sorry but to me this is a ridiculous comment.

We are a bunch of a few hundred mad, one eyed punters on the country’s biggest single team sports fan forum © . The club, the board and the membership base at over 60k strong is far bigger and more complex than us and the notion that because PC and KL do a great job of being just as one eyed as us and logging on occasionally to sate our mild curiousities they are best suited to run the board of what we hope to be the biggest, best and most successful sporting club in the country is absurd to me.

I remember last time Dave Barham (sp?) came on here and was moderately impressive as a Blitz performer but got more or less smashed by the punters on here for reasons which I never quite worked out despite having credentials, experience (and IMO good ideas) flowing out the ■■■. Thankfully Blitz doesn’t run the club, smarter heads prevailed and he was elected.

The notion that a few possibly very qualified and capable candidates (probably in their 50s +? and not overly tech savvy?) shouldn’t get our votes because they aren’t great at working out an online fan forum and speaking to a group which probably represents ~ < 5% of the most mad supporters to me makes no sense and is incredibly misguided. Your post below this one seems to indicate that you think regular fan-forum posting is some sort of KPI for a board member… really?

NB I will almost certainly be voting for both PC and KL but it will have very little to do with the fact that they do a good job at Blitzin’.


Now, more to the point of the thread.

Paul, Katie, what steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?


Hmm, a tough one Dell. If you don’t mind, I would like to take some time to do some research on the current state of the energy industry, what energy alternatives are out there and the economic and commercial impacts of each. We no longer value true solar, but perhaps there is another solar provider out there waiting for us!

Seriously though, thank you for the support.


OK final one from me before I make my decision.

Do you believe in life after love?


You went Cher on us?

Appreciate the support, I think…


Surprised peeto didn’t roll out ‘why do you still have a job since you’re inept because Dell got delisted?’


Fair point, but I think you’ve read way too much in what I have posted. Maybe I wasn’t clear with the point I was making.

Regarding the size of blitz in comparison to the size of the membership base, well there is no comparison. But regardless of the size, blitz is a good representation of both members and non members and the perfect platform for a board member or potential board member to sound out what passionate supporters are thinking/talking about.

I have no doubt in my mind that either or both Katie and Paul are reading comments about memberships, jumper design, scarves, VFL reports, seating, website etc etc and taking that feedback back to the board to discuss.

Regularly I see posts where Katie in particular is tagged into the thread and addresses questions that are asked. It is quite the luxury we have and quite smart to engage with a forum like they both do on blitz and twitter.

Blitz posting is no KPI to get my vote, but fan engagement and working your backside off like I KNOW Katie does sure is. My point is I don’t want to lose that privellage and feel some other candidates will use a platform like blitz to get votes then toffee off.

And despite what some may think of blitz, there’d be a lot of people that would be surprised to know how often we have been approached by EFC to float ideas and scope how the members would react.

A current Demons exec was renowned for contacting us on a regular basis. Plus don’t forget the impact the backourboys and standbyhird blitz driven campaigns had. And it was Blitz through Ryan McKee that changed the way fans were treated at training sessions too.

I certainly get what you’re saying though. But it wasn’t the angle I was coming from.


Hear, hear


Thanks for your response Gai and much respect for your honesty. I’m sorry to read your mother has been unwell.

I am absolutely nobody to tell you this but I hope the commitment to the board isn’t too much for you if you are elected as I am sure it will be much more time consuming than posting on blitz.

All the best with your campaign, whilst I am insignificant and it isn’t what you’re after, you’ve definitely earned respect from me.


This is a great idea and I have some good news, it’s been happening on blitz and twitter unofficially for three years.


Potato cake or potato scallop?


On a every so slightly more important note what do you believe is the biggest issue facing the Board going forward and what skills or ability to you think you possess to help address this issue.


Hey Ealesy.

Potato Cakes. A scallop comes out of a shell. I will fight people to the death on this important issue.

I think on another thread I talked about what skills we currently have. Personally I think the biggest skill we need to start looking for is a replacement of large scale corporate finance oversight. Paul Brasher will not be on our board forever and right now I don’t believe we have an natural heir-apparent to the Finance Director role.

Now, I’m not talking just knowing money - I’m talking about risk, auditing, corporate finance and all the trimmings. I think that will be a key focus in terms of board skill in the near future.

The biggest challenge the board is currently and will face? Financing and building the extension of the Tullamarine precinct while investing and diversifying the clubs commercial portfolio. There is so much work currently going on behind the scenes to set our club up for the future and we need dedicated and passionate people to ensure each individual stream is assessed from a commercial, risk and community perspective.

Oh, and winning a flag. It’s really hard! I’ve offered to pull on the boots a couple of times.


Just on the extension, what is missing that isn’t already there?