2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


We have ongoing discussion and constant dialogue, there’s little if any chance of that sort of situation not being sorted out at an earlier stage than when a candidate is presented to the board, that said if there were strong opposition to a candidate on reasonable grounds the likelihood is simply that they would no longer be a candidate.
We have robust discussion as a board, all views are heard and positions are reached.


Katie, I hope you haven’t forgotten that I confessed my love for you during your initial campaign for election on to the Board. So given the musical chairs music is about to stop, would you like me to dig up some dirt on PC? Or given the nature of politics, if I can’t find any I can just make stuff up.


I can probably add some clarity here as I sit on the committee currently.

There is a long list and a short list of all the people interested in coming on to the board, and anyone that is believed to have desirable skills. This includes people we knew may run. The chair and committee members spend a lot of time meeting with each potential and finding out about their motivations and skillset. We then create a shortlist of upcoming potentials that are presented to the board.

Once the short list is created, all board members are invited to reach out to potentials.

It is a complete democratic process at board level and is focused on bringing new skills or replacing existing skills. No stone goes unturned.



Seriously though, reality is not fun right now.


Or the nature of being on our board the last few years. Boom tish.


Thanks Katie… interesting to know how these decisions are reached.


@Catherine_Lio and @Paul_Cousins , if either of you were to miss out on re-election would you consider running again for the board in future?
Especially considering this year seems to have a strong list of candidates and it might be weaker in future years


Paul despite ignoring my repeated personal attempts to talk to you about this issue over the past few years, I hope you read a few of my responses above this in this thread.


There would need to be a couple of things at play if I was to even consider it.

  1. How is the board and club currently operating? Do I have any concerns?
  2. Is there a seat available that I think I could add to? Is there a seat up for election that I believe to be pushing in a direction I don’t agree with?
  3. Would I add to the strategy and unity of the club?

Basically the same questions I asked last time, if I’m honest.

Ninja edit: do I have the time to commit and the finances?


Not me, very unlikely anyway though of course you never say never. This election has been pretty brutal in some ways, I’m probably being a little too open on this point but given how well the club is going it’s been really difficult to read how much better of a job the other candidates will do than we have, and see how quickly many have jumped, this one’s been a bit of a popularity contest which I suppose they all are in some ways. That’s human nature and I’ve got a thick skin, I’ve had to have the past few years, but the past few weeks haven’t been a lot of fun. It’s easy for me to say but personally if I wasn’t an incumbent I don’t think I would have been running at this election, I reckon I’d have been pretty happy with how my club was going given where its come from, it took a pretty extreme set of circumstances and a fair bit of nudging for me to consider running last time, somewhat reluctantly. I certainly don’t mean that in a disparaging way towards any of the other candidates and I’m sure all would do a great job for our club if elected, just an insight into my thinking on the future.
(Edit) As Katie said it does also take a lot of time and cost quite a lot of money, so if I didn’t feel like my club had a real need for me at this point in my life I wouldn’t be nominating. Of course though it goes without saying that I love the role and being a part of the club, it’s a great privilege.

If I’m not re-elected it will likely spell the end of my time within the club, I’m comfortable with that and proud of the part I’ve played. I’ll head back to the cheap seats with my family.


Thank you both for the the responses. I personally hope you both get re-elected, so best of luck!
It would be sad to see you go, hence why I asked if you’d consider running again.


Appreciate it thanks aboods.


Should just add to this aboods, the answer is in the question a bit. If the members don’t feel after my first term and given the position of the club that I deserve to be returned in a strong field, or feel I need a weaker field, then that’s probably a pretty good indicator. If that makes sense.


Yep, that’s fair enough


Should be proud too


Thanks CJ.


There has been a lot of talk about the difference between elected and appointed directors on here and I find it interesting that only Paul and Katie are participating in this discussion. As a candidate myself I would like to see more than 10% of our membership vote! At the forum on Tuesday night all the club satisfaction survey results were published - again only 10% of members participate!
Let’s get more people involved in the running of the club - particularly country and interstate members who are just as passionate but have limited opportunities to actually participate in club activities. They want more so get involved so you can ask for more and maybe get more.


I think it is very bad form for a Director on any Board to talk publicly about Board decisions, and to their credit both Katie and Paul have been fantastic in this regard. In fact, this has been the tightest Board at EFC in my memory. Even after pumping many beers into Simon Madden after a coterie function, we couldn’t get him to spill anything.

I do however hate secrecy and find little reason why all is not disclosed through the Chairman. Local Government is a horrible beast where issues are deemed confidential to protect the popularity of Councilors and deny knowledge to the rest of us mugs, and the reason I detest the whole matter. Many of us still ache from James Hird’s banishment, and while James owes none of us any explanation, I still think the Board does. I do not really care if the Board sacked James or he really resigned, I just want to know the truth.

I respect entirely what Paul Cousins said above and understand the difficulty that both he and Katie face with questions on this and other topics, and love their solidarity. And nothing against Sean Wellman, as I loved him as a player and if he fails this time then hope he stands again, but Katie and Paul have unfinished business, so hope we let them get on with it.


Thanks Bacchus.

I think I have said this before, but it has been a testament to the people on the board that nothing has leaked over the past 3 years. It’s not something we take lightly. Especially do not take away the media departments ability to do their job with good news, and certainly ensure that private matters stay private.


Hi Guys, Just letting you know I am here and willing to answer any questions. My email is [email protected] if you want to send it through privately. I went along to the Members forum on Tuesday. Great night. Great meet people like Feisty and Scott Mcneise. They run the True to the Red Sash Facebook page (I assume you know). Anyway just letting you know. Great news on McGrath today.