2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


If they’re running for the board, absolutely they do.


Disagree. Hocking news wasn’t a secret. That information wasn’t sensitive & whether he’s a candidate is irrelevant IMO unless you’re wanting to simply discredit someone for obvious personal reasons. Would it have been different if Fogdog, John Carpenter or Willie D had broken it? Of course it is, they’re not running for the board… right.


What has happened to John Carpenter?


I think you just proved Darli’s point there MrS. I agree Hughes spilling the news on twitter isn’t a huge deal in the scheme of things. However it kinda shows his lack of restraint as a potential board member and foresight of what comes with such a role. If you want to be in a particular role, no matter what it is, a policeman, a nurse…whatever. You have project an appropriate model for yourself for those that will judge you for that role.

If Mr Hughes for example what applying to become a police officer, you would expect he wouldn’t publicly binge drink the Saturday night before his selection panel review. Whilst its not illegal, nor morally wrong, you can’t expect a selection panel not to make a note of this.

We’ve come out of a very nasty five years with a notorious history of leaking from within the club at our detriment. Hughes spilling some nice news on Heath Hocking certainly isn’t a massive deal, but when you’re asking for votes of members at this great club, you need to project the correct behaviour expected from a board member and not settle for what we expect from an anonymous forum user.

Put it this way, if there are two candidates I thought were equally equiped to take a board role, and Mr Hughes was one of them, that post would have pushed me to the other candidate. The truth is as Darli said, “Pete saw an opportunity to further his own credibility on the campaign trail at the expense of what the club wanted and took it.” It doesn’t matter what Heath told fans, it’s what the club wants thats important. If you are gunning to be a board member, you need to know how to be a team player.


Attempts to influence are becoming counterproductive imo.


particularly given that everyone on this site are stubborn bastards and have already made up their minds… if they haven’t already voted.


Adopting the American model, not voting then gonna complain about the board members.

like the 50000 other members.


I figure most have already voted.

Sharing election related info that others may not be aware of is no different than any other kind of footy news. If I find something relevant or interesting I’ll share it…like this video from Gai


Hughes is from a coterie - Coteries have relationships with players - It could one of many people who opened their mouth - Would have been better if this was kept in-house until the appropriate time - These things happen


Hi Soulnet,

Hope you are well.

Have a look at this video for what I stand for and what I would like to bring to the board:


This will hopefully answer some of your questions. I will attempt to answer the others.

Overall Soulnet, there is a gap on the board for an expert in marketing and branding. I fill this gap. I have built a business from the ground up and service many big brands and start up business on how to grow their business and market their products, target new customers etc etc. I will bring this expertise to the board. We need this expertise.

I have been involved in the club for over 6 years. I have dedicated time to help raise funds for the club, bring in a network of people, help players with looking for jobs after retiring and career paths, help get people to events etc etc. I have literally dedicated thousands of hours over 6 years to helping the club. People who know me will know how much work I have put in. Ask the event staff and senior executive if you want to know.

I am not some big corporate guy coming in with a sinister agenda. I sit with all other members at Etihad near where the players come out with my father, brother and oldest daughter. I am just as passionate about the bombers as everyone else. I feel I can contribute more

I want to help the club get even better. As per what was being said at the Members forum on Tuesday night, we have had a good year, but we need to get better. Are you happy coming 7th and not winning a final since 2004? We need the best team on and off the field to get better and we need specific skill sets to help get us there.

Yes I would resign from the EEC if I was elected. I am sure I would go to events but I wouldn’t lead it.
EEC is a business network. All coteries usually have some criteria. This is just happens to be business. People have joined through people they know etc. It is a friends of friends. We have deliberately kept it small because it means people can get to know each other and become good friends. We haven’t advertised it widely at all( hence not on this site). I organised an event last night for members (not EEC and did actually have it posted on "red and black don the sash site.

How will I focus on individuals, family, 3 game etc? Well first of all listen to them and understand if they have any particular issues. I am sure most of them are happy. I have spoken with a lot of regional members over the last week and I am understanding the issues they have. I.E feeling a bit left out as they obviously take a long time to travel to games and feel that they don’t get to meet players etc. So I think the regional members should be put on the agenda and perhaps work out some ways to engage better with them.

Regards to the other candidates, look I am sure I could work well with any of them well. They are all strong candidates and I commend all of them for having a crack.

Hot Jam donuts by the way ha ha.


Thanks Simon.

Don’t forget these three.


I haven’t voted yet…


Is it a case of one man’s lack of restraint is another man’s ‘engagement with the fanbase’ though?

Politics is politics after all.

I voted for the PCKL combo first time round, in hindsight partly because there were others that I didn’t want to see on the board. There was no doubt Hirdy was the biggest factor though as I’m sure it was for many others at the time.

Then we got to the point in time where he got shafted, then I went through (still going through…) the scorched earth phase and while there are some things that still don’t sit well with me, its hard to deny the progress the club have made on and off the field over the last 24 months.

There also seems to be little to suggest that we won’t continue to experience positive progress both on and off the field by staying the current course.

No idea what happens with the vote, but the case to stay the course seems far more compelling than the calls to alter it.


Make sure you do vote! I would love to see more members getting involved.


Yes, I will vote… Just haven’t done so yet.


The club was treating it as secret. Someone putting themselves up for that kind of position should respect that.


Scooter and many others tweeted it.


None of whom are running for a position on the board.


As an aside, not a great analogy. Both illegal and morally wrong.


I actually thought it was pretty good as an explanation.

And since when is having a big night out on the drink illegal? The moral part is debatable, as each person may have different views.