2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


Binge-drinking. That’s being plastered. In public, it is as I described.
But anyway, whatever.


Couple of the players weighing in behind Wellman on Twitter today.

They’d know him pretty well, having trained with him through the Asada Bullcrap Year, but still not sure of the propriety of listed players effectively lobbying in a board election?

Lloydy pumped up Welly today as well. Seems a bit of a concidence that they should all just happen to decide to talk him up on the same day…


It would be a brave club official or Board to attempt to intervene in what the players tweet. There is probably still a bit of ill feeling about the X tweet on the player performance earlier this year. If they are not dumping on the current Board or otherwise airing their dirty linen in public I don’t see a problem.


Welly tweeted for the first time since 2016.


Is it over?


Agree with HM - Current players should never be involved in board elections in either a public or private forum - It’s important a separation is kept between players and the Board.


Not quite.

I realise it’s dragging on a bit at this point but just a reminder to all members that there are a few days left to get your vote in.
If you’re impressed with the current direction of the club and the turnaround we’ve been able to achieve it’s important that you vote as traditionally voter turnout is extremely low when the club is going well, the candidates challenging this year by definition seek change. I know it’s a cliché but make sure your voice is heard with a vote.

Link to voting portal.


Cmon we’re not electing a parliament to run a country. Yes players shouldn’t run the boards decision making process. But why shouldn’t they be invested in who’s on the board. I reckon it impacts the players a thousand times more than the average member, given its their full time job.

Ironic that a big selling point in a lot of posts has been member representation on the board. I think the players are entitled to want player representation on the board. Simon Madden is a director but most of our current list would not have been alive when he was playing.


Think you don’t understand what a Board is for and that players are employees.


And I thought you were a socialist, it’s all about the employee comrade!


@Capt_Jack_Sparrow anything to add? Questions?



30 pm


Not sure how i feel about players lobbying for someone to be on the board.

I mean its their place of employment, but its also my club to support.


My “Hmmm” was more so in who liked the post than the post itself


‘Liked’ it briefly for quick access in my ‘likes’ rather than having to search for it Bullwinkle as I do quite a lot - nothing gets passed you!


That’s because he’s stalking you.


I did kind of wonder…


Just voted for the first time ever after 15 years as a member (as well as Mrs RTBC who cares little for football but likes small shorts).Happy to declare Paul & Katie got our vote and this was motivated directly because of the refreshingly open and accessible engagement you have offered to this site.

Of course the incredible turn-around the club has managed over the past couple of years and IMO the most promising young list assembled since probably 1996-1998 also carries some decent weight!


Thanks RTBC! Really appreciate the support.

You guys are stuck with me on Blitz now… I’ve moved my furniture in and everything.


How bout a training report?