2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


If only I could get out to training more often!

I could make it up?

Hurley trained the house down - literally, the roof fell off - and the players have never experienced a tougher preseason. Stringer has lost 15kgs and Daniher hasn’t missed a set shot so far.


If only I didn’t live 90 minutes away!

Bad news on Joey. Should be banking the missed shots now, get the goals during the season.


Bacchus summed it up beautifully - There is a clear delineation between a Board and players.


Agree to disagree then.

Normally a board is there to protect shareholder interests and provides governance over management. A clear delineation between board and management is needed and is appropriate.

A football club is not a company.

The club does not exist not to serve its members, but to win football premierships via its players and coaches. Members are important but lets not get carried away that members interests are more important than the players.


Just a question: EFC members are shareholders in the EFC. How many players would be EFC members as well as contracted employees?


Ooooo its a paradox.

Players get life membership after 10 years so those ones definitely are.


Really appreciate it RTBC!


And do players get a discount at the Bomber Shop???


And do they like a…no, wait, that’s a terrible idea.


Can you hire a media department person that actually knows how to use memes?


as you can clearly see, man is hot, and has taken off his shirt (jacket).



Is it wrong that I don’t even know what meme they are referring to?



Can i change my vote?


You can try… MWAHAHAHAHA


Paul & Katie got our votes.



Also, we have Justin Crow and Kim Brennan, that’s close to bringing back Max Crow, right? :rofl:


Not quite but we’re on the right track!


We have to talk about the cat…


Often the players interests and the clubs are in conflict. For example, do you think the players for Norf are really happy about rebuilding, they might be happier winning 6-10 games with some of the players they cut, and some free agents than getting pantsed each week. The board on the other hand, think to compete in the future they have to load up on young blokes.