2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


Don’t pick only the bits that suit your argument. The board have oversight of every facet of the club, as they should, that’s their job. Delisting are part of it, player payments are part of it, contracts are part of it. I’m not saying they’re the only voice but they are the final voice.


Who’s picking bits?? That was my argument,

There would be no conflict, because there’s no conflicted decisions to be made.

They have nothing to do with list management. That;s why we pay big money to List managers and a Football dept that actually have the expertise in that area.


That’s not how it works. Every big decision made by every department has to be ratified by the board.

At least that’s how it’s been with every board I’ve ever worked with.

But hey, let’s say you’re right. What exactly then, would the Director of football do?


I’ll take this one!

It’s a monthly meeting, possibly monthly/quarterly meetings for each committee you may sit on, hosting at events, hosting at games, reading in between meetings, extra meetings. It’s more than that though - approving large contract offers (there is a threshold that comes to the board), reviews, conversations based on specific skills (like the conversation I had 30 minutes ago on my way home from work) are all usually done out of cycle.

I would say it’s probably 6 days a month during the football season, not including time directors may decide to spend flying themselves interstate for games/member events, attending training, VFL etc. You’re really always working to be honest - thinking of new ideas, helping with projects, providing support where it is needed etc.

Today in a meeting at my 9-5 I said “They need buy in across the club… club? I mean business.” My mind was clearly elsewhere.

edit: reassessed actual dedicated time.


The point is they don’t make list decisions, full stop.

Even if there is ratification, … that is simply a backing of the decisions made by those we employ & pay to make them.

There is no conflict.


Paul and Catherine, my apologies for using the double negative in my last post. I meant to say that in my view you do not ignore or do not reflect the player interests in your Board decisions.
I have no criticism at all of your approach. I just don’t like other candidates being trashed for irrelevant reasons. And I know you have never done that.


Thanks, appreciate the insight.


What is a list decision? Is a contract a list decision?
Was the level of compensation to offer the players a list decision?

I’ll ask again… exactly what do you think the Director of Football does?


Why is that relevant? I don’t understand why you think it is.


Because you’re saying the Director of Football has nothing to do with football.



I haven’t mentioned a Director of Football at all.


No. You haven’t.


I would have thought contract decisions would be largely under the control of the List Manager (and his cadre) with input from the Football Director.

Delistings probably just the purview of the List Manager and senior coaching group.

I wouldn’t think the whole board would be involved in much other than contracts for the very highest, e.g. Lloyd and Hird in the early oughties. And in recruiting a controversial guy like Stringer.


We don’t get to elect the football director anyway.


See this is why I get annoyed.

The board will appoint a football Director once the full makeup of the board is known.

They have appointed one new director, but that was to fill a skill gap they thought existed. They very well may think that there is someone on the current board who can step into Heffs role and thus use the opportunity to broaden their skill set.


do we have a DoF right now?


Yep… it’s Heff until he steps down … at the agm I think


what about department of football head?


You mean GM of footy… that’s vacant atm I believe


so whats the point of a DoF if we have GMoF?