2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


I can understand the reasons why, but that is a shame as he is a damn good defensive coach.




He should sacked. Where is the outrage for this? I am privately seething on your behalf.


Me too.


I’d want him congratulated and your membership stripped if you order chicken salt.

The vast majority of the board would have no input into most day-to-day decisions, including the saga while it was occurring.


Ooo Ooo, can we have an argument about responsibility versus accountability?


is the elections over yet?


As to Wellman’s potential conflict of interest, I can’t see how a couple of players retweeting his tweet could possibly raise conflict of interest.




No. You’re the one who’s wrong.


What? About the same way every board member deals with every decision given they’d have a relationship with people in the club? How does Eddie deal with Bucks??


Pushes his missus out of the bed!


What level of employee are you referring to? I’d be astounded to see a Board ratifying salaries, pay rises for regular employees. Only upper management’s remuneration packages and corporate bonuses would be something for the Board to deal with.


Then you should be astounded. Our board approves contracts for every level of employee. Also efficiency sharing agreements and of course executive incentive payments. They are updated on all contact negations and have to sign off before any changes are made.

That may not be the case everywhere, and indeed may not be at the footy club, but that’s how it is with us.


The discussion on the Board only came up because someone questioned Wellman’s suitability because of his relationship with some players who might have supported him. To the best of my knowledge two players retweeted his tweets . Not much to stake a claim of conflict of interest on. The Board is not full time and any claims of Wellman’s conflict of interest could be matched by just about anyone on the Board in relation to their business interests. There is no indication that the Board has run into such problems. There are corporation laws governing such issues.
Avoid being sidetracked by those with their own agendas.


Consider me astounded then. First time I’ve come across that particular scenario. Are you part of a NFP per chance?


Nah, GBE, that, like our footy club, has had some governance issues in the past.


Welcome development that certain governance functions would no longer be attributed to the coaching staff in the event of any governance failings


Two things to do before 5.30pm tomorrow night. Cast your vote in the EFC Board election and join up or renew your membership. Your vote and your membership are both contributions towards the future of our club. 8 candidates offering a variety of talents and focus deserve your consideration. I am one of them and my focus is recognising and rewarding our amazingly loyal members and winning another Premiership. It is all about the footy and the direction of the club in 2018 and beyond for me. Success has been measured in effort for a while but now success will be winning on and off the field. Go Bombers!


Well, it all comes to an end today. Good luck to all the candidates. The last 3 years has been eye opening and incredibly rewarding.The positivity, culture and success of our club is a testament to the hard work that has gone in behind the scenes by all involved, from the board down. I hope we see another 3 years of stability and unity for our club - and a premiership or two.

Voting closes at 5:30pm AEDT tonight. If you haven’t already, you can vote here: https://www.investorvote.com.au/Login?cn=8388&demo=N

See you all on the other side. Ah, who am I kidding. See you in another thread soon.