2017 EFC AGM It started with a leak


Should point out on that one it’s always available publicly online via the website, and has been since before we were elected (though previous versions of course).


I’ll just put this here.


Ok, thanks guys - it isn’t exactly what I was asking for - which was what we currently lacked, not what skills and experience one should have if they were considering nominating for the board :slight_smile:

The reason that would be nice to know - and as I intimated, I don’t expect it to be public, is that just about any nominee will have skills and experience that would in some way, be beneficial to the board. Skill-sets that are lacking on the board would be a higher priority.


Yeah, I saw that when I was considering running a few years back. It’s a good illustration of what the club wants in its directors generally, but I think the original question was more about what the current skill gaps are that the board believes should be addressed. I know the board generally appoints non-elected directors to cover a gap it believes to be a problem, but it might be handy to know this before an election too. I’ve got no idea how the club could do that without being perceived as non-neutral in the vote though!


Yeah it’s kind of why I’m being silent on the matter sorry! I did suggest matching the skills on the board to the matrix, if that helps…


Fascinating to see how all the campaigners have worked out the value of Blitz for elections.

On the coteries, I’m a member of one, but I don’t necessarily support the push for greater board influence from them. Qualifications, motivation and alignment with the Club’s strategic priorities are far more important.

For what it’s worth, a former (non-sport) journalist at the Age told me that most of the newsroom had good reasons to believe that one of Caro’s key sources during the Saga was a senior coterie member who wanted to raise their media profile, and disliked the coaching and admin staff.


Ooh, Ahh. Name names.


Because those muppets did so well in 2000s-2013


But seriously is anyone else concerned at that fuckwittery by Sasho


Not concerned … more annoyed. He’s a flog of the highest order. Important we don’t become complacent though and everyone excercises their right to vote.


Darli - while I’m not disagreeing with you, in the interests of fairness, could you explain what it is you don’t like about Mr Sash? And perhaps also what connections you have to any of the other candidates?


Hes saying coterie members are more worthy than regular members.

ie he can gagf.



I’ve had contact with ‘Sash’ or David Yallouz for four or so years on social media. I’d rather not go too deeply into it but he basically traded off his association with Hirdy, SHEEDS et al. He’s a member of the Essendonians. I believe he currently is in business with Hirdy selling chocolate. My biggest beef with him is that he is dishonest. As I said, I’d rather not elaborate.

Peter Hughes I’ve met once but have been in the same room with him on numerous occasions. My opinion is that he enjoys the spotlight that being President of the Essendonians brings with it. Now his term is up he wants to continue that association by being on the board. My impression is that he believes it is his right. I also believe he is dishonest.

Gauci I do not know personally.

I do not know any of the other new candidates personally including second time candidate Gai Williams.

I supported Paul Cousins and Katie Lio the first time they ran for election. I had not met either of them before but I wanted change. I was angry and disillusioned and felt disconnected from the footy club I have loved all my life. Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of chatting to them both at various functions and venues. When our dear friend was dying and he asked us to please make sure his kids stayed essendon supporters for life, it was Paul and Katie who we to great lengths to help us with requests for kiddie packs and jumpers for the kids signed by our mates favourite player, Darcy Parish.

We can’t get to the footy much due to where we live and Neil’s health. When we do, Paul and Katie always make time to say hi.

I believe the board should represent all the members, the rich and poor, the young and old, the corporate and the everyday.

I feel Paul and Katie speak for me.

I would hate to lose that.


Thanks Darli, appreciate the candour.

Hope “Neil’s” health lets him see a few more games in 2018.


Best part of this is that it’s reply to someone asking for more information. So when asked a simple question, the true nature of why he’s supporting these people is revealed.


What do you reckon the hardest decision is being head of a fan club (aka coterie)? Which Sauv Blanc to put on for functions? I can well understand Darli’s impression that the coteries can lead to a feeling of entitlement.


So theres been a few posts slagging off coteries, how long until bacchus pops up to say how good thy are.


They are, in the most part, VERY good. They are also the domain of the ego maniac. Whilst the remain in the coteries they can’t do too much harm.


If they pump bucket loads of cash into the club I’m all for them.


Coteries are diffent from supporter groups. Last time I looked, there were five coteries, including the Van Dieman’s citerie.