2017 FF Original discussion thread




Hey @Windy_Dill can you do my drafting?
I am pretty happy with parts but think some of it could drop me in a hole (even though I had decent reasons for my picks). I'm interested in your opinion if you have the time.


Will do mate, but will have to wait till another day.


I may have been harsh on him.
33 in less than half a game is not too bad.


Dill, I'd love you to assess my drafting too. And I'd love you to be as honest with your assessment as you were for Wim.


I'm too scared to have dill let rip on my drafting efforts this year!




I think Jarrod Berry will be alright.
I don't ever see him averaging 90, but I think he could reach 80 to 85 without being a candidate to switch into the midfield. Sort of like Andrew Mackie. Then again, he's every chance to be like Shannon Hurn (70+ scorer but remains a keeper).


Pick 16. Windy Dill - Tom Ruggles (Geelong)

As I said, I think this is a decent pick. 23 year-old, good scoring backman who should play most games. From the talk it sounds like he wouldn't have lasted 'til your next pick either.

Alternatively - Jy Simpkin, Oliver Florent, Lachie Henderson, Andrew Mackie.

You were positioned to take at least one premium kid from this years draft. You chose not to, and that's fine, but you haven't gone for a lock either. I wouldn't be completely shocked to see Ruggles only play a dozen games this year. I wouldn't be shocked to see him lose his spot completely. I would be shocked to see him become one of the games best players.
Mackie and Henderson will score better, and are both locks for this year and the next three years respectively.
Like all your picks, it seems to me you've split the difference here.

Pick 30. Windy Dill - Jesse Lonergan (Gold Coast)
Pick 34. Windy Dill - George Horlin-Smith (Geelong)
Pick 70. Windy Dill - Craig Bird (Essendon)
Pick 88. Windy Dill - Bailey Williams (Western Bulldogs)

Four dual position C players on the fringe. I don't think you'll get 40 games from them this year. Chances of you having one of them available to play at any time are probably about 50-50. Bird and Horlin-Smith at least could possibly score okay if they're selected.

Like I said, you have a kick-ass starting team. So...are you looking for solid replacements in case of injury, or players to hold for sale or to develop yourself?
Cause I ain't buying any of these guys.

Alternatively - Tom Bell, David Mackay, Josh Cowan, Rohan Bewick, Sam Wright (and my two picks)

Pick 106. Windy Dill - #Tendai M'Zungu (GWS)

Pick 122. Windy Dill - Shaun McKernan (Essendon)

Given yesterday's events, could turn out to be an inspired pick.
If you're really looking for a back-up ruck, though, I wouldn't have chosen a rookie.

Pick 140. Windy Dill - Jordan Foote (Sydney)

Excellent late speculative pick. You might have really stolen one here.

Pick 157. Windy Dill - #Jesse Joyce (Gold Coast)
Pick 171. Windy Dill - Claye Beams (Brisbane)

I don't think these picks matter.


Anyone with the time to pull my draft to pieces.. would love to hear.


I'd appreciate it if No one looks at my drafting and I just trade trade trade. Thanks


Also, WD, just curious because heaven knows I'm not captain draft...
The McKernan pick, did you consider O'Brien (who was selected with the next pick)?
Jacobs is pretty hardy, but if you were just looking for cover then Adelaide's second ruck would have seemed like pretty good insurance to me, and he scores alright.
Maybe you fancy playing McKernan in your forward line?
Just wondering.


O'Brien was definitely considered for that pick. In the end McKernan's dual position status and likelihood of R1 selection swayed me.


I didn't take it as savage at all, WD.
Just an appraisal, nothing more nor less.

I've talked about Brodie. I know there were other options, but he looks like a beast who loves the contest, and that's the sort of player I love.
Berry is from the Wimmera. I expect him to become a Duncan-like player. My mail from a few years ago was that Tucker is good, Berry is better, so I'm happy to back that in and have him join fellow Wimmera player Lloyd.

I realise you would have taken more kids, but at some point you have to stop building and have a crack.
I think I've got two good 'uns this year.

Henderson has been on my list before. Can ton.
Will play every week. I should be able to rely on him. Will watch form.
The other Henderson, well...I've always been a fan. If he plays I know he'll score well. Hawthorn do pretty well with their trades, so I'm prepared to back them in.

Hunt is just back cover. I hope he's picked every week, scores 60 if I need him.

Minchington was on my list last year. I like the look of him. I know he hasn't posted big numbers, but he looks like he could play midfield to me. Just the shape of him.

I've run out of ideas by pick 100.
Impey plays. that's about all Ihave going for him.
I don't see Kersten as a KPP. If he is then I've stuffed up, but I was hoping for him to be the third tall.

Mullett can score okay.
Rose is 20 years old. Averaged 70 from his first 7 games. I'll give him a crack with my last pick.


Last year I went with a few older campaigners this year I have mostly gone younger ones to hopefully become keepers and help push us past the first week of finals. We have one more year or we can call ourselves Richmond falling bowing out in the first week of finals 3 years in a row.

As opposed to last draft, I did not really have a clue who or a particular type that I wanted. So I guess the theme was sort of taking most players that were at least 2 years in to their AFL journeys as they may be a bit more settled and might be a bit surer of their squad status.

Kieran Lovell is one that I wanted last year but hesitated because I suspected his opportunities were going to be limited and so it proved with 2 games in 2016. He has been a prolific ball getter in junior footy and he could be a beneficiary with the turmoil at the "family club" after showing two of their favourite sons the door and replacing one of them with a perennially injured albeit superstar in O'Meara could give Lovell a spot.

Ben Long was one that I was surprised lasted till this pick and it looks as though he may have been on the radar of other coaches too. He performed well at senior VFL level and he is in a side that will probably have spots available if he is good enough.

Billy Longer was insurance, I thought he was a pretty decent prospect in his early years but now that Hickey had a great game of late Longer is perhaps slightly down the pecking order at both of his clubs.

Mitch Honeychurch was not a million miles away from being a more regular player in 2016 and if he is performing then you would think with the large numbers of midfielders required to share the load at the Bulldogs he could get in to calculation for regular games. I didn't have the balls to go for Houston at this pick, but I am happy enough with Honeychurch. He does a bit of everything and that helps his cause, here is hoping he is going to be good at washing my car too!

Sam Weideman is a gun young forward (another one). He is insurance for Hogan as he could be a like for like replacement at both clubs as well as being a potential young star who could work in tandem with Hogan too. If the Demons onball brigade are on song then we could be in for some good scores. I wanted Hipwood at this pick but he went shortly before. I would have been happy either way but Hipwood has back eligibilty which may come in handy for Jefferson. I did not have any glaring needs positionally I just took what I thought was best fit and gut feel.

Tom Downie became insurance for Grundy and is probably going to play a bit more regularly than Longer. He is no Lobb but if Lobb is hopefully playing forward then Downie could take over as Mumford's replacement in the ruck.

Lachie Hansen is in the squad as much as anything because he can play back. He can score OK at times.

Harry Marsh my rationale for selecting him is a bit like Hansen. He is rated by some and hopefully he can finally crack it for some regular AFL footy.

Miles Poholke is a guy that I liked the sound of pretty much everything I read. He could play games and has been getting some JLT time. I strongly considered Drew who went in LTI at this pick but I thought I could not go for too many first year guys.

Jay Kennedy-Harris had a great first season but not such a good one in 2016. Has slightly redefined his role and has been scoring ok of late. When he is playing well he scores ok and he is more than a one trick pony than in his first season.

Opinions are welcome.

I envisage my best side to read something like:
B: Seedsman Maynard Varcoe
HB: Howe McGovern Duryea
C: Scully Ross Parker
HF: Motlop Cameron L Taylor
F: Darling Hogan Phillips
Rucks: B Grundy Goddard Cunnington


I like the Lovell pick.
Big call to take him over Setterfield though.
Long is a good get where you got him.
Honeychurch scores, he just needs to be selected.
I'm a bit meh about the others, but that's going to happen when you have 6 picks after #100.


No, I'll be working on the fixture during the week - you can't input a custom fixture before the draft is completed. The fixture is 75% done I've just got to work through it to make sure none of the double-ups are closer than 3 weeks together. Your double-ups this season are Neela (automatically decided by ladder position) and WOB.

Seeing we're talking about drafting strategies, I do have one question that is seriously bugging me Blummers, for a finalist who is hoping to go deeper this season...why on earth did you wait until your 32 player to pick a 2nd ruck option - Goldstein has been incredibly durable but if something happens to him, you've left yourself horribly exposed to 0s as Cameron is no sure thing week-to-week, and even if a FA option emerges you're no certainty to be able to grab them off FA if you're in the top 8.

Much happier about the Kade Stewart pick now, he needs to improve his consistency through a game, but his 1st quarter was phenomenal and his 3rd wasn't far behind it. I was worried about the forwards all draft but it is the backs I'm going to need to shore up. Wilson, I think was a match-up issue for Adelaide, as I can't see GWS playing all of Davis, Tomlinson and Corr + Haynes against most teams, Dunn though is the bigger issue as I was expecting him to have Goldsack covered, should they prefer Schade in the 2nd spot. There is a good smattering of potential 60p depth options if you're short a forward, more of what you'd expect post-draft in the backs: man the spud stations boys, we've probably got incoming.


Huh? You considered a first year guy, but didn't want too many first year guys, so you drafted a first year guy instead.


Everyone's talking Windy wrecked his team through the draft this and Wimm drafted 8 forward pockets that, but no one's talking Knights of Columbus dominated the draft this or Knights of Columbus for top spot that. Yes, the team has had to, er, rest Luke Hodge for Round 1 due to courageously helping his brother host a 21st Birthday, but other than that the club has had a flawless off-season and ready to fly into the new year and storm back into top 4 contention. Oh and we haven't heard from Libba since his 9 week drinking binge holiday but we're hoping he returns within the next week or so. If it makes either of you @Windy_Dill & @wimmera1 feel any better I think you both failed miserably in the draft, anybody in their right mind who willingly drafts Taylor Hunt is insane and that's coming from someone who had him on my list for 3 years. Bird? Only value he has left is in the reduced section of Woolworths cause he's cooked.

Draft Selections

Pick 22 - Micheal Johnson (B)

"I'm not a serial killer...promise"

First pick in the draft and I had to go for the best available back that I saw. Johnson may have had a poor last year with injury but I'll be damned if he doesn't score well and score big consistently. I tried to trade him in last year but didn't get the trade done in time, I think he's in for a good year if he stays on the park, how many backs can average around the 80 mark? He's had a good JLT series too, scoring big as usual.

Pick 27 - Tim Membrey (F)

"Just look natural...oh just try not look like a knob...ah forget it! take the damn photo!"

I'm really happy with this pick, I thought foggy was gonna take him next pick and needed a forward so I had to snare him before foggy could. Otherwise it was Tom Bell that was going to be taken here. Surprised foggy cut him from his keepers last year, as he had a breakthrough year averaging near 75 and will slot straight into my forwardline or at worst compete with Crameri/Lloyd for a forward spot. Extra bonus is that he's still very young and has room for improvement.

Pick 29 - Andrew Mackie (B)

Andrew Mackie (pictured on the right.)

I'm again happy with this pick. He's a good scoring reliable back, I'm not talking your depth backs here on his day he's one of my first picked. Averaged mid 80's previous 2 years and 75 odd last year, again he'll be vying for a spot down back and is probably 50-50 to get a game first round. Surprised no one else wanted a good scoring back but he'll be a very reliable defender for me all year, happy to have him here.

Pick 45 - Rhys Palmer (F)

Still the best photo we have on file.

Needed more forwardline depth here and Palmer fit that. He averages anywhere from 75-65 but I'm hoping more midfield time at Carlton pushes his scoring upwards, regardless I'll take his current average but there's room for improvement with a new role.The risk is getting games but I can't possibly see him having to vie hard to get regular games as Carlton badly need experience. Could be a very useful pickup.

Pick 58 - Garrick Ibbotson (B)

We don't know who he is either.

Couldn't believe no one wanted him, a genuine steal at pick 58 considering some of the other picks. 2 years ago he was in the AA squad and I'm hoping to see him push his average to around 75 for me. Had a bit of a down year last year but then so did everyone at Freo. I dare say he'll regularly be counted on down back for me at times this year, to have him as backup is a luxury as he'd be starting in most teams.

Pick 76 - Sam Wright (B)

Not to be confused with every other sh*t North player.

This was more a calculated risk and could go either way but the upsides are big if he comes through. Basically he's in North's best 8-15 players and one of their first picked down back but he had last year wrecked by ankle injuries and had a later start to this pre-season which may have put a few off. It was good to see him play the last JLT game meaning he's in contention for Round 1, but may not see him at peak until Round 4/5. He's shown he can average over 70 across a year down back and is a potential keeper option if all goes well.

Pick 116 - Tom Bellchambers (R)

Douche levels 10.

He's a guy that I wanted that I always had other needs that needed to be addressed first. He' could play Round 1 or be out until Round 6 depending on who you ask but either way he wasn't a pick for early on in the season. Hopefully I get him playing early and he finds some good form, heaven knows Essendon need a ruck. At full fitness and firing he adds ruck depth for Kruezer and is a potential keeper option.

Pick 127 - Nick Robertson (C)


Probably my first prospect pick but it's a value one from my point of view. He's only 21 and has averaged high 50's the last 3 years (2 of those injury affected) as a running back/midfielder and has shown he can gather high 20's for disposals. Basically what won me over was his promising signs and that he should get some good gametime this year at Brisbane. Potential keeper option.

Pick 155 - Jack Silvagni (F)

Not sure which is the bigger Muppet.

Re-drafted him and he didn't make my keepers. I'm hoping he can stablise his average around 65 odd from his current 54. His first year last year so he did pretty well. Had some 60's and a 70 odd on debut and kicked a bag of 3 against Brisbane. He'll get regular games and should be a good option for me and potential keeper. Just needs time.

Pick 166 - Ryan Harwood (B)

Hoping to have a long, disapointing and unfulfilled career just like Ryan Lester.

Wasn't too much left but he could be something useful for me. He averaged in the 70's a few years back but had last year ruined by injury. He should at worst get games for Brisbane and with Hanley gone and a new coach perhaps a better spot opens up for him. If he averages near the mid 60's I'll be pleased.

List Analysis

B: Micheal Johnson - Alex Rance - Matt Dea
HB: Grant Birchall - Luke Hodge - Curtly Hampton
C: Brent Stanton - Tom Liberatore - Sam Menegola
HF: Justin Westhoff - Lance Franklin - Tim Membrey
F: Steve Johnson - Josh Kennedy - Sam Lloyd
R: Matthew Kruezer - Jordan Lewis - Jack Newnes
Int: Brad Hill (C) - Danyle Pearce (C) - Andrew Mackie (B) - Stewart Crameri (F)

In Reserve:
Brendan Whitecross (FB)
Garrick Ibbotson (B)
Rhys Palmer (F)
Tom Bellchambers (R)
Sam Wright (B)
Nick Robertson (C)
Jack Silvagni (C)
Ryan Harwood (B)

Backline: My strong suit I reckon, Dea was traded in and I'm expecting him to play and average 70's like he did last year. Still have Mackie/Ibbotson/Whitecross, all more than good depth options and Hampton's return bolsters the backline further. Also expecting Stanton to be a back player by next polls which is a bonus.

Midfield/Rucks: I don't have the best midfield in the league but hopefully top 4. had to trade out the injury prone and aging Ablett but now have Menegola who scores well, Libba & Newnes all youthful and good scorers. Pearce is handy depth too & i'm expecting Robertson to come on this year (hopefully). I think Hill wil lbe my big improver, he's had a massive JLT series at Freo and looks primed and he could force his way in. Kruezer gets the job done in the ruck. Probably need a bit of improvement here but still food enough.

Forwards: Got my big names there with Franklin/Kennedy/Johnson & some good depth in there, hoping Membrey has a repeat of last year & Silvagni coming on will be a bonus. Hopefully should be pretty reliable again this year.

Overall: Aiming for top 4 again and hopefully premiership #3. I don't think my top 20 is around #4/5 for class but I think my overall depth is #1 or #2. I think my team should beat the lower teams and at worst trouble the better sides.


Ahh yeah I chose him at that pick ahead of Drew (as well) at a later pick and went Kennedy-Harris instead of both Drew and Poholke. That a bit better?