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Absolute gold Craze.


lol, good write up. I think you pulled the trigger on palmer waaaay too early but. Yikes


Great question.
And how it turns out will make or break my season.

For the last six or seven years I've had a decent ruck backup to name on the bench. Some of them have actually scored well while sitting on the bench not contributing to the team score (or sometimes sitting in my forward line). Nic Nat, Jon Griffin, Zac Clarke and Max Gawn have all been that bench player.
In that time I recall some other coaches have commented that having a backup ruck isn't essential and that they've been able deal with it through free agency.
For the first time in a while, I've got players on my keepers who are already LTI's (Bennell & Wallis) along with a few having interrupted pre-seasons (Elliott, Harbrow, Kennedy and Paparone) and a speculative picks that hasn't really established himself yet (Newman). That left me with a lot of gaps to fill for round 1 at the same time as finding potential keeper replacements.

I was annoyed that fogdog beat me to Nankervis during the last trade period. Nankervis could have sat in my forward line before replacing Goldstein sometime in the next year or so. After missing that opportunity, I was still a little hesitant to go into round 1 without a backup ruck leading into the draft but I was aiming to find a potential replacement for Goldstein over the next few drafts considering that I now no longer see Zac Clarke being the ruckman he was looking like developing into four years ago. If Tim English was there at my first pick (which I wasn't expecting), I would have taken him and waited, then considered whether I get a more solid backup ruck later in the draft. That didn't eventuate, so I looked at replacing other keepers.
Through the draft I had an eye for rucks but kept addressing other round 1 needs first. I had Elliott, Bennell and Ben Kennedy out injured before the draft and as the draft eventuated Matera and Riley Knight didn't get named for this week's JLT games, so unfortunately I had to find forward and back options throughout the back end of the draft.

Off the top of my head the only rucks I kept on my list through the draft were Mason Cox, Nathan Vardy and one or two others aside from Cameron. In hindsight, I shouldn't have bothered with Nathan Wright and taken Vardy, but I panicked a bit.
I was actually almost going to overlook Cameron with the LTI pick and take another defender as it looks like I might be short for round 1, but I figured Cameron has a greater chance of being a low 70s scorer than the defenders I was looking at.

Depending on whether Cameron is taken round one (which is probably 50/50 at best) and how he goes, I'll still be looking to address my backup ruck through free agency. It's a big gamble, but given Sinclair isn't the most durable ruck going around, I figured Cameron is as good a gamble as other rucks available late in the draft.

Not sure there an answer somewhere in the above, hut that's the thought process through the draft. I wouldn't be surprised if the one year where I don't have a solid ruck bench option is the one year that Goldstein starts breaking down or is rested through the sedraft and I cop a few donuts.
Hopefully Cameron surprises or I get a ruck through free agency. I'll definitely need one after round ten if I don't want to be disappointed at the ruck position.

I'm actually not entirely sure if I have the list to improve enough to get into a prelim final. Fully fit and with luck, I could get there like I did a few years back. But there is doubt over Bennell and Elliott is a rather large gamble given his injury could cripple him the rest of his career. Given that I've used the last two drafts to take older players that haven't made my keeper choices any tougher, I made a concerted effort to seek replacements for under performing keepers and older keepers in this draft and the next one.


Disagree. Which forward that got picked after should I have chosen? At best they're on the same level. Palmer will get chances to score well.

More than happy for anyone to give me draft criticism btw or thoughts on how I went? I'll do you if you do mine? Love hearing feedback.


If anyone would be kind enough to tear shreds off my drafting that would be great, interested to see what people think.


I would have taken Shane Edwards or cam McCarthy personally, maybe Jarrod Pickett even with his upside, I think a bloke at his 3rd afl club is a risk . But then there are a heap of guys who probably will average anywhere between 60-80 and are a lot more safer bets for best 22 (Puopolo, Blair, Dickson) etc


Thanks for the detailed reply. It isn't the way I would've structured my list as a hopeful finalist, but we'll see whether it works out for you.


I am also open to being ripped. Although based on what WD said about Wimm's first 2 picks, i think my first 2 options will get the tick of approval.


I think I did okay with my picks. and I think fog did a good job with his picks too. Il do up a writeup tomorrow of some sort. I thought my first two picks in Roughead and often were okay, and picking up James Stewart with the last pick of the draft was okay too. But who knows


Are you sure you're not confusing leagues WOB? James Stewart is still available, you drafted Callum Sinclair with your last pick.


He is?


Can we have the Blitz usernames and BBFFL team names list posted in the UF league notes section again?


Fucks sake


So here it goes, please be gentle as this is my first time.

I wasn't able to put the research and analytics into the players, scoring system and game I would have liked due to work being an absolute nightmare.

Decided upon a rather conservative approach filling needs rather that looking to the future to much. The list I inherited was a good one especially though the middle.

The objectives of the draft were to;

  1. Draft as young as possible
  2. Draft as many dual position players as possible
  3. Address Forward and Back depth and scoring

The issues were with the Backs and Forwards not packing enough punch. With the age of the list being in a pretty good shape I didn't want to go short term with a Mackie or Johnson as I would need to be fixing the same problem more than likely at the end of this year.

pretty happy picking up Oxley, Cordy, McKay, Ainsworth and McCarthy as the longer term picks to help out now and into the future. McCarthy was a bit of gamble but I wasn't left with much to choose from.

White and MacKay are the short term players to try and up the score both forward and back, with both aged 28 they should be steady for the next couple of years but I don't expect wither to improve at all.

Ambrose, Cheney and Griffin, are insurance only picks. Ambrose I chose ahead of other higher scorers as he will allow for greater flexibility in the team being a B/F the same for Griffin.

B - Mackay (72.5) Ellis (61.9) Oxley 72.5
B - McDonald (56.5) Braodbent (78.3) Sheppard (63.9)
C - Dangerfield (115.8) O'Meara (90.7) Boak (93.2)
R - Crouch (94.2) Shuey (98.5) S Martin (92.7)
F - McCarthy (56.4) White (72.1) Ainsworth (67.7)
F - D Martin (107.5) Daniel (78.3) Stevens(84.2)

E - Milera C/F (54.2) Griffin R/F (64.7) Miles C (87.0) Ambrose B/F (53.8)

Injured - Freeman C (70.2), Christensen C/F (82.9)
LTI - Day B/F (56.7)

VFL - Cheney B (56.0) White B (59.9)

Dev League - McKay R/F (56.8) Cordy F/B (44.9) Hammelmann B/F (35.3) Drew C (69.5)

Pick 8 - Ben Ainsworth
Best available of the new draftees, looks AFL ready and should play regularly. hoping for either a move into the midfield in the future or plenty of rotations through the midfield.

Pick 26 - Adam Oxley
Before the draft a lack of backline depth and scoring was identified. Oxley at 24 looks to be a mid to long term solution.

Pick 44 - David Mackay
As above except seen as a more short term solution.

Pick 62 - Cam Mcarthy
Hoping he can regain the form seen at GWS that had Freo and WC throwing top 5 picks at them before they eventually allowed him out. At 21 should be starting to see an upward curve, only time will tell.

Pick 80 - Jesse White
Needed forward and ruck depth. With Cloke and Witts shown the door by the Colliwobbles he should be involved in most games. Very shocked by his avg of 72, absolute spud.

Pick 98 - Patrick Ambrsoe
Originally I wanted Oirish here but he was gone. The B/F allows flexibility if injuries strike forward, centre or back. Solid citizen that will hopefully play most games and provide a score if required.

Pick 115 - Harry McKay
Lost years pick 10 should get games, played throughout the (JLT series albeit not spectacularly) and with Levi as Fark Carlscums only legitimate KPF you would think that the ex hawks gimp will try and pump games into him

Pick 132 - Kyle Cheney
Pure insurance pick, will play and score regularly. Hopefully won't be required to often.

Pick 150 - Jonathon Griffin
Insurance pick for R and F. Finished last season strongly, played well in the JLT.

Pick 188 - Zaine Cordy
Scoring decently throughout the JLT, finished last year strongly playing in the GF. At 19 hoping there is a lot more updside to come.

LTI - William Drew
Liked the sound of him through TAC reports. probably won't get games this year but hoping he might turn into an average player.


McCarthy didn't interest me FF wise. He averaged 50 last time and that was with kicking 35 goals for the year and multiple bags of 3/4 goals per game. For me he just doesn't win enough ground ball. A base average of 60 in a good team is the bare minimum to draft a key forward for me.

Shane Edwards is in a similar position to Palmer. Both average similar, I just thought Edwards has already reached what he'll become, Palmer is the same but could gain C to go with his F position and can also get more midfield time, increasing his scoring.

Pickett was never in line for a pick that early, perhaps later, he had a good last JLT game but other than that he is pure prospect excitement machine at this stage, I needed reliable scorers. Snapping 2 goals is nice but it doesn't help me when he scores another 50.

Puopolo was really the only player I legit considered, I don't know how Hawthorn will fare this year tho so fear he may decrease in scoring due to supply by around 5-10 this year...Dickson is on the decline and I think, and will struggle to average 60 by years end. I had him last year so I notice things watching him, injuries are creeping in more and more. Blair maybe I guess, but at his best he's only averaging a few more points than what Palmer does now, and Blair is borderline best 22 and to be honest I don't rate him.



Without looking into it too deeply, I think Palmer was the best option for you.

I'm a McCarthy fan, but I don't see him having the Jack Riewoldt like consistency yet, nor do I see him having the skillset to be a Tom Lynch / Nick Riewoldt type scorer.

Blair is a good solid backup but I'm sure he'll be overtaken at some stage soon. Especially if Collingwood perform badly and Buckley is sacked.

Palmer to me could have a Matty Wright like resurgence and +10 this season and will be entrenched in Carlton's best 18 for at least another two years.


Done. Alternatively if you learn the names of the people behind the Blitz handles, I find it is pretty easy to reconcile if they change team names (like Neela has) ...Utah's departure also means there is now only 1 Ben in the league.

@Alber_Goodthur - A solid if unspectacular first draft. Given its your first draft, I won't look at possibilities or strategy, purely what you picked up, to that end I only have two criticisms: Hammelmann and Oxley.

Utah kept a large amount of probable delistees around who weren't playing like Tutt (Utah probably had as many guys pre-cut from his list as WOB), which severely impacted your options for the last few keepers, that being said Hammelmann could've been redrafted with your last pick if you wanted him. I know you preferred him to Krakouer and Tom Lonergan due to his age and flexibility, but the other 2 are best 22 senior listed players, whereas Hammelmann is rookie-listed and will only play if injuries hit. Hammelmann never scored above 39 in 10 games, Krakouer averages 20 points more.

Oxley is nowhere near Collingwood's best 22 anymore and didn't play in any of their JLT games. So unless injuries hit them severely or Oxley has a significant uptick in form from the second half of last season, you've probably burnt an early pick.


Will slowly start working through updating the injury thread (Crows and Lions completed) and current squad thread. Rolo's new board unfortunately rolled back a weekly update for the injury thread and the AFL promptly deleted their last extensive injury update a day or 2 after posting it, so we'll have to make do with what I can find until Rd 1, at which point hopefully the clubs start releasing lists again/the AFL might get its act together. I also won't be able to use the typical colour scheme temporarily at least until Rolo installs a plug-in for it, so in the meantime you'll have to read the list rather than just scanning for new injuries/changed statuses. There is a good possibility there might be teething problems once the plug-in gets installed, as I'll have to figure out whether my previous coding methods will still work.

There will be a very minor cosmetic change with the listings - the rookie designation will now appear at the end of a player's name, as Rolo's new system was turning all rookies into heading size.


One handy thing though...
If you click on the pencil above the post, it shows you the edits that were made.

Very handy feature of the new board.


Looks like I'll need to LTI Lycett and possibly Laverde :expressionless: