2017 FF Original discussion thread


Completely forgot I hadn't announced this yet, but after consulting with foggy and Crazy Bomber, it has been decided to hand @You_Shall_Be_Smoten a strike due to 2 of his picks timing out during the draft.


Please advise what rules I broke?

What I mean by that is, surely a time limit is there to prevent me unnecessarily delaying others. If you don't want me to delay others too much, shorten the time limit.

Also didn't I only time out once?

Further clarification needed here. I waited until it was my turn to make an LTI selection, at which time I selected Scott Thompson on the UF website. Every other selection for the draft was made on the UF website so I felt it reasonable for me to do it that way.

It looks like the selections only appeared on the website when Dunlop entered them in, which probably had two impacts on me. First of all I didn't know that it was my turn to select because Blummer's last selection had not been put into UF yet (i.e my timer started earlier). Secondly my selection didn't appear promptly, giving the appearance that I timed out.

I can't tell you exactly what time I became aware that it was my selection, nor exactly what time I made my pick. What I do know is that following on from my previous time-out I made sure I adjusted my behaviour and checked during the day time and before I went to bed and made my selection when I knew it was my turn. I couldn't leave a contingency on UF because the draft had finished, otherwise I would have done so.

Finally I would have appreciated the opportunity to respond to the matter prior to a penalty being announced. I don't see why the discussion couldn't have been had via personal messages.


No soup for you!


Pick 12 - Joe Atley PA - C
Early form looks promising, but I probably would've gone for Setterfield or SPS with this pick. As a junior he was very handball happy, and I reckon he would've been available at your next pick.

PIck 36 - Riley Knight AD - C,F
I don't know enough about him, but I would've thought he would be available for a mid-round pick.

Pick 48 - Luke Ryan FR - B
I like this pick, and I think he will get games early.

Pick 84 - Brett Eddy PA - F
I wouldn't be looking at mature age key forwards in fantasy footy.

Pick 102 - Ryan Lester BL - B,F
I don't see Lester making it, but I've been wrong plenty of times before.

Pick 128 - Nathan Wright SK - B,F
Seems set for a defensive forward role.

Pick 133 - Alex Neal-Bullen ME - C,F
I like this pick. He is prolific at VFL level, and he has shown a bit playing all three JLT games. Probably won't be in Melbourne's R1 team, but should score well if given the opportunity.

Pick 136 - Sam Butler WC - B
Should get games, which is all you can ask for at this pick. Will probably retire at the end of the year.

Pick 154 - Lindsay Thomas NM - F
As above.

Pick 169 - Jack Lonie SK - F
Will need a change of role if he's going to score well. Finding the ball as a small forward is tough.

Atley and Knight may well turn out to be inspired picks, but they were left-field selections that may have been available later. I like the Ryan selection, but I'm not sure about picking three small forwards and a mature-age rookie key forward with your other selections. Passing on Setlletfield at 12 (who EFC rated top 3), SPS, SPP and Florent was gutsy, though Atley has shown a bit in JLT.


Pick 13 - Will Setterfield GWS - C
You must have been pretty happy when you had Settlefield and SPS available at this selection. I would have gone SPS for the early return, but you may well have picked the better long-term player.

Pick 19 - Tom Stewart GE - B
I probably wouldn't have pulled the trigger that early on a key defender. But as far as key defenders go, he can definitely find the ball. I would've found it hard to pass up on Florent, but finding a defender was probably your priority.

Pick 28 - Tom Bell BL - C,F
Will play every game when fit, will score well.

Pick 31 - Harris Andrews BL - B
I really like this kid, but perhaps not as a fantasy footy prospect.

Pick 41 - Mark Hutchings WC - C
He can definitely find the ball, but run-with roles have curbed his influence. I would've gone Barrett if I was looking for a pure mid who is likely to get plenty of chances.

Pick 49 - Billie Smedts CA - B,C
If he secures a spot at half-back in Carlton's team, this pick could be great value.

Pick 52 - Shane Edwards RI - C,F
Good back up.

Pick 59 - Will Langford HW - C
Not sure about this. Career seems to be going backwards, but he may be revitalised by fresh opportunities in a new look midfield.

Pick 60 - Kobe Mutch ES - C
Potentially great value, but you may need to wait a few seasons until you get a return on your investment. One of the most prolific players of this draft.

Pick 67 - Travis Cloke WB - F
Safe pick and great value.

If you are looking to reset, walking away with Settlefield, Florent and Vicker-Willis would have been a bumper draft, but I can understand you hedging your bets and grabbing Bell and Stewart instead as you've still got a very competitive squad that could push any team in finals.


Thanks Dill, great assessment.


If you (or anyone else) want to return the favour, it would be much appreciated.


Thanks Dunners.

Hammelmann was a mistake, got him confused with Himmelberg (or whatever the guy at GWS is called) and Oxley was a victim of not enough research. Still hoping Oxley might scrape through by some miracle.


My assessment for Dill below. I think Dill's drafting is unique because of the position he is in. Dill's best 20 are all high scoring keepers. In fact his best 15 will outscore most teams best 18. This meant Dill could take a punt in the draft and focus on depth as well as some speculative prospects.

If I were in Dill's position I would have taken a slightly different approach. I'd back my best 20 and draft players I would think other coaches would be attracted to. Then come trade time I'd be selling them off for good draft picks and aim for 10 picks inside the first four rounds of the 2018 draft. The best 20 is young enough to go again in 2018 where Dill could add a lot of talent with some good picks.

As far as the 2017 draft goes, did he get it right? Here's my uncensored thoughts:

Pick 16. Windy Dill - Tom Ruggles (Geelong)

In hindsight, this was your oddest selection. I get why you did it but I reckon he would have lasted until pick 70. You need depth in defense and a best 22. But is he high scoring? And do his turnovers make his position vulnerable? If you had to pull the trigger on a best 22 defender, I would have gone with Henderson, Mackie or Smedts before Ruggles as they will all get guaranteed gametime.

Pick 30. Windy Dill - Jesse Lonergan (Gold Coast)

Will be a keeper in 2018. Sure he has guns around him in Ablett, Swallow, Barlow, Rosa etc but I think it will only make him stronger. I see it like Zac Merrett with Heppell, Watson and Myers coming back. Wasn't on my radar but could have been.

Pick 34. Windy Dill - George Horlin-Smith (Geelong)

Could be your pick of the draft. Lots of promise and upside which for your sake will hopefully come to fruition in 2017. The cats want players around Dangerwood to step up and he's on top of their list. Could be a valuable trade option or keeper at years end.

Pick 70. Windy Dill - Craig Bird (Essendon)

Like this a lot. Another I've had on my list if Hutchings and Langford were gone. You got him at the right time too as three coaches were about to pull the trigger.

Pick 88. Windy Dill - Bailey Williams (Western Bulldogs)

I can't comment here because I don't know enough about him. But the fact I don't know enough (without wanting to sound arrogant) is reason for me to think you pulled the trigger too early. I'd be interested to know if anyone else had him on their radar and if so around what pick

Pick 106. Windy Dill - #Tendai M'Zungu (GWS)

Not your best pick in fact probably your worst. I get why you pulled the trigger as he can score big but his playing days are over. He's cooked. Injury prone and on the rookie list. I'd be very surprised if he makes your 20 at all in fact I expect you'll drop him into the FA pool early.

Pick 122. Windy Dill - Shaun McKernan (Essendon)

A bit of Nostradamus happening here. I don't know if you saw him playing much gametime this year and I know you weren't expecting the output you got in the Cats game. I thought this was a bit of a "what the" pick given there was a heap of FRs and Rs available but your investment will return early. If I were you I'd be shopping him around at trade week. You could turn pick 122 into a pick under 80.

Pick 140. Windy Dill - Jordan Foote (Sydney)

Really like this pick and hope the output matches the hype from Sydney fans. If he gets gametime he will score. A handy prospect that may end up a 2018 keeper. Your pick of the draft.

Pick 157. Windy Dill - #Jesse Joyce (Gold Coast)

I think this pick was a bit of a lucky dip. Not sure your thinking but I reckon you have seen a bit of him and hope he can be promoted and get good midfield time. You picked what I think you thought was the best of the remaining prospects but I would have gone with Dore or another kid still there that I won't mention.

Pick 171. Windy Dill - Claye Beams (Brisbane)

Like this one a lot. In fact considered him at the same time as Smedts. Surprised he fell this far as he can score big on his day. Finally injury free with his brother back in the team too. Hopefully he plays the running half back role both Dunners and I previously hung onto him for. My worry is whether he is best 22 at the lions or not.


I'm happy to do other draft assessments for those that assess mine.


Thanks fogdog.

On Ruggles, I was looking for a defender who would play every week with the potential to be a keeper. Henderson and Mackie are no chance to become keepers, and Smedts is injury prone and has less job security, though I think he could become a good prospect. I was probably swayed by his JLT form where he score 82, 76 and 73. Some of those games were on highly restricted minutes. If he maintains that 77 average throughout the season, it will turn out to be a very good pick. But if as you say he wasn't on anyone's radar, I should've taken him later.

I agree with that I ballsed up the Mzungu pick. I picked him straight after he scored 83 in a JLT game and looked good. Also, GWS will be missing a few key midfielders in the early rounds. I went with Joyce because I'm confident he will play R1, and he has the kicking skills to become a distributor for GC. Foote has been hyped as a Tom Mitchell replacement, but I have my doubts about him getting a game. McKernan was going to play R1 regardless of whether Looney got injured. Stewart has not rucked in JLT, and we are unlikely to use Joe or Hooker for ruck relief. Also, he looked lively in JLT1 with a few goals.


Mzungo rumoured to get a promotion off the rookie list after GWS placed Tom Downie on the LTI list.


I'll have a go at yours in the next couple of hours fog.


I had a look at yours, and I think the commission should look into tanking.


Lies make baby Jesus cry!!


To get a better idea on how you've drafted this @fogdog I think I need to go back to last years trade period.

After challenging for the flag year after year, then having a bad run of injuries last year and getting knocked out first week of the finals, I sensed you've shifted towards a rebuild of sorts. I still think you want to be competitive, and you will, but this year may see you in a bit of a holding pattern inside the bottom of the 8 till your kids improve to where to you see them. There was still, and still is, plenty of talent on your list which gave you the advantage of having some very desirable players you could trade to other coaches. Especially WOB after looking back at last years trades.

Peter Wright,
Eddie Betts,
Lincoln McCarthy,
Aliir Aliir,
Connor Menadue,
Sam Docherty,
Brett Deledio,
Ryan Griffen,
Archie Smith,
Picks 54, 85, 93, 95, 103, 105, 121, 139, 157, 175

Mitch McGovern
Cam Sutcliffe
Matt Priddis
Dylan Shiel
Darcy Byrne-Jones
Toby Nankervis
Jack Watts
Picks 19, 41, 52, 59, 60, 77, 93, 105

That's a list I managed to find, which isn't 100% cause you managed to get all your pics inside 60 which is a crazy effort. Whilst it shows some great talent going out, you've still managed to bring in young 22 players with plenty of upside, and vastly improving your draft position for the 2017 season.

Now onto the 2017 BBFFL draft.

Pick 13 - Will Setterfiled - Perfect pic for the way I see you shaping your list. As other have said, I'm sure you couldn't yell out his name fast enough. I think people were turned off by the fact he plays at GWS. He'll get games this is for sure, and all he needs is 1-2 good ones to possibly hold his spot longer that you'd envisaged. He'll be a regular in 2-3 years and put up great numbers.

Pick 19 - Tom Stewart - Like this pick too. I for one was really hoping he slid to me at 25. Matured body who is ready to play for the Cats. Geelong need big boys in the backline after some big departures last year. Should play regularly, just not sure how well he'll score. He may have a couple of 90+ games here and there but most scores will be around the 60-70 mark. I've got a feeling you grabbed him to maybe offload him mid season to improve your side/draft position once again.

Pick 28 - Tom Bell - YOU ARE ON FIRE!! Another great pick. To be honest I didn't even see him on the spreadsheet!! If I did, I would've grabbed him at 25. He's in the top10 at the Lions and is a proven scorer. Being a dual position just adds to the value of the pic.

Pick 31 - Harris Andrews - Not sold on this pick. Young key defenders are generally poison. I know he can play forward too, but at the Lions he'll be starved of opportunities once again. Then if he goes back, he'll be chasing tail. With this pic I would've gone a slightly higher risk route. You probably wanted a bit more back cover but that could've waited a few more pics. I probably would looked at Vickers-Willis, Barrett or even Wellingham if wanted Back coverage this early.

Pick 41- Mark Hutchings - Sorry, don't rate this pick. I know he gets games at the Eagles and has scored well in the past, I see him regressing this year with the arrival of Mitchel. Your midfield is very solid and you don't need cover. Again I would've looked for more upside. Barrett again was still there ( thanks for not taking him ;/), or Kade Stewart.

Pick 49 - Billie Smedts - This is more like it. A high risk kid with huge upside. Was touted as the next big thing a Geelong but never materialized. Injuries hurt him big time but he could always play. Should see plenty of action at the Blues and could be a real suprise packet.

Pick 52 - Shane Edwards - Meh. Just there for depth again. When Richmond struggle again this year I don't see him playing much in front of kids the need to blood for the future.

Pick 59 - Will Langford - Another nice pick. Kid just needs to stay healthy. Was best 22 a few years back and he's in their plans. With a heap of their midfield leaving he should score very well when he gets on the park.

Pick 60 - Kobe Mutch - More risks!!! I like it. Others have mentioned he's a ball magnet so I won't comment on that. Oh, I think I just did. As a fellow Dons supporter I hope he doesn't get on the park at all cause our main midfield is healthy and killing it. He may be one for the future, but I thought Alex Morgan was going to be that for me last year too and he's on the scrap heap.

Very very good draft. It's pretty handy being able to finish your draft well before round 5. I'd rate it a B+. I think your starting 18 is very very strong and you could of taking a few more risks early and then looked for cover in your last 2-3 picks, By pick 60 most coaches had only had 3-4 picks, some hadn't even started. I'm not sure you'll be able to tackles the like of Dill (vomit) or WOB this year but you could give them a scare if your guys improve quicker than expected. I've got a feeling you are more focused on next year and then a 3-5 year window you've made for yourself will strong drafted and efficient trading.


Wow vandrs! That's absolute gold and very on par with my thinking. You may have uncracked a few of my tactics and secrets too.

I will review yours later tonight when the kids are in bed.

@Crazy_Bomber when is the survey coming out?


Oops, my bad. Should've let you read it first before sending it public.


I'd like to hear how people rate my draft with mine/fog combination if anyone has time :slight_smile:


Might have time tomorrow night.

How's your mum going?