2017 FF Original discussion thread


She's been transferred to a hospital here that specialises in rehab to get her walking again. All in all she's going okay and seems in good spirits, but it's gonna be a bit of a road to get her back on her feet. But we'll get there :slight_smile:


The trade between you and fog where you landed Deledio and Griffen for Watts and a packet of chips has you in the box seat to go back-to-back. Damn you fog!


Just had an idea. Seems people are really enjoining these draft write ups from different coaches. How about before next years draft I pair up 2 random coaches and they can do 1 each? It's always good getting a different incite into how people may of drafted differently if they were coaching your team. It doesn't take long to a do a review and you don't have to be as in depth if you don't have the time. I think it'll be fun each year to do and may even strengthen the comp further.

I'm happy to work out the pairings for next year. Just like this post if you are happy to participate. Major vote rules. If you don't like it then suck it up princess!!


That's good to hear.


I say no. Keep it voluntary. There's some coaches who we're lucky to get one line out of all season so I doubt they'd be keen to do a review.

Craze used to do a list review prior to the season for those that wanted. They were always enjoyable.


@fogdog it'll be this Saturday sometime. I'll do yours if you do mine?

And don't be offended I'm usually a very harsh judge (although in fairness I reckon on about average only a few picks at best come off by end of year).

Pick 13 - Setterfield: You can't not like this pick, baffled he didn't go earlier. Yes he might not get chances early but he'll be a star in a few years, or you hope he will be. I probably would have picked him if I had a pick inside the top 5 tbh. Great start.

Pick 19 - Stewart : Not a massive fan considering what else was on the table. He might be ready to play but whether he does or not is another question, and scoring highly as a key back is rare, perhaps maybe around 60-65 and that's if he gets chances. He didn't play the last few so I'm not sure if he'll get a game Round 1 either but even if he does I couldn't see him doing much over 60odd.

Pick 28 - Bell : I like this pick, it was either him or Bell at my pick 27 but went with Membrey. I think he'll play every week, and should average about 75. It's frustrating he doesn't play more midfield because he was dynamite in his last year at Carlton.

Pick 31 - Andrews : I don't like it. Could have gone with a few more reliable defenders here that are youngish also. In a dream world he has a big jump up like Talia/Brown did after they went from 50 odd to high 60's. I could be wrong but I'm not a fan of young key backs in crappy teams tbh. I guess we'll wait and see but I'm not actually sure he's that great of a footballer either which might be an issue.

Pick 41 - Hutchings : Take it from someone who had him on his list last year, prepare to be frustrated. He went from scoring very highly (80's) and being a borderline best 22 to last year becoming just inside their best 22 as a tagger and his scoring dipped down to the high 60's. Not sure he's what you want for where you club is at, I'd have barely taken him in the 100's at midfield backup tbh. He's also an Eagles whipping boy and the inclusion of Mitchell may see him struggle for games.

Pick 49 - Smedts: I think somewhere at about 40-70 is about right. He's never been a big scorer but the fact he's at a new club and a back pushes his value up again. I was gonna pick him at 58 so I think this could be an astute pickup.

Pick 52 - Edwards - He'll be playing a lot more games than you think and that's probably a good thing. A good, value forward who can score big time on his day. Personally I still think he's best 22 and Richmond seem to love him and rate him. Reliable depth.

Pick 59 - Langford - Meh. I know he should get more midfield time and score big but everyones been saying that for years. Even when he got a good midfield crack he struggled and was in and out all year and hasn't really put it together. I'm not sure there's as much midfield room at the Hawks as people think, it's basically Lewis/Mitchell out and JOM/T Mitchell in. I think he'll remain a mostly 60's/70's inconsistent player tbh.

Pick 60 - Mutch - Literally no way of knowing if this is good or not as no one has seen him play, I know he scored well in underages but it's impossible to tell. I guess you have the patience to hang on to him as I can't see him playing in the first 6 weeks. It'll either be a delisted or a big upside pick.

Pick 67 - Cloke : One one hand he might struggle for games, but then I thought he'll get a ton of chances in that forwardline. If he maintains his average the pick is a win.

I give your drafting a C. And that's good for me because usually I'm freakin harsh.


Thanks Craze. I'll do yours too.

Oh and Stewart played all the JLT games.


He did too. Only scored 50 tho, I think that'll be around his average for this year. Maybe closer to 60.


Good assessment.

My drafting the last few years has been suspect due to lack of early picks along with travel / lack of research / work commitments so I'm hoping I've done well enough. After a few years of topping up and generally steering away from youngsters early in the draft, I thought it would be timely to do a small reset. Whether I follow the same theme next year will depend on how I go this year and who makes keepers.

From my fourth pick onwards I was looking to fill a team for round one. Very few of them would have trade value which will probably be my downfall. Then again, I'm rarely heavily active during trade period so it's not that big a loss.
I'm still a bit surprised that I took Thomas, Wright and Lester as they are usually in the free agent pool. But their JLT scoring indicated a different role from the past.

I cannot wait to get into the season. Really eager to see the results of my drafting and trading(good or bad).


My assessment of drafting by @Vandrs

Pick 4 - Hugh McCluggage
You really couldn't go wrong with this pick. Unless you're pazza. Whilst I think Taranto was the best pick of the draft, I rated McCluggage a close second. Might be as good as Heeney.

Pick 6 - Jack Scrimshaw
I don't know a heap about Scrimshaw but he does look a fairly safe pick. I personally would have gone Setterfield or SPS here but most top 10 picks will give you good return, especially in a good draft like this years was.

Pick 24 - Darcy Moore
This is where I think you can separate the good coaches from the bad. The first 10 picks in the draft are easy. The last 100 are speculative or depth. From about 20-60 there is gold to be found. But I don't think you found any with this pick. As others have said KPPs are not always the best scorers. And Moore will get the best defender every week. Even the best forwards like Franklin, Hawkins, Cameron and Kennedy can struggle so I can't see Moore averaging more than 60 over the next two years. Membrey would have been a much better prospect here.

Pick 40 - Sharrod Wellingham
Great pick and he definitely should have gone earlier. At pick 24 he wouldn't have been a surprise. I nearly pulled the trigger at 28 and 31 in fact probably regret not doing so. I've had him on my list before and know he can score big. After a full preseason and a new role he finally looks settled in the eagles best 22.

Pick 42 - Jake Barrett
Another one I considered but had him on my list for pick 60 where I took Kobe Mutch. My hesitation on Barrett is that he is a rookie and the fact they have so much young talent on their list already. I see it like McNeice on our list. A lot would have to go wrong for him to get a game.

Pick 95 - Bailey Rice
Awful selection. But let's not focus on this too much given the circumstances of the pick.

Pick 96 - Rupert Wills
A good pick but here's where I think you needed to start looking at regular 22 players and 24-28yo players that could become keepers. I think you have enough speculative and risky types on your list. I like pick 97 in Eric Hipwood but he could fall into the Darcy Moore category.

Pick 114 - Josh Thomas
If he plays, this could be your gold. He can score and impact games but I reckon he's lucky to be on the list and from what I've heard he's not in favour with the coach.

Pick 130 - Nathan Vardy
Like it. Like it a lot. I wanted to pick him up for WOB but I wasn't sure he'd want an eagle in his squad. Be prepared for quarters of scoring 40+ but then be prepared for quarters of 10 or less. Will be inconsistent but get a lot of gametime.

Pick 148 - Ethan Hughes
This is your lucky dip pick of the draft. I hope it works out for you. The last lucky dip pick I selected only lasted half a year in my squad before I dropped him to the FA pool. His name was Nat Fyfe.

Overall it was a real challenge to assess your draft. I think you selected most players at around the mark they should have gone, but I have a few question marks over whether they were the right player to add to your squad. It'll be interesting to review this at seasons end.


Here's my assessment of the drafting by Craze. It was actually quite easy to assess your draft because 7 out of your 10 players were on my list and considered at most picks.

Pick 22 - Michael Johnson
Your worst selection. I doubt many had him going top 30 or even 40. I had him considered for my last spot at my Cloke pick but you pulled the trigger early. One hammy or offield incident and it's career over.

Pick 27 - Tim Membrey
Like it. Lucky you got him when you did. I wanted him at 31 after taking Bell at 28. He won't disappoint you after being my biggest improver last season. It was between he and Charlie Curnow for my last keeper spot.

Pick 29 - Andrew Mackie
Was on my list too. I get why you took him and despite his best years and high scoring behind him, he should give you a solid 60-70 average. I hope he's just depth for your sake.

Pick 45 - Rhys Palmer
Traded for him a couple of seasons ago and he was bloody frustrating. But now that he's at the Blues his experience and leadership might get him more gametime.

Pick 58 - Garrick Ibbotson
I tried to get him, Watts and Daniher off Free Spirit two years ago. I finally got Daniher and Watts but felt Ibbotson has seen his best footy. May not be best 22 at seasons end for Freo but a good depth player.

Pick 76 - Sam Wright
Meh. Doesn't excite me nor disappoint. Wright to me is a player that gets picked early in the FA pool off the back of a good game but then has three quiet ones and gets dropped again.

Pick 116 - Tom Bellchambers
Like. Can score big. I tried to get him off Dunners a few years ago. Be it in the ruck or forward he always finds the ball and doesn't mind tackling either. Might make your keepers.

Pick 127 - Nick Robertson
I like the lions this year. I'm always a fan of taking a punt on a player that shows signs of scoring on the back of a new coach. This could be your gold and end up a keeper or nice trade bait.

Pick 155 - Jack Silvagni
I like this better than Vandrs selection of Darcy Moore. If he stays forward he will kick goals, tackle and rack up disposals. Even if he averages 40-50 I'm sure your trading Jedi mind tricks will be able to turn him into a prospective 80-100 average player.

Pick 166 - Ryan Harwood
Not sure about this. Actually I'm sure Richard Tambling would have a better chance of finding a footy in Rebel sport than Harwood does. You'll drop him in the first fortnight.

Still a strong list overall and once again you'll challenge. It took years before I finally beat you and I reckon we're in for a close one again this year.


So for starters, strikes are there as a deterant, a kick up the arse if you will that you need to lift your game owing to a repeated failure to do things (get your side in, combat 0s via FA etc). There has been concern about whether you still want to be in the competition dating back 6 months owing to the laconic way you approached the trade period - failing to return trade PMs in a timely manner (if at all), you were noted to be online and posting in other threads during this time so it isn't like you weren't on Blitz to see them - and at the end of the period you noted you couldn't muster up any enthusiasm whatsoever for the trade period.

Then you timed out twice during the draft - once during the main draft itself (6 hours) and then for your LTI pick (12 hours). As it has been years since anybody timed out once during the draft, let alone twice - this alone would've been sufficient reason to give anybody a strike.

Every single year we've run a post-draft LTI Round it has been held on Blitz and everybody else managed to take their pick on Blitz.

Your account gives me pause for a couple of reasons:

  1. "selections only appeared on the website when Dunlop entered them in" - that right there ought to tell you the LTI section isn't being held on UF, but secondly if you're aware that I'm taking picks for people, shouldn't you have told me you wanted Scott Thompson? The first I (and possibly everyone else) knew you'd picked Scott Thompson was after reading your post. You posted on March 13, only a few posts after my post to Blummers about you timing out and never mentioned Thompson.

  2. "I didn't know that it was my turn to select because Blummer's last selection had not been put into UF yet". Whilst the statement is irrelevant as the draft was taking place on Blitz, the last part is very interesting though as instead of you blaming a delay in inputting Blummers's first selection (Darcy Gardiner), you're putting the blame on the delay in me inputting Blummers's last pick (Darcy Cameron)...that "delay" as it were, was Blummers waiting around for you to take your LTI pick, which you never did.

  3. All players went into waiver mode post-draft which you are very familiar with from Fantasy Hockey. Let us assume for a millisecond you took Thompson before Blummers 2nd pick. When it said next to Thompsons's name Restricted FA (Mar 14) and it would've said before you confirmed it that it was a waiver claim and wouldn't be processed until March 14 (this being March 12) - how did you think Blummers was going to be informed it was his pick? Why didn't you get on here and inform Blummers it was his pick like he did for you? Or inform me so I could relay the message to Blummers?

As for why I didn't PM you, well given your past history of responding to them, I thought this might prove more efficient :wink:

RE: Scott Thompson, I said that if you didn't take a pick on here before Blummers took his last pick (Darcy Cameron), you would have to take your LTI replacement via foggy FA's - so Thompson has been returned to the FA pool and you will have to reapply for him via foggy.

You can ask @fogdog for exact details regarding the first foggy FAs™ for the season, but based on previous year I believe it'll be held on the evening of Wednesday March 29.


Averaged 73 in VFL last year. He may not reach those heights but I think he'll score better than you expect.

Btw, are you likely to be distributing the usual pre-season Q before Rd 1?


A few posts up mate on my draft review to foggy I said they'll be sent out Saturday.


Meh. What the hell - I open up my drafting to the gleeful vivisection of the Blitz establishment.

Hoping for Dill...

2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread

Cheers. Thought fog was referring to something else. My bad.

Seeing I'm now up to Essendon for the injury lists, does anybody know how Alex Morgan is tracking - pre-season did the ankle and then....crickets.


Alex Morgan - Spudiness - Indefinite


Yes, its my turn to try to (poorly) justify my picks and cop the insults! :grin:

Pick 2. Tim Taranto (GWS)

This pick speaks for itself really. Best player in the draft in my opinion and feel that he would have gone Number 1 if it weren't for the Essendon factor (with McGrath). Already looks like an accomplished footballer and is as tough as nails. GWS will be a tough squade to get into, but i can see him slotting into a forward pocket come Round 1.

Pick 38. Braydon Preuss (North Melbourne)

Watched him in the JLT and Braydon is an imposing figure. Still learning the game (ex-Rugby) but he is a big unit who can take a grab and a good kick on him. Needed to fill a ruck, and with Braydon's dual-position (R,F) is an added bonus. Will slot in with the 3 other R,F i have in my squad (Vickery, Ryder and Campbell). Will play games this year and relief ruck for Goldstein.

Pick 56. #Zach Guthrie (Geelong)

Purely a peculative pick (as a rookie) and banking on him being upgraded early (potential LTI replacement for Gregson). Looks like a stick insect, but had a knack of getting his hands on the ball. Had a very good JLT, but did not make the final team in Geelong's win over us last weekend. Prepared to be patient with this Zach.

Pick 74. Dean Towers (Sydney)

Needed a solid forward who is good for a consistent 60-90 FF points and with a dual-position (C,F) is an added bonus. Glad to have him available at Pick 74 as he will be in the Swans best 22 this year. Towers joins fellow Swans Hannebery, Hewett and draftee Smith at the topdonkey's this season.

Pick 92. Ben Howlett (Essendon)

Another one of this solid picks that may be on the fringes at Essendon, but is a decent scoring back-up who also plays a dual-position (C,F). I will be hoping that Ben gets a start early in the year and can hold his spot. There will be players knocking down the door, so a couple of bad performances and he might struggle to get back in.

Pick 110. Aaron vandenBerg (Melbourne)

Another similar player to Howlett. As you can see, trying to address some lack of experience. My side was exposed last year with injury to senior players. Have heard that he may have stress fractures but this doesn't show on any injury list. vandenberg will be a good, solid contributor when fit.

Pick 126. Tom Campbell (Western Bulldogs)

Injured big man who is capable of scoring 100+. Will be a good back-up option (when fit), and at 25, is heading into his prime. May take some time to brak back into the Bulldogs side, but i am willing to wait.

Pick 144. Nick Smith (Sydney)

Defensive version of Dean Towers. A good, solid back who is currently in the Swan's best 22.

Pick 160. Nathan Krakouer (Port Adelaide)

See Krakouer as a small upgrade on Impey (who i delisted pre-draft). Another medium scoring back that will be used in a back-up capacity (as long as my squad remains fit). Still in Port's best 22, so will be called upon during the season (if only for 50 FF points).

Pick 174. Josh Hill (West Coast)

Thought Josh has a pretty good JLT series from what i saw. Looked lively and hope will play most games for West Coast. But with them looking so dangerous this season, there is no certainties.

LTI Replacement Round: Pick 182. Dean Gore (Adelaide)

Couldn't believe Gore was available at this pick. Played senior football last season in the SANFL and looks ready to play seniors. As a pure C, may struggle to break into the Crow's (and topdonkey's) midfield. But when he does, i think he'll be keeper by the end of the season. Wrapped with this one,

topdon's topdonkeys (Best 22):

B - J.Smith (74.9) Gibson (80.9) Murphy (78.3)
B - McDonald (76.7) Tarrant (72.5) Simpson (97.8)
C - Greenwood (81.9) Wines (100.6) Dunstan (72.0)
R - Sheed (72.0) Vickery (53.1) Taranto (68.7)
F - Towers (69.2) Fasolo (68.7) Garlett (60.6)
F - Ryder (77.0) Hannebery (109.4) S.Selwood (84.3)

E - Hewett C/F (57.0) Green F (59.9) N.Smith B (58.6) Francis B/F (56.5)

Moving to the USA in a couple of months, so its going to be interesting trying to keep on track with all te foot goss, but i have paid for Watch AFL and will watch as many shows as possible (an promise to wake the neighbours on match days!!)

Good luck everyone. Looking forward to the season,


Thought I'd do something different...
Here's what I think were the best picks from each round.

Pick 7. wezza - Christian Salem (Melbourne)
Salem shouldn't have been in the draft. He'll easily be the highest scoring defender of the draft this year and will be a high scoring defender.
Unless he gets crippled with injury, I cannot see him being available in a draft anytime soon.

Pick 25. wezza - Ben Keays (Brisbane)
He probably isn't a popular choice, but I think he's going to be a DT gun. He'll definitely transition into Brisbane's midfield but in the meantime he's a FC and will be very handy.
Tom Bell was a very close second.

Pick 40. Vandrs - Sharrod Wellingham (West Coast)
He'll challenge Salem for the highest scoring defender. Salem has more upside and longevity. Wellingham isn't too old and should have a good three or four years to go. Great pick. Cannot believe other top four teams overlooked him.

Pick 58. Crazy Bomber - Garrick Ibbotson (Fremantle)
This wasn't a very strong round but Ibbotson is a good pick. I think he does have the capacity to at least average 75 if not more. He isn't too old either so he could have a few years left in him.

Pick 79. wezza - Karl Amon (Port Adelaide)
JLT form was positive. I was going to take him with my next pick. If he keeps developing and gets some midfield time, he'll be a very handy FC for a while. If he doesn't get 10 games this year (especially if Port sack Hinkley) then he should look for opportunities at another club before he stagnates and misses out on his opportunity.

Pick 97. Jefferson - Eric Hipwood (Brisbane)
Others in this round will score better this year, but I think Hipwood could actually be a good scoring KP player eventually. There were small flashes of a young Scott Lucas in his JLT games (maybe it was the left foot). Not sure he'll develop as good as Lucas, but it's a worthwhile gamble. He's in Brisbane's best 22 but won't score high as he's just too slim and will be pushed around by bigger defenders.

Pick 122. Windy Dill - Shaun McKernan (Essendon)
Looks to be the best pick given he'll get a chance straight away. He might even play himself into the best 22 when Looney comes back. Jack Sinclair a close second.

Pick 142. Stoops - Jed Anderson (North Melbourne)
It might sound strange that I pick Anderson given I had three picks in this round and drafted two forwards ahead of him, but he does have some upside and will have a lot of opportunity at North if he every gets fit. I actually didn't realise he was in the draft pool, but if he gets fit, I think it's a very nice pick. So what if he's injury prone, if he comes good, it's a great pick this late, if he doesn't, then a pick hasn't really been wasted.
Zac Fisher a close second, but think he'll take longer to consistently get games.

Pick 155. Crazy Bomber - Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
Even though I took Linday Thomas one pick before Silvagni and think Lindsay will score better and more consistently this year, Silvagni looks to be the better choice. I don't know if he'll every be good enough to play midfield often enough to be a DT gun, he'll be in Carlton's best 22 and could be a very good medium sized forward like LeCras.

Pick 163. Jefferson - #Mason Cox (Collingwood)
Oddly enough, I think this big American could actually be a decent DTer. He won't be the second coming of Sandilands, but could score as well as Ben Brown or Rhys Stanley even if he doesn't get full time ruck duties. He's a monty to be upgraded and he can clunk a good mark and is a decent kick. Athletically he's great for his size as well. Very good pick here.


Thanks for the review @fogdog, love it! I enjoy hearing feedback from coaches, always varies depending on how they themselves draft (ie top or bottom) I think. Can't disagree with most of what you said, although I think you're undervaluing Wright a bit. Averaged over 71 from his 2015 season (most recent full year) and was clearly one of North's best defenders and has serious talent. His last year was wrecked with ankle injuries. Johnson is a risk but a risk worth taking, if he plays a full year he'll be the highest averaging back of the draft. You might be right about Harwood, but I'm holding onto the fact that he'll at least get games and could be a decent scorer like he was a few years ago when he got a decent run. I'm not holding out big hope for him.

And yeah nah, not quite sure I get this love in for Wellingham. Last year 8/18 games he scored 60 or less including 5 scores in the 30's and 1 in the 40's and that's from full game time. His best average in the past 4 years was around what Dunn averages. I know he scored well in the JLT but...a thousand others have before and they've all failed. I don't see where Wellingham is going to jump up 20 points as an average.

@topdon I'm not sure Towers is a much a lock as you think in the Swans' best 22. I had him last year and he is very much a whipping boy and gets dropped often, their fans can get quite nasty with him. He scores big and can rack the ball up, but like Hutchings is in and out quickly and often, as he can make some shocking disposals but also have 20 possessions and 2 goals the next and still get dropped the week after.