2017 FF Original discussion thread


@Crazy_Bomber I guess i will ride the Towers wave this year. But with Hewett looking more of a best 22 lock for the Swans, he is a more than handy replacement. :slight_smile:


The new messaging system is making things difficult to message people without bringing up old conversations, so I'll just post the QA in here and if people could message me back your answers (that means clicking on my profile, clicking message and then copy and paste the QA in with your answers), Please don't reply your answers in this thread, and please don't do what someone did last year and group message me with everyone their answers. I'll post the results when everyone has messaged me their answers. Thanks!

FF Section:

  1. Who will win our FF Premiershp?

  2. Who will be our FF runner-up?

  3. Who will win our FF wooden spooner?

  4. Who will win our FF Brownlow medal?

  5. Which team from outside the top 8 will be this years bolter/biggest improver?

  6. Which team from inside the top 8 will be the biggest slider?

  7. What (if any) team do you think is in for years of continuing/coming pain at the bottom?

  8. What team do you think needs improving the most?

  9. Which coach do you think needs to improve their FF contribution?

  10. Which player from your team will be the big improver? (first year draftees like McGrath don't count)

  11. Which player from your team is on the decline?

  12. If you could have a gun player from another team, what position would you want him in/. (ie. ruck)

  13. Would you like more, less or the same amount of position poll periods during the season?

  14. Would you like more, less or the same amount of trade periods in the season?

  15. Should we increase, decrease or keep the same prize money? (increased prize money means higher entrants fees)

  16. Who do you think drafted the best? (can be yourself)

  17. What team do you think needs the biggest shakeup/take the biggest risks to get away from being just mediocre/poor?

  18. Which coach do you want to the premiership? (other than yourself)

  19. Which coach do you least want to win the premiership?

  20. Do you think this comp needs improving in any way? suggestions?

AFL Section (optional)

  1. Who will win the premiership?

  2. Who will win the wooden spoon?

  3. Who will be the biggest bolter?

  4. Where will Essendon finish and how many games will we win?

  5. How many goals will Daniher kick?

  6. Who'll win more Brownlow votes, Heppell, Zerrett or Watson?

  7. Brownlow winner?

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Do we have the final ladder positions listed somewhere?


Fark me...
This messaging system is crap.
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I'm planning on redoing the Hall of Fame thread giving access to everyone stats on the new Blitz website, I'm just getting my head around the coding aspects and formatting of the new Blitz.

A handy trick to find last years ladder (or any year) is just revisit the old UF bookmark for each year (this was last years):

Then click on ladder and you can see everything.


Cheers thanks Crazy.

helps with filling out a few of the questions.


Oh yeah, and can we give exact finishing positions for the answers pls? I'm getting a few "10-14th" and "7-11" wins for the year, type answers. If people are gonna be so broad then the results will be basically: 18 people think we're gonna finish somewhere in the 6th-17th range and 18 people think we're gonna win between 3 and 14 games. That also applies to giving more than 2 answers to a question - ( ie. which coach has the most gorgeous eyes? wimm, vandrs,westozzie, blummers, windy). Please try and stick to two answers per question max otherwise the whole thing becomes way too broad.


I have the the most gorgeous eyes anyway.......der. Easy question


Oops my bad on the range particularly with Essendon's finishing spot and number of wins. I did give a more exact number for number of goals Joey kicks though.


Pick 21 - Oliver Florent SY - C,F
Junior numbers don't standout, but he was probably the most credentialed player available at this pick. Gallucci would have been another option, and it would have been a toss of the coin between those two if I had this pick.

Pick 46 - Rohan Bewick BL - C,F
I'm not sure what you see in him to be honest. He's never won much of the ball, typically he plays as a pressure forward, and he's 27. Maybe you know of a change in role that I'm not aware of.

Pick 54 - Kade Stewart HW - C,F
I like this pick, and I wouldn't be surprised if Stewart establishes a permanent position in Hawthorn's senior team.

Pick 57 - Michael Close BL - R,F
Key forwards rarely score well in this competition, and Close is a poor scorer by key forward standards. I would have been looking at Parfitt or Mutch if thinking long-term, Cloke and Wright if looking for a regular senior player, and Jordan Roughead if a dual-position ruck was needed.

Pick 81 - Lynden Dunn CW - B
I think he will play and return decent scores most weeks.

Pick 82 - Dylan Clarke ES - C
Good speculative pick up. Junior ball magnet who likes to tackle, but you probably will need to be patient before you see a return on your investment.

Pick 93 - David Astbury RI - B
I suppose he will get games.

Pick 99 - Daniel Robinson SY - C,F
Very good value. I think he is a chance of establishing himself this season, and I think he will score well if he does.

Pick 119 - Ryan Schoenmakers HW - B,F
His dual-position status could provide flexibility on the bench, but I think perhaps you've loaded up on too many safe middling players, and could have grabbed a couple more high risk/high return types like O'Brien and Fisher.

Pick 120 - Jack Sinclair SK - C,F
I think he will struggle for games, and if he does play, it will be as a pressure forward.

Overall a solid draft. I'm not sure a third and fourth rounder for Bewick and Close is good value, as I reckon both would have been available late in the draft. Robinson in the sixth round is your best value pick in my opinion, followed by Clarke in the fifth round. I think perhaps you went a bit safe in an effort to provide cover and one or two more speculative high ceiling picks should have been considered.

2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread

Bewick was playing off a wing and sweeping up across half back during JLT. His scores were very good. Higher than normal.
Seems to be fitting into the Brisbane game plan a lot better than others.


I agree with Windy, don't see much value with Bewick. He's never averaged big and I can't see it even with a new coach unless Beams/Rockliff and others step aside for him to get more midfield time. I know some players do improve with new coaches but I can't see it with him, he just doesn't get enough of the ball and no amount of meaningless JLT games we convince me. Too many coaches get burnt by these pre-season games.


@Windy_Dill want to tear my drafting to shreds? It would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I'd be happy to look at yours if you can return the favour.


Deal! I'll get to it overnight your time :slight_smile:


Notice: Foggy FA night will be Wednesday nights kicking off next Wednesday 29 March 2017.

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For those of us who are quite new around here:

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Pick 14 - Sam Petrevski-Seton CA - C,F
I would've done exactly this if in your position. I reckon he will get plenty of chances, and may even play R1 despite missing the preseason.

Pick 15 - Sam Powell-Pepper PA - C,F
Again, I can't fault this pick. He looked like an animal in preseason and ready to go. I would've considered Perryman with this pick considering your list profile, but I think Powell-Pepper is a chance of playing back anyway and gaining defender status.

Pick 32 - Ed Vickers-Willis NM - B
I was hoping he would slip to my pick at 34, and regret not taking him and 30. I think this is a great value pick. So far, I think you've hit it out of the park.

Pick 50 - Griffin Logue FR - B
I can understand you taking the punt considering Logue went at pick 8 in the National Draft, but I'm always wary of drafting key defenders, even if highly rated. I would've taken Parfitt, Mutch or Stewart with this pick.

Pick 68 - Jackson Nelson WC - B,C
I've only seen him do lock-down roles in defence and run-with roles in the middle. Perhaps a more attacking role awaits, but I don't see it happening.

Pick 78 - Josh Cowan GE - B,C
Chris Scott likes him. I'm not too sure, even putting aside his injury issues. But I think he will play if his body stays sound, and a player with defensive status eligibility who is likely to get AFL midfield minutes is probably a good selection.

Pick 86 - Heath Grundy SY - B
If you're looking for someone who is going to play every week, you've got what you wanted. I think he will retire at the end of the year, and is unlikely to return good scores.

Pick 104 - Dan Houston PA - F
Never seen him play, and what I've read indicates that he is unlikely to score well in fantasy footy if he does make it off the rookie list.

Pick 121 - Neville Jetta ME - B
Solid pick. He will play every week, and he is gradually expanding his offensive game each season. I wouldn't be surprised to see him average 70 if Melbourne are resurgent and he gets his confidence up. which is pretty good value for a seventh rounder.

Pick 138 - Zac Fisher CA - C,F
Speculative pick, but potentially one of the best value buys of the draft. I had him in mind for my next selection because he has played senior WAFL footy, his history suggests that he knows how to find the ball, and getting a game at Carlton shouldn't be beyond him this season.

Overall I think you've done very well out of this draft. Your first three selections in SPS, SPP and Vicker-Willis are all potential long-termers. I wouldn't have had Logue, Nelson, Grundy and Houston on my radar, but think the Cowan and Jetta should provide you with solid defensive cover. Fisher at 138 could be considered an inspired selection before the close of this season. His U18 Champs stats compare well with the likes of McGrath, SPS and Brodie. I suspect recruiters were put off by his size, but that didn't stop Caleb Daniel and Luke Dalhaus from becoming excellent FF prospects (and Premiership players).

2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread

I’ll send you a pm tonight about it.


Speaking of reminders: Usual rules for Round 1 apply - Carlton & Tigers players only will lock at game time tomorrow night, the rest of the squad will lock at the commencement of the Friday game.