2017 FF Original discussion thread


And either be suspended or injured next week.


Waite said shut your clams as he lets out a lazy 150


Kruezer says for you to shut, UP.


Riley Knight says for all of you guys...
Never mind...
Carry on...


Only saw the second half, but other than Lewis Taylor* I can't recall seeing a player that has gone from confident in their own game to utterly headfucked by a coach within the space of 6 months as Kerridge. His workrate was exceptional though and I think he'll rate very high for pressure acts, so with Smedts certainly being jettisoned before him and other youngsters they may manage he might retain his spot - it was a much better game than the one he turned in against Essendon at least.

Williamson showed signs of being a little crispy, so we'll rest him next week

  • I'm referring to Lepptisch rather than Fagan.


I thought I was a genius recruiting Smedts. How wrong I was. I should have listened to what @Blummers32 said about him!

He is hideous. How the Cats supporters thought he was the next Bob Murphy is beyond me. Absolutely petrified of any physical contact.


I thought it was a good move. I thought with a new environment he would go fairly well. He has been a Cruncha before and I strongly considered reacquiring him.


Riley Knight, Robbie Gray and Jon Giles give you a combined...
Carry on...


I didn't consider him at all.
I always consider him a better forward than a defender.
I also didn't see much upside or reversal of previous form. At best, he might be my 6th defender or a bench option. Bit in all likelihood, he'd need to sit on the bench or outside the 22 until he begins scoring well enough.
If he showed something half decent at JLT, I would have considered him with one of my last two picks. But others were more worthy.


you have some scores on your bench. Thompson will never do that again


watching this game is conflicting me. Caddy finally getting a run through the middle but they are screwing Dunkley making him ruck again


I like my hrovat trade


Of course Menegola scores 108 as a late in and isn't even in my 22 and Rance has his best score all year the first week I drop him.


Absolutely terrible day from us today.

Sam Gibson just does enough week to week but a mid 70s score is not good enough.
Todd Goldstein looks to be slowly working back into his normal self with a high 90s score.
Riley Knight was ■■■■■■ terrible.
Jamie Elliott had his best game of the season with a low 90s score. Very happy with that.
Sam Butler was disappointing, but wasn't that far off what I expect of him.
Jon Giles was useless. He's going to be very lucky to hold his spot on the list by next week.
Robbie Gray was next to Jon Giles! That's his second sub 40 score this year.
Corey Ellis looked off the pace of AFL footy. He'll need to perform better than that over the next fortnight.
Jack Riewoldt has continued on with his career year.
Brandon Matera did just okay. Nothing special.
Jarrod Harbrow continued his best season to date.
Zach Tuohy continued his dominant form this year.
Mitch Duncan continued on his merry way as well.
Aaron Black did a touch better than what was expected of him with a mid 70s score.

Overall, I've caught @Awesome_Scotty on a week where he hasn't exactly scored at his best and the team has really let an opportunity slip. 1400 to 1450 was the target and that would have been enough to scare Neela, but we look like scoring something close to 1350. If ANB doesn't play, I'll be lucky to crack past 1300. If ANB and Newman are out, then I might just scrape past 1250.
The team has peaked early this year and I think we've run into our first rough patch of the season. Hopefully we snap out of it before the bye rounds, otherwise, I can see a top 4 opportunity slipping away and a potential top 8 spot in jeopardy.

On the plus side...
Jack Lonie smashed VFL so he shouldn't be too far away from getting a game in the Saints senior team. He was very close to being delisted last week out of necessity, but this performance gives him an extra week's grace.
Luke Ryan got through his second WAFL game so he might be a few weeks away from a debut.
Wallis and Biggs got through their VFL games too so hopefully they push for selection soon.



And what the hell is Brodie Smith doing? Absolute tripe.

Dunlop will run over the top of me. 3 scores under 43 has killed my chances.


Would have been a good chance of winning if Birchall didn't get himself injured on 19 early in the first. That's two games running now I've had players injured pre-20!


lost Vlastuin last night early in the second on belter and Dunkley early in the last. Both with shoulders and leaving my thin defense practically naked.


Rockliff just destroyed me.

I do still hold a slim lead though. Need Gleeson to have a better day to secure it


■■■ I might actually win a game!


So to win I need Goddard to outscore Hurley by 32 for the second half 63 for the match. Could be a chance as it is 21 at the moment. It will make it a game within a game to watch. Now if only I can get my live pass to work.