2017 FF Original discussion thread



Can I LTI Devon Smith please? @Dunlop

WTH are they doing at training? TRAINING???!??!?!


Make sure you PM me directly. Simply putting people on the watch list a few weeks back does not count. So far I've had a few in but nowhere near the amount that was on the watch lists.


I'm scared for you. You'll be updating the record books after this game.


@Dunlop Can I please LTI Lincoln McCarthy? Don't know how i missed that...


LTI Requests

@Vandrs - Approved
@Jefferson - Denied. Last week Geelong announced the surgery with a return date of 8 weeks, this week in their injury report they had him under their "medium term" category which is equal to 3-6 weeks away. You needed to get in last week.

Whilst the AFL's version of their injury list has him as 8 weeks out, their version is rubbish for the following reasons:
- Timm House returned from his hip injury 3 weeks ago and has played every week since - the AFL's version however have never removed him from the injury list, his test for a hip injury has rolled over every week.
- Lists Joel Cowan as a test, compared to the Cats listing him as "short term" (their equivalent of 1-2 weeks). The only player Geelong said was a test this week was Henderson
- Corey Gregson is 3-4 weeks away according to the AFL, compared to Geelong who have him grouped with Parfitt as "long term" or 7+ weeks


Great see Scott Selwood score a lazy 119 in his 1st game of the season. Not so great that he is sitting on my bench. :frowning:


I think Blummers will be quietly pleased with Duncan.


Very happy with Duncan. He's a gun. Big game with 169.
Zac Tuohy continued his very good season with a mid 90s score.
Mitch Wallis with a similar score, but unless there is a late out, that score will be stuck on the bench.

Your bye averages are going to make it tough for me to get the win. Think I'm on pace for 1440 which is probably around 50 behind what you're looking like scoring.
My chances rest with hoping that Ward and Gibson score anything more than their average and whether Butler anything around mid 60s.
Lucky for me, I should have 18 scorers after de Boer comes into the 22 for GWS in place of Smith.
Think it'll be a close one.


1440 will probably be 70 too much for me, I reckon.



Nick Smith has spudded it up recently. Drop him to the bench, scores 101. Damn!! Now have 2 X 100+ scorers on the bench who are unlikely to have their scores count. Might go out and break Gibson's legs before the game tonight.



Close game this week! Struggling against 17th on the list.

And oh my Greenwood, what a debut.


Position Poll nominations opened end of last round to start of this round? Crap, missed it!


An indifferent day from my guys.

Newman smashed it for the second straight week. If he gets dropped any time in the next month, then the Swans are just tanking,
Matt deBoer scored a solid mid 70s. Don't think he'll get dropped on the back of that game.
Callan Ward continues to frustrate. Another score below 70. His third for the year. I'm going to have to play Wallis ahead of him next week.
Jack Riewoldt did enough to get by.
A warm welcome to Dayne Beams. He makes a huge difference to my midfield. Gun.
Ryan Lester continues to surprise. He's been an inspired pick who is closer to being a keeper than being delisted (something I didn't think I'd be saying when I picked him in the draft).
Paparone puts up another poor effort. Hopefully he turns it around soon.
Darcy Gardner did what was expected of him. Regardless, he'll find himself on the scrap heap soon.
Jamie Elliott did well enough to score 80. If that's his average this year, I'd be very happy.

I'm on target for a 1420 odd score (assuming ANB doesn't play tomorrow). From my calcs, @wimmera1 is looking like scoring around 1400. Game is still in the balance.

In other news...
Darcy Cameron has saved himself a spot on our list for another few weeks with his performance in NEAFL last night.
Jack Lonie was average in VFL today. He's going to find it lucky to still be on the team before the bye rounds.
Aaron Black was underwhelming in the VFL. He's unlikely to still be on the list in a few weeks time.
Atley keeps motoring on in SANFL but it doesn't look like he'll crack the Port team for a while. At this point, taking him with my first pick was a mistake, but he'll have a bit more time.
Shane Biggs did well, but I think he's in Bevo's doghouse. I'm surprised he hasn't even made it as an emergency.
Luke Ryan looks a beauty in WAFL. Hopefully he's not too far away from a debut.

I've only made 8 of the 30 changes (I'm usually closer to 13 to 15 around this time of the year) so I think I'll be hitting free agency period pretty hard over the next month. Have given some of these guys enough time to show something and that faith hasn't been returned.


I did post they were open last Sunday.

Voting on polls should hopefully only take a week, leading into...

Trade Period:
Begins: Start of Round 10
Closes: Beginning of Round 12


Loving Zaka being back.


Hartley with 101 on the bench. Ouch.


Not following with a calculator, but I think both Blummers and i have exceeded expectations.
Blummers a little moreso, and looks comfortable to the untrained eye.


For the 5th time this year, a player injured early in the game. This time Newnes gets injured a few mins and and out on just 10 points. Fml.