2017 FF Original discussion thread


Hope everything is okay mate.


Congrats Dill, thoroughly deserved! Commiserations AS, you had a great year too.


When it rains it pours.

Seriously you have had a top season Neela just didn’t quite get it done but you must be pretty happy with how your squad improved.


Yeah Neela is going to be a force for a while. Can load right up with 2 * 1st round picks too.


WD and AS, send me your banking details when you get a chance and I’ll transfer you your prize money.


We held our B&F this weekend.

Summary below…
Winner - Mitch Duncan (153 votes)
We expected improvement from him when we traded for him and he has been nothing short of exemplary for us.

Runner Up - Dayne Beams (117 votes)
This season showed how much we missed Beams last season. At worst, he’ll get 90, at best he’ll score 150. A true DT ■■■■.

Rising Star…
Winner - Nick Newman
He is highly rated from within the club. So much so that we held onto him for a full season whilst on the Sydney rookie list and even held a keeper spot for him. He’s a key contributor to this team’s improvement this season and very important piece to our backline in the coming few years.

Runner Up - Luke Ryan
We were willing to take him with our first pick in the draft but were very pleased when he slipped to our third round pick. He’s a definite keeper and he showed that he is capable of scoring very well. As with Newman, he’ll be a very important piece of my backline over the next few years.

Most Improved…
Winner - Alex Neal-Bullen
He was a very strategic late draft pick who I thought would improve. He tired late in the season, but was amongst the best forwards in the game through his first month of the season.

Runner Up - Mitch Duncan
It’s rare that the B&F winner is also amongst the most improved. He really became premium DT scorer.

Most Consistent Performer…
Winner - Mitch Duncan
He was amazingly consistent. His lowest score of 91 was better than all but one of his other teammates scoring average across the season.

Runner Up - Jack Viney
He had a poor season compared to last season, but that was mainly on the back of struggling with injuries (both early and late in the season). Whilst his scoring average was down, his worst score of 64 came when he got injured and most other weeks he was still dependable for around 70 to 80 whilst carrying injuries. Injury free, he’ll really be a key component to next year’s team.

Best Forward…
Winner - Mitch Duncan
He carried the forward line all season. His move into the midfield will be seamless. Hopefully I can find a solid scoring replacement.

Runner Up - Brandon Matera
It’s safe to say that a lot of patience has been given to Matera and prior to this season, the faith shown on him wasn’t returned. He definitely became an important piece of the team this season and we look forward to some more improvement over the next few seasons.

Best Midfielder…
Winner - Dayne Beams
Was our best midfielder all year. Gun.

Runner Up - Callan Ward
He had a terrible start to the season. His final 10 weeks of the season was akin to the form we became to expect over the last four years.

Best Defender…
Winner - Zach Tuohy
He’s been with the club for all but one year of his career and this season he went from an above average DT defender to become a dependable DT defender. Very much a valued member of the backline and we hope he continues his scoring over the coming years.

Runner Up - Nick Newman
Great debut season. Not much more can be said of him.

Best Free Agent Performer…
Winner - Sean Darcy
Going into the draft, we were hoping to find the next Goldstein successor. Sean was a possible option, but we felt he was a year or two away. Seeing him score positively at WAFL and Sandiland’s injuries pop up again, we felt he was worth the gamble. We now have our future ruckman secured and we’re confident he will be perform admirably over his career.

Runner Up - Jon Griffin
A special mention to Jon. He was a keeper with us quite some time ago and for memory, he’s won the luckless achiever award as he waited his time on the bench Goldstein. He was picked up prior to the finals victory against Windy Dill. Without him, we would have lost that game.

Best Draft Pick Performer…
Winner - Alex Neal-Bullen
In a strong draft year, he was by far the best scorer of my draft batch and instantly found a spot in our best 18.

Runner Up - Luke Ryan
It took quite some time for him to debut, but the wait was worth it. He looks to be a very good scoring defender.

Best Traded Performer…
Winner - Mitch Duncan
We were surprised to be able to get Mitch Duncan. Cannot recall what we gave up for him, but whatever it was, he’s been worth it.

Runner Up - Jamie Elliott
He’s returning from injury so we expect a lot more of him over the coming few years.

Best Finals Performer…
Winner - Mitch Duncan
Wasn’t best on ground in either of the games, but was instrumental in both games.

Runner Up - Dayne Beams
Played poorly against Windy but smashed it in the game against Neela. Without him, we’d seriously struggle big time through the midfield.

Clubman Award…
Winner - Sam Gibson
Played every game of the season and whilst he was a little inconsistent, he still was very important to the midfield.

Runner Up - Todd Goldstein
Had a rough end to the season with wild form drops and injuries, but he still provided debate over team selection weekly. I think he’s been run down after years of being the one out ruckman and he’ll find the off season welcoming and return back to his high standard next season.

Luckless Achiever Award…
Winner - Ben Kennedy
He must have done something to Goodwin’s good stuff. Was continually BOG at VFL level, accumulated massive numbers yet could barely get named as an emergency. We’ve held onto him since drafting him and we’ve run out of patience as that’s now two coaches that would prefer him playing at VFL than in seniors.

Runner Up - Harley Bennell
After waiting two long seasons, he finally got on the park late in the season. We weren’t expecting much but his quarter time score of 33 drew a bit of a ’People’s Elbow’ type raised eyebrow. Hopefully he has a cracking pre-season and can became another piece to the forward line puzzle we traded him for.

Team of the Year…
Alex Neal-Bullen, Jack Riewoldt, Brandon Matera
Mitch Duncan, Ryan Lester, Robbie Gray
Todd Goldstein, Dayne Beams, Robbie Gray
Riley Knight, Callan Ward, Sam Gibson
Zach Tuohy, Luke Ryan, Nic Newman
Jarrod Harbrow, Nick Haynes, Shane Biggs
Bench - Marco Paparone, Jamie Elliott, Sam Butler, Sean Darcy

Trade Period Prospects…
We will be as active as the last three seasons during trade period trying to get trades completed. I’ve probably got three or four players outside my keeper list that I wouldn’t mind hanging on to. We’re planning a bit of a ‘refresh’ of the list but won’t necessarily push players out the door for peanuts.

Draft Prospects…
We currently have all of our own draft picks inside the first five rounds so we’ll be looking to strengthen our draft position where possible. After last season’s strong drafting performance, I’m confident I’ll snag a couple of good players through the draft.

Next Seasons Prospects…
I’m aiming for another finals finish. That should make it 5 seasons in a row for memory.
We’re definitely not a bottom eight side, so I should remain competitive. Gaining a fully fit Bennell will help me maintain a spot in the 8. On top of that, the expected improvement from Jamie Elliott, Alex Neal-Bullen, Jack Viney, Callan Ward as well as more consistency from Matera, Mitch Wallis, Shane Biggs, Tuohy and Haynes along with the continued development of Luke Ryan, Nic Newman, Sean Darcy and Riley Knight should ensure I don’t slip down the ladder too far.


When does trade season open up?

Haha, we tore out about 2 foot of drywall all around the house downstairs today.


I like the first half of this post.
Pretty sure it started in October last year, maybe the week after GF?


Yep, I think that makes sense. Can’t wait, there’s a few directions to go!


Alright, I know trade period hasn’t kicked off officially yet but some food for thought. I will break my team into three catagories. Untouchable, Required and Available. I am not moving on my untouchables. They are the base of my premiership winning side next season. My required players would generally require overs.

One of Wright or Walker will be traded as with NicNat back next season I don’t need that level of depth. Both produced strong seasons and will get better. Walker’s second half of the season was very strong and he looks to be the Lions ruck going forward.

The Available players are open and prices will vary as a couple of those need to make up my keepers depending on trades and the like.


Andy McGrath
Alex WItherden
Nat Fyfe
Jared Polec
Dyson Heppell
Josh Dunkley
Angus Brayshaw
Josh Kelly
Dayne Zorko
Ryan Burton
Nic Naitanui


Josh Caddy
Peter Wright
Josh Walker
Jimmy Webster
Nick Vlastuin
Nick Robertson
Ed Langdon


Lee Spurr
Mitchell Hibberd
Jackson Thurlow
Chris Masten
Cedric Cox
Harrison Wigg
Mitch Hannan
Mark Baguley
Joel Hamling
Claye Beams
Bailey Rice
Paul Puopolo
Jed Lamb



I can’t find an Emoji to adequately describe how this makes me feel.


Trade period or Dry wall?


Proposed 2018 Positions

Abbott, Ryan R
Ablett, Gary C
Acres, Blake FC
Adams, Marcus FB -> B
Adams, Taylor C
Ah Chee, Brendon FC
Ah Chee, Callum F
Ahern, Paul FC
Ainsworth, Ben FC
Aish, James C
Aliir, Aliir B
Allen, Matthew F
Allison, Jacob FC
Ambrose, Patrick FB -> B
Amon, Karl FC
Anderson, Jed FC
Andrews, Harris B
Apeness, Michael FR
Armitage, David C
Astbury, Dave B
Atkins, Rory FC -> C
Atley, Joe C
Atley, Shaun B
Austin, Logan B
Baguley, Mark B
Balic, Harley FC
Ballantyne, Hayden F
Barlow, Michael FC
Barrass, Tom B
#Barrett, Jake C -> FC
Bastinac, Ryan C
Batchelor, Jake B
Battle, Josh F
Bayok, Tarir # FC
Beams, Claye B -> CB
Beams, Dayne C
Beech, Jono # FC
Begley, Josh FC
Bell, Tom FC
Bellchambers, Tom R
Bennell, Harley FC
Berry, Jarrod CB
Betts, Eddie F
Bewick, Rohan FC
Bews, Jed B
Biggs, Shane B
Billings, Jack FC -> F
Birchall, Grant B
Bird, Craig FC -> C
Black, Aaron F
Blair, Jarryd F
Blakely, Connor C
Blicavs, Mark CR
Boak, Travis C - > FC
Boekhorst, Blaine FC
Bolton, Shai F
Bonner, Riley B
Bontempelli, Marcus C
Bowes, Jack FC -> CB
Boyd, Tom FR
Brand, Kaiden B
Brayshaw, Angus FC
Breust, Luke F
Broad, Nathan B
Broadbent, Matthew B
Brodie, Will C
Brooksby, Keegan # FR
Broomhead, Tim FC
Brown, Ben FR
Brown, Callum FC
Brown, Luke B
Brown, Mitch W. FB
Brown, Nathan B
Bruce, Josh F -> FR
Buckley, Dylan FB -> B
Bugg, Tom CB -> FC
Buntine, Matt B
Burgoyne, Shaun CB
Burton, Ryan B
Butler, Dan FC -> F
Buzza, Wylie FR
Byrne, Ciaran # B
Byrne-Jones, Darcy B
Caddy, Josh FC
Cameron, Charlie F
Cameron, Darcy FR
Cameron, Jeremy F
Campbell, Tom FR
Carlisle, Jake FB -> B
Casboult, Levi F -> FR
#Castagna, Jason CB -> FC
Ceglar, Jonathon R
Cheney, Kyle B
#Chol, Mabior FR -> FB
Christensen, Allen FC
Clarke, Dylan C -> FC
Clarke, Ryan C
Clarke, Zac FR
Clayton, Josh FC
Cloke, Travis F
Close, Michael FR
Clurey, Tom B
Cockatoo, Nakia FC
Cole, Tom CB -> B
Collins, Kieran B
Collins, Sam B
Colyer, Travis FC
Conca, Reece CB
Coniglio, Stephen C
#Connellan, Ray CB -> FB
Cordy, Zaine FB -> B
Corr, Aidan B
Cotchin, Trent C
Coughlan, Nick # FB
Cousins, James # C
Cowan, Josh CB
Cox, Brennan FB
Cox, Cedric CB
Cox, Mason FR
Crameri, Stewart F
Cripps, Jamie F
Cripps, Patrick C
Crisp, Jack C -> CB
Crocker, Ben F
Crouch, Brad C
Crouch, Matt C
Crozier, Hayden FB -> F
■■■■■■■, Isaac B
Cunico, Jordan CB
Cuningham, David C -> FC
Cunningham, Harry FC
Cunnington, Ben C
Curnow, Charlie F
Curnow, Ed C
Currie, Daniel R
Cutler, Tom B -> CB
Dahlhaus, Luke FC
Daicos, Josh F
Dale, Bailey F -> FC
Dangerfield, Patrick C
Daniel, Caleb F
Daniher, Joe FR
Darcy, Sean R
Darling, Jack F
Davis, Ben F
Davis, Phil B
#Davis, Ryan FC -> FB
Daw, Majak FR
Dawson, Jordan F -> FC
Dawson, Liam FB
Day, Sam FB
de Boer, Matt FC -> F
De Goey, Jordan FC
Dea, Matt B
Dear, Harry FR
Deledio, Brett FC
Deluca, Josh # FC
Dickson, Tory F
Dixon, Charlie F
Docherty, Sam B
Doedee, Tom B
Douglas, Richard FC
Draper, Sam # R
Drew, Willem C
Drummond, Nathan C
Duggan, Liam FC -> CB
Duman, Taylin # CB
Dumont, Trent C
Duncan, Mitch FC -> C
Dunkley, Josh FC
Dunn, Lynden B
Dunstan, Luke C
Durdin, Sam FB
Duryea, Taylor B -> FB
#Eagles, Matt FR -> BR
Ebert, Brad C
Eddy, Brett # F
Edwards, Shane FC
Elliott, Jamie F
Ellis, Brandon C -> CB
Ellis, Corey CB
Ellis-Yolmen, Cam C
Elton, Todd B -> FB
English, Tim R
Fantasia, Orazio FC -> F
Fasalo, Alex F
Filipovic, Lachlan # R
Finlayson, Jeremy B
Fiorini, Brayden C
Fisher, Sam # F
Fisher, Zac FC
Florent, Oliver FC
Flynn, Matthew FR
Foote, Jordan CB
Fordham, Will # C
Fox, Robbie # C
Frampton, Billy FR
Francis, Aaron FB
Franklin, Lance F
Frawley, James B
Freeman, Jono FR
Freeman, Nathan C
Frost, Jack B
Frost, Sam FB -> B
Fyfe, Nat C
Gaff, Andrew C
Gallucci, Andrew # F
Gallucci, Jordan FC
Gardiner, Darcy B
Gardner, Ryan B
Garland, Col B
Garlett, Jeff F
Garner, Taylor F
Garthwaite, Ryan B
Gawn, Max R
Geary, Jarryn B
Gibbs, Bryce C
Gibson, Sam C
Gilbert, Sam B
#Glass, Conor CB -> B
Glass-McCasker, Jesse # B
Gleeson, Marty B
Goddard, Brendon FC -> C
Goddard, Hugh B
Goldsack, Tyson B
Goldstein, Todd R
Gore, Dean C
Gorter, Tom # B
Graham, Jack C
Graham, Nick FC
Grant, Jarrad FC
Gray, Robbie FC
Gray, Sam FC
Green, Josh F
Greene, Fergus F
Greene, Toby FC -> F
Greenwood, Hugh FC
Greenwood, Levi C -> FC
Gregson, Cory F
Greshem, Jade FC
#Grewar, Blake C -> FC
Grey, Brady # FC
Griffen, Ryan CB
Griffin, Jon FR
Griffiths, Ben FR
Grigg, Shaun C
Grimes, Dylan B
Grundy, Brodie R
Grundy, Heath B
Gunston, Jack F -> FB
Guthrie, Cam CB
Guthrie, Zach # B
Hall, Aaron FC -> C
Hallahan, Mitch C
Hamilton, Declan F
Hamling, Joel B
#Hammelmann, Matt FB -> F
Hampson, Shaun R
Hampton, Curtly CB
Hanley, Cian # CB
Hanley, Pearce FC -> CB
Hannan, Mitch FC
Hannebery, Dan C
Hanrahan, Oliver # FC
Hansen, Lachie B
Harbrow, Jarrod CB -> B
Hardwick, Blake F -> FB
Harmes, James CB -> FC
Hartigan, Kyle B
Hartlett, Hamish CB -> B
Hartley, Michael B
Hartung, Billy FC
Harwood, Ryan B
Hawkins, Tom F
Hayball, Matthew F
Haynes, Nick B
Hayward, Will F
Heatherley, Kurt B
Heeney, Isaac FC
Henderson, Lachie B
Henderson, Ricky CB
Henry, Jack # F
Heppell, Dyson C
Hewett, Cam # CB
Hewett, George FC
Hibberd, Michael B
Hibberd, Mitch CB
Hickey, Tom R
Higgins, Shaun FC
Hill, Brad C
Hill, Josh F
Hill, Stephen C
Himmelberg, Elliot FB
Himmelberg, Harry FB
Hinge, Mitch # CB
Hipwood, Eric FB -> F
Hocking, Heath C
Hogan, Jesse F
Holmes, Jason R
Hombsch, Jack B
Honeychurch, Mitch FC
Hooker, Cale FB -> F
Hopper, Jacob C
Horlin-Smith, George FC
Hoskin-Elliott, Will F -> FC
Houli, Bachar B
House, Timm F -> FB
#Houston, Dan F -> FB
Howard, Dougal FR -> FB
Howe, Dan CB
Howe, Jeremy FB -> B
Howlett, Ben FC
Hrovat, Nathan FC -> F
Hughes, Ethan B
Hulett, Liam FB
Hunt, Jayden B
Hunt, Taylor B
Hunter, Lachie C
Hunter, Peter # FR
Hurley, Michael B
Hurn, Shannon B
Hutchings, Mark C
Impey, Jarman FB -> F
#Irra, Emmanuel C -> CB
Jack, Brandon FC
Jack, Kieren C -> FC
Jacobs, Ben CB
Jacobs, Sam R
Jaksch, Kristian FB
Jansen, Jarrad FC
Jarman, Ben # F
Jenkins, Josh FR
Jetta, Lewis FC
Jetta, Neville B
Johannisen, Jason B
Johnson, Aidyn F
Johnson, Alex B
Johnson, Michael B
Johnstone, Dion F
Jonas, Tom B
Jones, Jamaine # F
Jones, Liam F -> FB
Jones, Nathan C
Jones, Zak B -> CB
Jong, Lin FC
Joyce, Darragh # CB
Joyce, Jesse CB -> B
Junker, Oscar # FC
Karpany, Malcolm FC
Keath, Alex # B
Keays, Ben FC
#Keeffe, Lachlan B -> FB
Keilty, Declan # FB
Kelly, Jake B
Kelly, Josh FC -> C
Kennedy, Adam B
Kennedy, Ben FC
Kennedy, Josh J. F
Kennedy, Josh P. C
Kennedy, Matt FC
Kennedy-Harris, Jay F -> FC
Kent, Dean F
Kerr, Pat F
Kerridge, Sam FC -> C
Kersten, Shane F
King, Mitch R
Kirby, Kayle F
Knight, Riley FC
Kolodjashnij, Jake B -> CB
Kolodjashnij, Kade B
Krakouer, Nathan B
Kreuzer, Matthew FR -> R
Ladhams, Peter # R
Laidler, Jeremy B
Laird, Rory B
Lamb, Jed F
Lamb, Tom FC
Lambert, Kane FC
Lang, Darcy F
Langdon, Ed FC
Langdon, Tom CB -> B
Langford, Kyle FC
Langford, Will C
Larkey, Nick FB
Laverde, Jayden FC
LeBois, Kym # F
LeCras, Mark F
Lemmens, Sean B -> FB
Lennon, Ben FC -> F
Leonardis, Tyrone CB
Leslie, Jack B
Lester, Ryan FB -> FC
Leuenberger, Matthew R
Lever, Jake B
Lewis, Jordan C
Lewis, Mitch FR
Liberatore, Tom C
Lienert, Jarrod # FB
Lipinski, Patrick FC
Lloyd, Daniel # FC
Lloyd, Jake CB -> B
Lloyd, Sam F
Lobb, Rory FR
Lobbe, Matthew R
Loersch, Cameron # FR
Logue, Griffin B
Lonergan, Jesse CB -> C
Long, Ben FB
Long, Jake # FC
Longer, Billy R
Lonie, Jack F
Lovell, Kieran C
Lycett, Scott FR
Lynch, Brad # B
#Lynch, Max R -> FR
Lynch, Tom J. F
Lynch, Tom T. F
Lyons, Corey FC
Lyons, Jarryd FC
Mackay, David CB
Mackenzie, Eric B
Mackie, Liam # B
Macmillan, Jamie CB -> B
MacPherson, Darcy # FC
Macrae, Jack C
Macreadie, Harrison CB
Maibaum, Jack FB
Marchbank, Caleb B
Markov, Oleg FB -> CB
Marsh, Harry B
Marshall, Rohan # FR
Marshall, Todd F
Martin, Dustin FC -> C
Martin, Jack FB -> F
Martin, Stef R
Masten, Chris C
Matera, Brandon F
Mathieson, Rhys C
May, Steven B
Mayes, Sam B
Maynard, Brayden B
#Maynard, Corey FB -> C
Mayne, Chris F
McCarthy, Cam F
McCarthy, Lincoln F
McCarthy, Mitch # BR
McCartin, Paddy F
McCluggage, Hugh FC
McDonald, Luke B -> CB
McDonald, Oscar B
McDonald, Tom B -> FB
McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony FB -> F
McEvoy, Ben FR -> R
McGovern, Jeremy B
McGovern, Mitch F
McGrath, Andrew CB
McInerney, Oscar # FR
McInnes, Fraser # FR
McIntosh, Kamdyn CB
McKay, Ben FB
McKay, Harry FR
McKenna, Conor FB -> B
McKenna, Patrick FB
McKenzie, Dan CB
McKenzie, Trent B
McKernan, Shaun # FR
McLarty, Sam FB
McLean, Toby FC
McNiece, Ben # B
McStay, Dan B
McVeigh, Jarrad CB -> B
Melican, Lewis # B
Melksham, Jake CB -> FB
Membrey, Tim F
Menadue, Connor FC
Menegola, Sam C -> FC
Menzel, Dan F
Menzel, Troy F
Merrett, Jackson FC
Merrett, Zach C
Milera, Wayne FC
Miles, Anthony C
Miles, Teia CB -> FB
Miller, Touk FC
Mills, Callum CB -> B
Minchington, Darren FC
Mitchell, Tom C
Mohr, Tim B
Monfries, Angus F
Moore, Callum # F
Moore, Darcy F
Morgan, Alex B
Morris, Dale B
Morris, Steven B
Morrison, Harry B
Motlop, Steve FC
Mountford, Declan C -> CB
Mullenger-McHugh, Nathan # FB
Mullett, Aaron B
Mumford, Shane R
Mundy, David FC
Murdoch, Jordan FC
Murphy, Marc C
#Murray, Sam FC -> CB
Mutch, Kobe C
Mutimer, Kurt C
Myers, David C
Naismith, Sam R
Naitanui, Nick R
Nankervis, Toby FR -> R
Narkle, Quinton FC
Nash, Conor # CB
Neade, Jake F
Neal-Bullen, Alex FC
Neale, Lachie C
Nelson, Jackson CB -> B
Newman, Nic B -> CB
Newnes, Jack C
Nicholls, Tom R
Nielson, Daniel B
#Nyhuis, Ryan CB -> B
O’Brien, Reilly R
O’Brien, Tim F -> FR
O’Connor, Mark # CB
O’Kearney, Nick # FC
Oliver, Clayton FC -> C
O’Meara, Jaegar C
O’Riordan, Colin # CB
O’Rourke, Jono C
Otten, Andy FB
Oxley, Adam CB
Palmer, Jess F
Palmer, Rhys F
Paparone, Marco B
Papley, Tom F -> FC
Parfitt, Brandan FC
Parish, Darcy C -> FC
Parker, Luke C
#Parsons, James FC -> F
Partington, Luke FC
Patton, Jon F
Pearce, Alex FB
Pearce, Danyle C
Pedersen, Cam FR
Pendlebury, Scott C
Perryman, Harry CB
Petracca, Christian FC
Petrevski-Seton, Samo FC
Phillips, Andrew FR
Phillips, Ed FC
Phillips, Tom FC
Picken, Liam FC
Pickett, Jarrod FC
Pierce, Lewis FR
Pink, Toby # F
Pittard, Jasper B
Pittonet, Marc R
Plowman, Lachie B
Poholke, Myles FC
Polec, Jared C
Polson, Cameron C
Powell-Pepper, Sam FC
Prestia, Dion C
Preuss, Braydon FR
Prudden, Josh # CB
Puopolo, Paul F
Rampe, Dane B
Ramsay, Jackson B
Rance, Alex B
Ratugolea, Esava FR
Redden, Jack C
Redman, Mason FB
Redpath, Jack FR
Reid, Ben B
Reid, Sam B. FB -> F
Reid, Sam J. # FC -> F
Rice, Bailey B
Rich, Daniel CB -> B
Ridley, Jordan CB
Riewoldt, Jack F
Rioli, Cyril F
Rioli, Daniel F
Rioli, Willie F
Rischitelli, Michael C
Roberton, Dylan B
Roberts, Fletcher B
Robertson, Nick C -> CB
Robinson, Dan FC
Robinson, Mitch C
Rockliff, Tom C
Rohan, Gary F
Ronke, Ben # C
Rosa, Matt CB -> C
Rose, James F
Ross, Seb C
Rotham, Josh CB
Roughead, Jarryd F
Roughead, Jordan R
Rowe, Sam B
Ruggles, Tom B
Ryan, Luke B
Ryder, Paddy FR -> R
Saad, Adam B
Salem, Christian B
Sandilands, Aaron R
Savage, Shane B
Schache, Josh F
Schade, Henry # B
Scharenberg, Matt B
Scheer, Brad FC
Schoenfeld, Josh C
Schoenmakers, Ryan FB
Schofield, Will B
Scrimshaw, Jack B
Scully, Tom C
Seedsman, Paul CB
Selwood, Joel C
Selwood, Scott C
Setterfield, Will C
Sexton, Alex FC
Shaw, Heath B
Shaw, Matt CB
Sheed, Dom FC
#Sheehan, Ciaran CB -> B
Shepperd, Brad B
Sheridan, Tommy CB
Shiel, Dylan C
Shiels, Liam C
Short, Jayden FB -> B
Shuey, Luke C
Sicily, James F -> FB
Sidebottom, Steele C
Sier, Brayden C
Signorello, Matthew C
Silvagni, Alex # B
Silvagni, Jack F
Simpkin, Jy F
Simpson, Dawson R
Simpson, Kade B
#Simpson, Sam C -> FC
Sinclair, Ben B
Sinclair, Callum FR
Sinclair, Jack FC
Skinner, Sam FB
Sloane, Rory C
Smedts, Billie CB
Smith, Archie R
Smith, Brodie B
Smith, Clay FC
Smith, Devon FC -> F
Smith, Isaac C
Smith, Joel # FB
Smith, Josh CB -> B
Smith, Nick B
Smith, Roarke # CB
Smith, Tim # F
Smith, Zac FR -> R
Snadden, Jordan # C
Snelling, Will # C
Soldo, Ivan # R
Spencer, Jake R
Spencer, Max # B
Sproule, Zach # F
Spurr, Lee B
Stanley, Rhys FR
Steele, Jack FC
Stein, Jake # B
Stengle, Tyson # FC
Steven, Jack C
Stevens, Koby FC
Stewart, James F
Stewart, Kade FC
Stewart, Tom B
Stratton, Ben B
Stretch, Billy CB
Stringer, Jake F
Strnadica, Luke # FR
Suban, Nick FC
Suckling, Matt B
Sumner, Liam F
Sutcliffe, Cam B -> CB
Swallow, Andrew C
Swallow, David CB -> C
Taberner, Matt F
Talia, Daniel B
Talia, Michael B
Taranto, Tim FC
Tarrant, Robbie B
Taylor, Harry FB
Taylor, Lewis FC
Taylor, Matthew # CB
Thomas, Dale FC
Thomas, Josh # FC
Thomas, Lindsay F
Thompson, Rory B
Thompson, Scott D. B
Thurlow, Jackson B -> CB
Tippett, Kurt FR
Tiziani, Lachlan F
Tomlinson, Adam FB -> B
Toumpas, Jimmy FC -> CB
Towers, Dean FC
Townsend, Jacob C
Treloar, Adam C
Trengove, Jack C
Trengove, Jackson BR -> FR
Tucker, Darcy CB -> FC
Tunbridge, Simon # F
Tuohy, Zach B
Turner, Kayne F
Tweedie, Tristan # F
Tyson, Dom C
Uebergang, Matthew # FB
vandenBerg, Aaron FC
Varcoe, Travis FB
Vardy, Nathan FR
Venables, Daniel FC
Vickers-Willis, Ed B
Vickery, Ty FR
Vince, Bernie CB
Viney, Jack C
Vlastuin, Nick B
Wagner, Corey FC
Wagner, Josh CB -> B
Waite, Jarred F
Walker, Josh FR
Walker, Taylor F
Wallis, Mitch C
Walters, Michael F -> FC
Ward, Callan C
Waterman, Jake F
Watson, Declan B
Watson, Francis # B
Watts, Jack FC -> F
Webb, Lukas CB -> FC
Webster, Jimmy B
Weideman, Sam F
Weitering, Jacob B
Weller, Lachie FC -> CB
Weller, Mav F
Wellingham, Sharrod B
Wells, Daniel FC
Westhoff, Justin FR
White, Brandon FB -> B
White, Matt FC
White, Mitch # B
White, Simon B
Whitecross, Brendan FB -> F
Whitfield, Lachie C
Wigg, Harrison CB
William, Reuben # B
Williams, Bailey CB -> B
Williams, Josh C
Williams, Marley B
Williams, Zac B
Williamson, Tom CB
Willis, Mackenzie CB -> B
Wills, Rupert C
Willsmore, Dallas FC
Wilson, Nathan B
Wines, Ollie C
Wingard, Chad FC
Witherden, Alex CB
Witts, Jarrod FR -> R
Wood, Easton B
Wood, Mason FC -> F
Wright, Matthew FC
Wright, Nathan FB -> F
Wright, Peter FR
Wright, Sam B
Yeo, Elliot FC -> CB
Young, Aaron FC
Young, Lewis FB
Zaharakis, David C
Ziebell, Jack C
Zorko, Dayne FC -> C
Zurhaar, Cameron # FC


Good job Dunners.

Only proposal from me is Watts from FB to FR.


Very satisfied with my players.
I don’t think I’l be proposing any changes.
Thanks, Dunlop.


I have no disputes. My changes were warranted.

What data did you have on Newman?
When I saw Sydney he played a mixture of backline and forward. I think only the Hawthorn game was where I noticed him play some midfield.

I figured Lester would be F. Wasn’t sure he’d be FC though. Just didn’t notice him play midfield either.

Didn’t think Maynard would be FB. I know be played solely midfield in VFL but wasn’t sure where he played whilst in AFL.

Out of interest…
What info do you have on Mitch Wallis?
He definitely played midfield but would be interested what his forward splits looked like.


No qualms whatsoever, thanks for your work Dunlop!


Great job as per usual dunlop.

I always thought Crisp would be come a CB. I thought Brodie Smith may have earned his C rating back after drifting up along the wing for a lot of year.

Bit surprised dusty lost his F eligibility.


Wouldn’t question Kelly but thought tough call on Zorko.