2017 FF Original discussion thread


Probably could do the first 10-12 picks before spreadsheets are done.


The spreadsheet is done. Dunners emailed it earlier today.


Is anyone else having problems with blitz?

I swear I've barely been able to get on the last few days, just says I need to keep refreshing

Anyway I've done my keepers, sorry for delay


I didn't get the spreadsheet.

Did you use my old email dunners?


I can forward it if you want Vandrs?


Not mind games. Taranto genuinely looks a star. Probably the only player who genuinely gave me pause for thought.


Got it now. Thanks Dunlop.

Thanks for the offer AS


Would've taken Taranto at #1. Strong dual position (FC) who will see gametime early. Wrapped with this pick!


Ugh. I hate Hotmail's new separate People section - it exists outside the realms of common sense.

Sorry mate, after checking the sent item, the answer is yes...though not intentionally, if I manually added everyone as a BCC there wouldn't have been an issue as your old email no longer existed, however I send the spreadsheet via a bulk "Fantasy Footy" setting which under Hotmail's new separate People section has caused the issue.

Previously updating a contact's details didn't matter as the name not the email was linked to the group, under Hotmail's new "awesome" way of doing things, the reverse is apparently true (or possibly just if it has received mail before) - so when I updated your contact details, I had a "Vandrs" contact in my normal listings with your correct address...and a vandrsxr contact with your old email that existed solely in the Fantasy Footy group.

I apologise for any inconvenience, I probably should've double checked things but having had no issue with updating contacts linked to groups in the 10 years previously, it wasn't something that occurred to me at the time.


I'm just boarding a plane so sent my picks to fogdog.


I really considered him but think he will be a pure centre by next year, I am stacked for centres. I think McGrath will stay a back for a long time. I need backs.


No stress mate. Got it now.


I think Taranto won't be a full C for a while yet. Got some real forward potentially. Will need to snag some.


I pick Brodie. Blitz is weird now


By Brodie I mean Bowes.


It got updated yesterday mate, we're still trying to get used to it.


Was surprised Salem was available. Reckon Brodie might win the Rising star for our league this year. Looked good last weekend


Dunners your spreadsheet is awesome. Makes life easy. Thanks mate


Just a FYI that I don't have a contact number for Alber_Goodthur aka username already taken, so I can't give anybody any sort of time frame as to when he might take his pick.

Given he is the newbie, it is entirely conceivable that he waits until the official UF start, as is his prerogative.


I sent him an SMS. Not sure when he will pick or even if he knows how.