2017 FF Original discussion thread


Vandrs has suggested what I think is a great idea. Thoughts on a FF blitz Facebook group?

Vandrs can't post on blitz anymore today as he's reached his daily post limit! Wtf?


For those interested, join this Facebook group:

Bomberblitz FF group


Try posting now.


Post limit is lame


Cheers rolo


It's one of the few things I can't override globally, but I think can fix on a per-account basis. PM me if anyone else needs fixing.


What is the amount out of interest? Is this just for first day or in general from now on? Gonna make things tricky for us if it's in general or perhaps I'd suggest manually upping the limit for everyone in our league.

EDIT: Read your post in the hanger about this.


First 24 hours from your first post


Last year we had a button to press to enter the draft from UF didn't we?. If so I cannot find it.


Draft hasn't officially started yet.
Picks taken in the draft thread if you want to.
Otherwise, wait until the draft begins.

I won't be taking my pick until later on tonight as I need to see a few more players before making a decision, so you're welcome to wait a bit.


That would explain a bit. Thanks Blummers.

In that case I may know who you are after and he is a consideration for me too. It is between 2 now thanks to Stoops taking English.

Although I have another who could be one I will take. I wanted him for a while.


Is it cool to post pics of our picks?


Very cool actually! Love any contribution MB. Good job.


In other words you didn't want Lovell so you still have a chance to get the player you want at your next pick? :wink:


Lovell was on my radar, but I have five or six players ahead of him.
I wasn't expecting him to be available at my next pick.
Nice pick though.

I should be able to get a good look at the five or six this afternoon and make a decision.

I spent all day yesterday looking for a copy of the AFL Prospectus and couldn't find one. Why the fark isn't it available on iPad format???


Oh the suspense is killing me Blummers. So is it fair to say that the player you will select is from one of the four teams playing today? If so that gives me comfort knowing I will get the player I want at 13.


I bought the Prospectus for the first time a couple of years ago.
Was keen on picking up Blicavs in the middle of the draft. I thought here's a guy with a bit of upside.
Checked the Prospectus and it pretty much said, Blicavs? More like Spuddy McSpudface.
So screw the Prospectus.


Two of the players are playing in today's games. But I don't expect either to be there at my next pick.
The other three have already played and really have varying positives and negatives about selecting them.

I actually think there is a lot more recycled talent in this draft than previous years. I recall last year it became a struggle from pick 50 onwards. Think there's more depth in this draft.


Precision and planning have always been embedded in the Pimpinio Tigers ethos.

Pimpinio Tigers 2017 list

Jamie MacMillan NM - B,C Sam Reid SY - B,F Jake Lloyd SY - B,C
Tommy Sheridan FR - B,C Jake Carlisle SK - B,F Ricky Henderson HW - B,C
David Armitage SK - C Brad Ebert PA - C Brandon Ellis RI - C
Charlie Cameron AD - F Sam Gray PA - C,F Michael Walters FR - F
Billy Hartung HW - C,F Ben Brown NM - R,F Josh Jenkins AD - R,F
Tom Nicholls GC - R Liam Shiels HW - C Stephen Hill FR - C

Majak Daw NM - R,F James Sicily HW - F Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti ES - B,F Jarman Impey PA - B,F

Will Brodie GC - C
Jarrod Berry BL - B,C
Lachie Henderson GE - B
Taylor Hunt RI - B
Darren Minchington SK - C,F
Shane Kersten FR - F
Aaron Mullett NM - B
James Rose SY - F

I'm not really sure what to make of the side this year. I was bullish about playing finals last season, but the suspension of Carlisle, Reid not geting on the track (I really have had the worst luck with backmen over the journey) and my midfield all deciding to drop 15 off their averages at once put paid to that.
I think I finished with five wins.
This squad looks less impressive but more solid. I certainly have a lot of versatility with several dual position players. Barring injury and suspension I think I have 25 out of thirty walk-up starts in AFL best 22s, and three of the other five aren't far off, so hopefully I'll be looking at very few donuts, and also have some room to allow for drops in form.
Very happy to get two new A Grade rookies.
If the backs and forwards can average 70 overall and the midfielders averaging 90, then this team should be competitive although not spectacular.
Looking at 12th-8th, although saying that means I'm expecting at least six teams to be below me.
This is a tough league. I think everyone's drafted very well so far, and I don't expect there to be much on offer in the FA's again this year.
Still, as long as I beat CB, Foggy, MB and Blummers then everything else is gravy, right?


If you got within 300 points of my team this year you'd definitely consider it a win.

Midfield is up there with the best, other ends are solid enough, Carlisle could be anything this year. I reckon you'll finish around the mark for finals. If a few injuries hit I see you slipping more towards 13th-14th than finals, you have a lot of unpredictability on your bench and in reserves.