2017 From Long Range Competition

*Bump* this thread is going to get lost on Page 2 before it gets started!

So here's my pathetic attempt at this comp - lid off !!!

Essendon 22
Sydney 17
Geelong 16
GWS 15
Hawthorn 14
Western Bulldogs 14
West Coast 14
Adelaide 12
Fremantle 12
Port Adelaide 10
Collingwood 10
Gold Coast 9
North Melbourne 6
Melbourne 6
Richmond 6
StKilda 6
Carlton 5
Brisbane 4

BomberMcVeigh ... this thread will not get lost. This is one of my favourite things on blitz. I think we'll get an all time high number of ppl this yr. Definately count me in but i wont do my tips till March. My best yr happened when i drank 2.4 bottles of red on a friday night and did my tips for the season in 15 min ... just waiting till I feel that same buzz... it'll happen


Thanks BMV, will be going around again. Think I had my best result last year and will try to better that, but will be tough to keep the lid on.


Thanks BMV - here is to finishing mid range again.


Great prize, I'm going to wait to have a look at the pre-season games and then enter. I loved last year's prize, that was a gem of a photo.


When does the season start? Gotta do this soon


6. You must do all of this BEFORE Thursday 23rd March 2017, 19:20 (start of the season) Any entries received after this time will be ignored.


I'm in again. Here is my ladder

Predicted Ladder
Selection Tips
GWS 21
Adelaide 19
Sydney 17
West Coast 16
Geelong 15
Hawthorn 15
Western Bulldogs 15
Essendon 13
Melbourne 11
Collingwood 10
Gold Coast 10
StKilda 9
Richmond 7
Fremantle 7
Port Adelaide 5
Carlton 3
Brisbane 3
North Melbourne 2


Here's what I came up with:

Adelaide, Eagles 20
GWS, Bulldogs 19
Cats 17
Swans 15
Hawks, Saints 12
Bombers, Demons 11
Power, Suns 9
Tigers 7
Magpies 6
Kangaroos, Dockers 3
Blues 2
Lions 1



Love this idea every year. Never get around to doing it.


That link in the OP doesn't work for me (anymore?)


Same for me



Alright, I do my best work with this after a couple of bottles of red. I'm heading to the shops to stock up. Will do mine in 6 hrs


Seems the D/L link broke in the transfer to discourse .. until B Mac can get onto it & fix it up, I uploaded it here in the interim ...

Pretty sure it will work as per normal. Let me know .. :confused:


Thanks guys!

I think I have fixed the link in the OP now :cold_sweat:


Ta mate.


Less than 2 weeks

to get your entries in everyone. Really hoping to get over 60 entries this year,

Here's a reminder of Watson offer here, so pick wisely!


■■■■, will have to get onto this. Maybe will find time tonight.


One glass left before I start on the 3rd bottle... now to register .. bombermcveigh I might need some guidance


Ha! Only a bottle behind you!

Just email your spreadsheet to [email protected]

No hurry mate - you've got two weeks :wink:


Just mailed mine in :slight_smile: