2017 Legends Game

Essendon star Mark Williams!

JUst switched it on…are they playing touch footy?


Their goal kicking is remarkable

I never want to hear about how the AFLW is a minor niche that nobody is interested in ever again, when this embarrassing shitshow gets a prime time airing every damn year.


It’s a bit of fun for a good cause you bunch of sad sacks


Firstly for a great cause.

Secondly, the goal kicking has been incredible.

Thirdly AFLW sucks balls, figuratively!

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Fletch went the torp duffed it

Use to love Scotty Cummings had his number on my back before he ■■■■■■ off

The only time I ever watched one of these matches was because Mark Mercuri was Playing


Did they call in Lehmo half way through the first quarter?

Also Ted Richards looks like he could still go. WSPHU.

Didnt he also cop it in the chin from someone and come off bleeding. Then looked like he wanted to go back out and murder. Can’t remember who cleaned him up though.

He was shipped off.

Before he was ■■■■■■ off.

Lol yeah that.

I have a feeling it was one of his ex Brisbane teammates.
Chris Johnson?

Relive Aker once again publicly making a complete wazzock of himself over and over again.