2017 NAB Rising Star - Fri 1 Sep 17

Go Pidge, you have had a the best first year I have seen and would be a worthy winner.

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Probably Burton. Pidge has been everything we could have hoped for this season, but Burton has been outstanding.

To be fair, the stats need to be adjusted for age and position. McGrath is 18 months younger, and had one pre-season. Thats against a player who has been in the system a year longer and benefitted from 18 months more maturity, more time in the gym albeit after having surgery to remove plate in his leg.

McGrath hit the ground running in round 1 of his first year in a top 8 side. Burton played lot of games in the VFL in his first year and just 4 senior games.

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to be even fairer, burton did not play in his draft year as he had a horrific leg break and was coming back from way further than a first year draftee.

Let us hope that like Heppell over Shuey in 2011 they go with the first year player without the extra pre-season under his belt. That is a massive advantage to a young fella in terms of strength and conditioning and understanding AFL game plans.


So has he got two pre-seasons under his belt? When was he drafted?

  1. a lot of talk at the time when he broke it that he may not run again.

Unfortunately for Burton, he got struck down by a bad bout of glandular fever and then he broke his leg and dislocated his kneecap in a marking contest playing schoolboy football. He required surgery, orthopedic surgeon Matthew Liptak inserted a metal plate and 10 screws. Burton spent 2015 in rehab.


It’s a classic Heppell/Shuey situation. Had me on the edge of my seat listening surreptitiously during an otherwise boring team bonding session in 2010.

Have a strategy brainstorming session tomorrow… it’s gotta be an omen!


Shuey? Or Sam Reid?

It’ll be burton imo. But McGrath will be a better player

Hope pidge wins it but if he doesn’t it’s not a huge issue imo


It is when ya got $40 at $13


18/18 clubs would take McGrath so who gives a ■■■■ who Gil and assorted dinosaurs vote for.

Every club would also taken burton.

both are guns.

I meant if they could only choose 1

Get used to the fact that Burton will win. I’d love to see McGrath win but to be honest, Burton is a deserving winner.

I reckon McGrath will win it.

And Hawks supporters will cry all summer.

  1. Burton
  2. Pigeon
  3. Curnow
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Will be tight.
Easy choice IMO

Was a likely top 5 prospect before the break.