2018 EFC AGM on 17 December - including proposed constitutional changes


Hey Katie, it’s not on topic but I was wondering if you could explain the reasoning behind the latest membership video… considering the fans have stuck by the club in record numbers this seems a very odd choice.


It seems pretty simple to me @Darli. Although I will add I’m a pretty simple person. It’s supporter shaming. People that are Don’s supporters but don’t put their money where their mouth is. I’ve been doing that for years with my friends and I’ve finally got all but the tightest of mates on board. I’ll be sharing this latest offering with those guys too.


It is supporter shaming.

Those very same supporters that have stuck by the club through the biggest ■■■■ storm in Aussie sport history.

It’s disgraceful.


I don’t think it’s disgraceful. I’m in my 40’s and so are my old school mates. We’ve seen some very, very good times. We’ve had some amazing celebrations in fact thanks to this football club. Some of my mates were never members. Even though they could comfortably afford it. I’ve shamed/hounded/bullied them into getting memberships. Sure they’ve stuck fat as supporters. But man the club has given us some good times. If this contributes to shaming those last few into getting on board I’m all for it.


I’m a little older … and have also seen some very good times. I bought my first membership in the first year of the saga, it was more than I could afford. As a whole our supporter group has stuck when most would walk away.

I’m glad it works for you and your friends but from where I sit, if I was teetering in wether to renew … this would push me off.


That’s what makes the world go around I guess. It will work for some and not for others. The good thing is we’re on board so no shame here. :wink:


I agree, Darli.
Way too soon and more importantly totally inaccurate to throw the “no more excuses” line at supporters.
We showed how loyal we were a mere two years ago when we turned up weekly when we had little chance to win games.
And last year, practically 80k. Our supporters continue to be ■■■■■■ amazing.


Absolutely no argument from me on how ■■■■■■ phenomenal the supporters and members have been - doubt you will get an argument from anyone at the club.

In terms of the video itself @Darli I suspect it is meant to be taken as very tongue in cheek. I’m not sure the intent is to shame people, but to get people sharing the video and talking about it. Which seems to have worked.

Personally I prefer the first video of this membership drive myself, but each to our own!


That’s how I took it. Especially with this shot in the clip - it was a friendly, and funny, dig to say come on no excuses.

Looking at their membership packs I’m surprised they don’t promote the MIGHTY BOMBER option in the clip which is only $25 for “2 general admission tickets to attend an Essendon home or away game in Victoria - excluding ANZAC Day, plus the member pack of scarf, lanyard, lapel pin, bumper sticker.”

That’s a lot cheaper than the $6.50/ 2 avos or coffees a month they mention.


@Catherine_Lio did you come up with that cat excuse?


She’s a crazy cat lady, she would kidnap the cat not complain about it!


there’s nothing wrong with being a crazy cat person

as for hating people, that’s a tough one - I want people there for atmosphere, but just not nearby to annoy me


I thought someone beside her may have used that excuse.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all those lines as reasons why Worsfold should be sacked


and yet he is still there


Not a lawyer, but work in sports admin where I’ve done a few constitutional reviews/updates (and currently doing another)

Nothing about any of it is underhanded at all. As Catherine said, the main thing about the executive seat is something that makes sense for small organisations with a few staff, but Essendon is not a small organisation. Made sense in 90s, but not now.

The rest of it is just cleaning up language. The stuff about email is just acknowledging it being a primary method of communication over posted mail for a greater percentage of the population these days. Saves dcking around trying to keep tabs on where 80,000 members live, and allows the club to leave it up to the members to keep their contact details up to date.

I’m curious to hear why anyone thinks this is underhanded. The proposed changes are published on the website ahead of the meeting (just like it says in the current constitution) for anyone to read. What else would you expect the club to do?


Completely agree Simmo. I’ve sat on boards, nothing to see here. 12 meetings a year, may, I repeat, may be too many. Staff, finish one Board meeting , and a week later start preparing for the next, I’ve been there, and it can be a waste of time.


I have no issue with removing the executive seat… I’m not sure why it needs replacing with another appointed seat.


Manipulated without consultation? It’s on the AGM agenda??


It’s already an appointed seat since the board appoints the CEO. The change just means they appoint someone else now.

Why reduce the size of the board when there’s no compelling need to.