2018 FF Original discussion thread


Howdy all

In preparation for the upcoming season, like all seasons a reminder you can’t take part in the draft until the annual entry fee is paid.

The annual $20 fee is payable to:

N Fogarty
BSB: 062908
ACC: 10485335

Note: Please use your blitz user name as your reference number



I can’t be missing out on my pick! :smiley:





sent via PayPal!


FFS. Not sure what to do with Lav. Hard to keep him around.

I hope kozza didn’t draft him high.


Gee if I knew he was on the market…


Paid, cheers!


Payment sent. Cheers.


Thanks to those who have paid. I have received payment from:



Mine should be done in the next few days.










Are we looking at a similar timeframe for keepers and draft in 2018?


Eeek i’m on leave overseas 1-9 March.

Will try sort out stuff before I leave.


Do we have new player positions available?


Has mine come through?


I will pay mine next Wednesday fog


Should be able to provide more concrete info within 24-48hrs but at this stage the usual time periods are unlikely.