2018 FF Original discussion thread


Have your heard anything about Jamie Elliott?
I don’t think he’s training and there is no return date on him anywhere.


And now you’ve put me in a difficult position!! Hahaha.


@Awesome_Scotty is at the airport and can’t load blitz.
Here are his keepers:

Acres, Blake (FC) 78
Ah Chee, Callum (F) 51
Bontempelli, Marcus © 100
Dangerfield, Patrick © 121
Ellis, Corey (CB) 44 ?
Fisher, Zac (FC) 45 ?
Gaff, Andrew © 101
Greenwood, Hugh (FC) 75
Hardwick, Blake (FB) 61 ?
Hoskin-Elliott, Will (FC) 85
Jones, Zak (CB) 79
Martin, Stef ( R ) 100
Mitchell, Tom © 127
Petracca, Christian (FC) 71
Petrevski-Seton, Samo (FC) 68
Roberton, Dylan (B) 90
Scharenberg, Matt (B) 78
Weller, Lachie (CB) 74
Whitfield, Lachie © 95
Yeo, Elliot (CB) 96

That is one strong team and a pick #2 to come in.


Awesome Scotty also wanted everyone to know he wants me to have his pick #2. Thanks guys.


I’m in the UK time zone until Thursday when I’ll be in the Queensland time zone. Heading to Australia for my Dad’s 70th birthday.

I believe I’ve already set my keepers on UF and I’ll make sure I leave contingencies while I’m travelling from the UK to Australia.


Keepers selected.


Squads in from everyone bar

oh and some Dunlop fellow…get your keepers in you slack ■■■■■■■


Do you PM yourself a warning?


Thank you to everybody that met the deadline, in the process of chasing up WOB so hopefully I can get the spreadsheet out as advertised




@Jefferson - In the unlikely event you’re still up, you’ve submitted a list without Harry Himmelberg who must be included given you traded for him and he isn’t seriously injured. So you’ll need to inform me which of your currently nominated keepers you are cutting.

@topdon - You’ve only selected 19 keepers


@Dunlop - wonder if the above will suit.


Great work as always @Dunlop.

Can I please LTI Brodie Smith?

Does Aaron Francis qualify for the LTI list?


Can I LTI Will Setterfield please @Dunlop


I’d like to LTI Sam Docherty thanks.


I’m assuming the draft operates here (in the draft thread) until it officially begins on Monday.

Best of luck all.
Some good recycled talent available there.

It’ll be interesting to see how far they last in the draft.


Back in AEST timezone for now :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting Wezza


Will drop Tomlinson.


Adam Tomlinson?



ready to pick wezza? #nopressure