2018 FF Original discussion thread


Happy to take the points over Fog but he had a lot go against him so not taking him lightly this week. This is our first trip into finals football so keen to make the most of it

The good:

  1. Finals footy.
  2. Dunkley continuing his run of form.
  3. The whole midfield hitting triple figures. Fantastic stuff.

The bad:

  1. Was hoping Fyfe and Webster would be back for finals but looking unlikely.
  2. Caddy not finding enough of the ball


Crazy to think this is your first finals in the comp, best of luck. I’m kinda hoping you or Wimm win as I’d love to see some old timer FF’ers win a deserved premiership. MB too.


Haha a little slow with the time, it’s still Sunday here and rolling in with a minor concussion!


You can turn up at three quarter time and you’ll still win. More than a third of my best team are out injured/suspended. The bolded below will miss the final this week:

B: Seedsman, Trengove, Savage
HB: Stewart, Pittard, Byrne-Jones
C: Selwood, Shiel, Setterfield
HF: Kelly, Daniher, Heeney
F: Curnow, McLean, Langford
R: McKernan, Crouch, Wines

But I’m still thrilled to be playing an extra week!!


Announcement that as per the rules set down on June 22, Alber_Goodthur is receiving a warning for playing short for multiple weeks in a row in the ruck when free agency was available to rectify the situation. Alber has already been notified.


Congratulations to the Finalists. Hope you all have full teams and are relatively injury free!

I’m tipping a Temple of Bont v Pimpino Tigers GF.

Trust the Process - Season Review.

The Good:

  • Still need to find some big scorers, but my backline starting to start to take shape (Salem, Crozier, Langdon, Weitering)

  • Bruest had a career year (avg. 87.5) when I wasn’t sure he was even going to be a keeper end of last season.

  • Zaka with the highest average for the team (100.1)

  • Spoon and 1 win in 2017 to 11th and 7 wins in 2018

The Bad:

  • Won too many games this year. Ideally a bottom 5 finish would have been better for team in long run.

  • Still can’t get a good look at Nakia and Laverde. Big talents, but never get to see them have extended run in seniors.

  • Trimming to 20 will be difficult. A lot of ‘prospects’ who are at a similar mark. I’m bound to delist someone and regret it next year.

End of season draft review:

Pick 1. wezza - Paddy Dow (Carlton)

Happy with the progress of Paddy. I probably wouldn’t change who I would draft in retrospect (although Cerra/Rayner would be in the conversation)

Pick 19. wezza - Jordan Ridley (Essendon)

Looked a natural in his first game, then a couple quiet games and quiet again in VFL. Will be a keeper for next year. Looks a talent.

Pick 37. wezza - Jeremy Finlayson (GWS)

Stoked with his first handful of games for the season, but dropped off and relegated to the NEAFL. Hasn’t seemed to have the same impact.

Pick 50. wezza - Paul Ahern (North Melbourne)

My hit of the draft. Absolute Steal.

Pick 91. wezza - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
Pick 126. wezza - Jed Bews (Geelong)
Pick 132. wezza - Nathan Murphy (Collingwood)
Pick 143. wezza - Mason Redman (Essendon)
Pick 158. wezza - Phil Davis (GWS)
Pick 169. wezza – Jarrod Brander (West Coast)

Disappointing to only get 4 keepers out of 10 picks. Will need to do better next year.
Redman I got impatient with and rotated him way too early. Looked quality.
Murphy may get a game with Sharenberg going down, but couldnt keep him on the list all season.
Casboult/Bews/Davis kept my team chugging along for a while.

Free Agency (Highlights / Lowlights)

Didn’t hit a homer here but a couple of solid selections.

Mason Cox CW - R,F

Happy with this pickup. Very important to Collingwood’s structure and improving every week.

Dylan Clarke ES - C,F

Another pickup I was pleased to have made. Huge scores in the VFL. If Essendon doesn’t end up making finals, I hope we give Dylan a chance.

Selected - Ben Ronke SY - C,F

Delisted - Mason Redman ES - B,F

Bittersweet. Ronke is a find, but shouldnt have delisted Mason. Mason would be more important to my structure into next season.

Ed Phillips SK - C,F

Quinton Narkle GE - C,F

Phillips looks pretty handy and scores very well (although disposal needs cleaning up) Likely keeper. Narkle quiet the last few weeks, but see something there.


The Good
1 Held our nerve against a wily opponent (that talked it up during the week) and who threatened to rain on our parade.
2 Securing a top 2 spot and a double chance. This ensures that if you are going deep in the BBFFL Finals Series then there is a fair chance you have to go through Mildura.
3 Got a decent score despite having a couple of injuries during the game.
4 Teia Miles scoring a tonne in only his 4th game.

The Bad
1 Jeremy Howe getting concussed was not ideal, hopefully he will be back and 100% this weekend.
2 We had 4 scores under 50 as well as a 53 + 58. Must have less passengers in finals.
3 Copping the Tigers of Pimpino is not something I am looking forward to, perhaps the 2nd or 3rd team I least wanted to come up against. The silver lining is if we lose there is a double chance and we get to play again next week.


I’m already missing researching the 2nd tier leagues looking for FA’s :frowning:


Did anyone load up for next year?


I grabbed Andrew McPherson back for next year. Oscar Allen too. Although I doubt either would have trade value or would be in mind for a keeper spot.

Made an error grabbing McNiece as I was intending not to take him and keep Clurey, but it seems to have worked itself out.

Would have preferred this week’s pool though. I think Pruess could have trade value.


Yup spewing I won’t be able to have a crack with pruess.


You might get a decent preseason look at Allen.


Great drafting Wezza. Four keepers out of ten picks is hitting it out of the park.


I might, but I’m not expecting much.
Didn’t realise until last week that he’s been played as a defender which doesn’t suit his skills.
I don’t think his DT scores will be relevant until he’s played forward.


Wezza needs to sharpen up his posting techniques though.
What’s with the text that needs to scroll each line to the right?


Doh. Seems like the forum didn’t like tabs from notepad++ . Removed them to remove the side scrolling.


I’m not sure if I have or will play(ed) Gardiner in a single game this year, but he’ll probably make my keepers.


My two main ones in the last few months, was when I picked up Fasolo thinking he’s a good chance to get some games this year and a decent chance for my keepers if he’s at peak form. Ben Long was another who I had to get because I reckon he’ll be a lock next year for the Saints when back from injury. My team is a long way back and in a big hole, but getting Liberatore back next year is decent form would help.


Wouldn’t be remotely disappointed with 4 keepers out of 10. You’re only keeping 20, so short of trading out plenty or having a diabolically bad team to start with, I’ve always thought as long as you get 3 keepers and some useful rentals you’ve had a good draft.

That would be based on a normal draft structure though, someone like WOB could only come away with 1-2 keepers and still feel happy as his overall strategy lends itself to drafting late and looking for experience and perhaps some useful bait for mid-season.


4/10 keepers is a great result, and if you can supplement a few players during the year from free agency you’ve basically turned over 40% of your list. Get some blind luck thrown in and you can turn it around reasonably quickly, hopefully. I think you’ve done an excellent job from last year @wezza. In the past I’ve looked to top up with better players with mid range picks but I’m not sure If I’ll do so this year being not in premiership contention anymore. It’s going to be weird drafting players and even weirder having pick 3, I’m going to have to look back but I think I may have only had one first rounder that I used? This year I have three.