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Thanks mate…

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Yes. LTI closed at the start of Round 16.


Home around 8:30 tonight. All FAs will be processed around then. A quick look, most will get at least one choice.


$20 on Stoops
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Sad to hear Harley Balic has retired, but hopefully he gets the help he needs. Previews will be up tomorrow. I forgot to post the midfield frequency data last week, so here’s 2 weeks worth.

St Kilda vs. Richmond

Bounces: 28; Miss Rate: 2 of 140 for both teams (7 was still running replays 15-20secs after the bounce had started so the wingers couldn’t be picked up via picture-in-picture).

St Kilda

Steele 22
Steven 21
Sinclair 20 wing
Ross 20 (13w, 7i)
Phillips 16 wing
Dunstan 13
Armitage (FC) 12
Newnes 5 wing
Greshem 4
Weller 4 (3i, 1w)
Billings 1 wing

Hickey 21
Marshall 7

5 of Dunstan’s 13 starts came in the last


McIntosh 22 wing
Cotchin 21
Martin 18
B.Ellis 17 wing
Prestia 16
Edwards 15 (11i, 4w)
Grigg 14 (11w, 3i)
Caddy 12
Lambert 1 wing
Higgins 1

Nankervis 20
Grigg 8


  • Possibly the first time since 2016 that Brandon Ellis has started on the wing at the opening bounce.
  • Most ever appearances (in an analysed game) for Grigg in the back-up ruck role
  • First time Menadue hasn’t had even a token wing start in an analysed game - exclusively in his VFL role
  • Caddy took the midfield time Higgins had been getting in the past fortnight

West Coast vs. Western Bulldogs

Bounces: 22; Miss Rate: 0

West Coast

Gaff 21 12i, 9w
Shuey 19 3w
Masten 18 wing
Redden 17 6w
Yeo 14
Hutchings 9 5i, 4w
Sheed 8
Cripps 4 wing

Lycett 13
Vardy 9

Sheeds’s fewest appearances in an analysed game this season


Hunter 21 wing
Gowers 13
Macrae 12
Dunkley 12
Wallis 10
McLean 9
Smith 8 wing
Dahlhaus (inj) 6
Johannisen 6 wing
Daniel 6 4i, 2w
Richards (FC) 6 wing
Crozier 1 wing

Boyd 13
Roughead 9

6 of Roarke Smith’s 8 starts came in the 1st term

Geelong vs. Melbourne

Bounces: 33; Miss Rate: 0


Dangerfield 27
S.Selwood 26 wing (8i)
J.Selwood 26
Cunico 22 wing
Menegola 18 wing
Ablett 15 3w
Duncan © 13 4w
Kelly 7
Narkle 5
Parfitt 5 4i, 1w
C.Guthrie 1

Stanley 29
Henry 4


  • After 2 weeks of trying something different with Duncan, where he started in the forward line at bounces, he resumed his usual role as predominantly starting off the back of the square, then becoming an extra mid in general play.
  • Most of Menegola’s wing time was in the 2nd half, once Scott Selwood switched to playing more inside.
  • 4 of Parfitt’s 5 starts came in the last term.


Harmes 31
Jones 26 16i, 10w
Brayshaw 24
Tyson 22 (21w, 1i)
Oliver 21
Fritsch 16 wing
JKH 9 wing
Spargo 8 wing
Petracca 6
ANB 2 wing

Gawn 28
T.McDonald 5


  • Melbourne caused me a lot of headaches as their back of the square structure wasn’t consistent so even now I’m not 100% that the winger numbers are accurate - fair chance Tyson (who was predominantly used in the role) and Jones’s numbers should be higher and ANB & Spargo’s numbers are inflated. What I mean by not being consistent, is in previous games, the extra mid, who started off the back of the square, would replace whichever forward started on the wing closest to camera at the earliest possible opportunity (usually a stoppage or mark), but sometimes the handover never happened - regardless of how long the play ran for, particularly when Spargo was in the role - unsure whether this was unintentional, or there were occasionally 2 structures with Tyson becoming an extra mid around the contest and Spargo staying wing. On other occasions, JKH would start in the Tyson role, but play like some other clubs see the role - an extra forward who starts off the back of the square then sprints through the square/contest and continues running till they reach their forward line.
  • Most ever starts for Harmes in an analysed game - worth noting Joel Selwood started at only 26 bounces, so Harmes was still starting there regardless of whether Joel was on the bench or not.
  • First ever appearance of Spargo in the midfield mix in an analysed game

Sydney vs. Gold Coast

Bounces: 24; Miss Rate: 0


Kennedy 22
Cunningham 17 wing
Florent 16 wing
Parker 16
Hewett 13
Newman 11 (9w, 2i)
Heeney 10
Papley 7
Fox (FC) 7 5w, 2i
O’Riordan 1 wing

Sinclair 18
Cameron 6

Gold Coast

Brodie 21
Lonergan 21
Weller 20 (16w, 4i)
Miller 19 6w
Ballard 18 wing
Lyons 13
Sexton 8 wing
Powell (F) 0
Holman (F) 0
Rischitelli (B) 0

Witts 20
Crossley 3
Wright 1

Port Adelaide vs. GWS

Bounces: 20; Miss Rate: 0

Wingard 15
Polec 15 wing
Wines 14
R.Gray 12 1w
Trengove 10 wing
SPP 10
Rockliff © 10 1w
Amon 9 wing
Ebert (FC) 5 (4i, 1w)
Byrne-Jones 4 wing
Boak 3
Westhoff 1 wing

Dixon 8
Westhoff 8
Howard 6


Shiel 20 3w
Hopper 18
Kelly 16 10w, 6i
Ward 15
Tomlinson 14 wing
Coniglio 11
Deledio 9 wing
Whitfield 4 wing

Simpson 13
Lobb 4
Ward 3
Tomlinson 2


  • First appearance of Lobb back as a centre square ruck since his back injury - all in the last term

Essendon vs. Sydney

Bounces: 26


Miss Rate: 0

Zaka 22 (21w, 1i)
Heppell 21
Guelfi 19 wing
Myers 18
Merrett 17 6w
Smith 9 1w
Langford 9
Parish 5 4i, 1w
Walla 5
McGrath 3 wing
Fantasia 2 1w, 1i

T-Bell 23
Stringer 3


Miss Rate: 1 of 130

Cunningham 21 wing
Florent 19 (16w, 3i)
Kennedy 19
Hewett 19 5w
Parker 18
Heeney 16
Newman (FC) 6 4w, 2i
Hayward 2
Papley 2
Jones 2 wing
Lloyd 1 wing
O’Riordan 1 wing
Ronke 1
Fox (F/B) 0

Sinclair 23
Dawson 3


  • On 1 occasion, you started with only 2 inside mids (Merrett was unattended), on another occasion Zaharakis started without an opponent on the wing and ran around unattended for 60-90secs.
  • Very odd to bring in a specialist inside mid like Dawson and not give him a single start in the role, especially when you consider the number of guys who don’t regularly get starts who were given starts instead, and that Fox wasn’t used at all either
  • Papley & Hayward split starting off the back of the square at bounces. Hayward received his equal most ever midfield appearances in an analysed game, and his first inside mid start in an analysed game since Rd 2, 2017.
  • Most ever starts for Newman as an inside mid in an analysed game.
  • Jones’s first midfield appearance (in an analysed game) since Rd 8 - this was the 9th Swans match analysed since then
  • Ronke’s first inside mid start in an analysed game since Rd 11 - all bar the Gold Coast match have been analysed since

Adelaide vs. Melbourne

Bounces: 26; Miss Rate: 0

Sloane 20 1w
Atkins 19 wing
Gibbs 19 4w
Knight 18 3w
M.Crouch 17 1w
Lynch 14 wing
Greenwood 13
Seedsman (inj) 4 wing
Kelly 1 wing
Gallucci 1 wing

Jacobs 20
Jenkins 6


  • In a match pitting 2 teams that prefer convoluted set-ups for their wings, both teams surprisingly ran normal structures with the wingers actually starting on the wings.
  • In lieu of the wingers starting off the back of the square, the 6th forward (predominantly Gallucci, but occasionally Betts) started there instead, running through the contest and through to the forward line.
  • Knight’s 3 wing starts all occurred in the last - being behind I expect you were looking for an extra number focused on the winning the clearance rather than merely stopping an opponent.


Harmes 22
Tyson 20 (18w, 2i)
Oliver 20
Brayshaw 18
Jones 17 9w, 8i
JKH 11 wing
Fritsch 10 wing
Petracca 8

Gawn 22
T.McDonald 4


  • Surprisingly in a match featuring Pyke & Goodwin who love making my job hard with their convoluted wing structures (for bounce stand in position X, if after bounce A happens follow protocol B, if instead C happens do Y) - both coaches stuck to traditional structures with the winger starting on the wing rather than the back of the square. Instead the 6th forward started off the back of the square, ran through the contest and then to the forward line, which is how most teams use the role. Melbourne didn’t use any player predominantly in the role, all forward line smalls ran through there at some stage, except maybe Melksham.
  • The 2nd most inside mid starts for Tyson in analysed games this season after Rd 5 (when he had 7).
  • Lowest total starts and lowest percentage of bounces attended (65%) for Jones in analysed games this season (10 games analysed). Jones’s previous percentage low was 70% of bounces attended in Rd 1.

Gold Coast vs. Carlton

Bounces: 20; Miss Rate: 0

Gold Coast

Brodie 16
Miller 15 (10w, 5i))
Lonergan 13
Weller 12 (10w, 2i)
Lyons 12
Sexton 11 (9w, 2i)
Fiorini (CB) 10 6w, 4i
Bowes 4 2i, 2w
Swallow (inj) 3 2i, 1w
Holman (FC) 2
Young 2 wing
Powell (F) 0
Rischitelli (B) 0

Witts 17
Wright 3


Murphy 18 (14w, 4i)
Cripps 17
E.Curnow 15 (10w, 5i)
O’Brien 13 wing
Kennedy 9
Dow 8
Lang 7
Silvagni 4
Wright 2
Lamb 1 wing
Polson (F) 0

Lobbe 17
Rowe 3


Absolute walkover for Allblack with a previously unannounced injury to Savage means foggy now has to replace 4 of his 6 backs from last week…and then there is Dylan Shiel.

Some big ins for WOB.


And Webster back earlier than expected


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Everyone has injuries / players unavailable but spewing that I don’t have Prestia this week and Cutler still suspended. Lin Jong comes in to debut this week, I think I’m a reasonable chance, although my squad could easily pull an 1100 every week I feel!

In Macrae we trust though…


I actually haven’t noticed this occur.
I’m assuming there isn’t a chance he becomes a CB if he sustains this.
Do you know of many other mids used in the same way?


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10 on AS


Will try and post a review of the cluster ■■■■ that was my season over the weekend


Where is Dunstan spending his time @Dunlop?




I think Jack Crisp is similar and he’s a CB


Haha the jump from down there to the top was quick, didn’t notice how long he was actually cellar dwelling!