2018 FF Original discussion thread


Inside mid. He has one noted game as a forward (against Gold Coast in Rd 13). What has happened recently though is the amount of time he spends inside has decreased with Armitage back in the side, as Armitage has reverted back to being part of the inside mid group rather than playing chiefly forward.


I’m nervous.
How friggin’ ridiculous is my life for me to be nervous over a fantasy footy game…


Sorry mate, but the two aren’t remotely similar.

Crisp is rarely used as part of the midfield mix, whereas Duncan still lines up at centre bounces as an inside mid a fair amount of the time, Crisp isn’t predominantly used off the back of the square, nor does he become an extra mid around the contest in general play.

Crisp is like Whitfield - someone who was chiefly a wing, but who has turned into a legit back. They take a opponent in the structure and they’re not always around ball ups trying to help win the clearance. They’ll run forward from time to time to provide an outside option, but their chief role in the side is to play as a back rather than a mid. Every team runs plays with 7 backs in their 22, occasionally some play 8 - Crisp is always part of Collingwood’s 7.

@Blummers32 - I’m working on getting the previews out tonight, so I’ll address Duncan later as it requires a detailed explanation of how teams use the role and which players are employed in it.


20 - Stoops
20 - Wim
10 - Awesome Scotty


Good luck to all the finalists. Even Wim.


1st Elimination Final

photo WOB.jpg

westozziebomber vs. Stoops

Head 2 Head: westozziebomber 3 – Stoops 0

In Finals: First Meeting

Last Time: Round 3: westozziebomber 1384 vs. Stoops 1165

Average Season Score: 1378 (7th) vs. 1341 (9th)

Last Month: 1289 (11th) vs. 1403 (7th)

Top 3 (Playing) Weapons:

Callum Sinclair, Shannon Hurn & David Mundy


Jack Macrae, Patrick Cripps, Jack Steven



B: Heath Shaw, Tom Jonas, Jarrod Harbrow

HB: Shaun Burgoyne, Shannon Hurn, Jarrad McVeigh

C: Shaun Grigg, Trent Cotchin, Jordan Lewis

HF: Brett Deledio, Cale Hooker, David Mundy

F: Matt de Boer, Jarrad Waite, Kieran Jack

R: Callum Sinclair, Luke Hodge, Nathan Jones

In: McVeigh, Waite, de Boer, Jack

Out: S.Higgins (inj), M.Weller (inj), Talia, Whitecross


B: Brad Sheppard, Dylan Grimes, Daniel Rich

HB: Adam Saad, Scott Thompson, Jason Johannisen

C: Rory Atkins, Jack Macrae, Blake Acres

HF: Kane Lambert, Mason Wood, Darcy Parish

F: Jy Simpkin/Giro, Jake Stringer, Lin Jong

R: Tom Hickey, Patrick Cripps, Jack Steven

In: Jong, Simpkin/Giro

Out: Stanley (inj), Prestia (inj)

New: Lin Jong (Fudge)

Predicted Scores: WOB 1449 vs. Stoops 1371

NB> Giro will play ahead of Simpkin if he is a late inclusion - the predicted score though would be virtually the same.


2nd Elimination Final

Allblack vs. fogdog

Head 2 Head: Allblack 3 – fogdog 10

In Finals: First Meeting

Last Time: Round 19: fogdog 1235 lost to Allblack 1413

Average Season Score: 1426 (4th) vs. 1409 (5th)

Last Month: 1454 (3rd) vs. 1320 (10th)

Top 3 (Playing) Weapons:

Josh Kelly, Dyson Heppell, Angus Brayshaw


Joel Selwood, Toby McLean, Ollie Wines



B: Jimmy Webster, Dan Houston, Nick Vlastuin

HB: Alex Withdern, Ryan Burton, Andrew McGrath

C: Jared Polec, Dyson Heppell, Ed Langdon

HF: Josh Dunkley, Josh Caddy, Angus Brayshaw

F: Willie Rioli, Peter Wright, Paul Puopolo

R: Josh Walker, Josh Kelly, Dayne Zorko

In: Webster, Rioli

Out: Silvagni, Joel Smith


B: Tom Clurey, Joel Hamling, Jackson Trengove

HB: Darcy Byrne-Jones, Ben Stratton, Jasper Pittard

C: Dom Tyson, Jesse Lonergan, Nick Holman

HF: Tim Kelly, Charlie Curnow, Toby McLean

F: Kyle Langford, Jack Watts, Isaac Heeney

R: Matthew Lobbe, Joel Selwood, Ollie Wines

In: Lonergan, Clurey, Hamling, Stratton

Out: Shiel (inj), T.Stewart (inj), Seedsman (inj), Savage (inj)

NEW: Tom Clurey & Ben Stratton (Blummers); Joel Hamling (Mad Bomber)

Predicted Scores: Allblack 1450 vs. fogdog 1352


1st Qualifying Final

Awesome Scotty vs. Fudge

Head 2 Head: Awesome Scotty 3 – Fudge 9

In Finals: Awesome Scotty 0 – Fudge 1

Last Time: Round 9: Awesome Scotty 1577 defeated Fudge 1302

Last Time in Finals: 2017 Qualifying Final: Awesome Scotty 1500 lost to Fudge 1557

Average Season Score: 1526 (1st) vs. 1430 (3rd)

Last 4 Matches: 1510 (2nd) vs. 1416 (3rd)

Top 3 (Playing) Weapons:

Tom Mitchell, Andrew Gaff & Elliot Yeo


Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver & Bryce Gibbs


Awesome Scotty

B: Adam Kennedy, Phil Davis, Blake Hardwick

HB: Lachie Weller, Elliot Yeo, Nick Coffield

C: Andrew Gaff, Marcus Bontempelli, Lachie Whitfield

HF: Hugh Greenwood, Christian Petracca, Will Hoskin-Elliot

F: Callum Ah Chee, Cam Rayner, Samo Petrevski-Seton

R: Stef Martin, Tom Mitchell, Patrick Dangerfield

In: Davis, Ah Chee, Coffield

Out: Scharenberg (inj), Z.Jones (susp), H.McKay

NEW: Nick Coffield (Stoops)


B: Caleb Marchbank, Alex Rance, James Frawley

HB: Sam Wright, Lachie Henderson, Jamie Macmillan

C: Gary Ablett, Bryce Gibbs, David Armitage

HF: James Harmes, Jack Billings, Travis Boak

F: Aaron vandenBerg, Charlie Dixon, Matthew Wright

R: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Lachie Neale

In: Armitage, vandenBerg

Out: Hutchings, Hayward

NEW: Aaron vandenBerg (FAs)

Predicted Scores: Awesome Scotty 1482 vs. Fudge 1427


2nd Qualifying Final


The_Mad_Bomber vs. wimmera

Head 2 Head: The_Mad_Bomber 6 – wimmera 7 (Mad Bomber’s won last 4 though)

In Finals: First Meeting

Last Time: Round 1: wimmera 1425 lost to Mad Bomber 1459

Average Season Score: 1487 (2nd) vs. 1404 (6th)

Last Month: 1562 (1st) vs. 1416 (5th)

Top 3 (Playing) Weapons:

Brodie Grundy, Seb Ross, Justin Westhoff


Ed Curnow, Matt Crouch, Jake Lloyd


Mad Bomber

B: Jayden Geary, Brodie Mihocek, Teia Miles

HB: Brayden Maynard, Justin Westhoff, Brendon Goddard

C: Chris Masten, Luke Parker, Steve Motlop

HF: Jack Darling, Jeremy Cameron, Jarman Impey

F: Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Jesse Hogan, Eddie Betts

R: Brodie Grundy, Ben Cunnington, Seb Ross

In: Cameron

Out: Howe (inj)


B: Tom Doedee, Darcy Gardiner, Ricky Henderson

HB: Jake Lloyd, Darcy Moore, Brandon Ellis

C: Liam Shiels, Will Brodie, Ed Curnow

HF: Sam Powell-Pepper, Tom Hawkins, Tom Phillips

F: Josh Jenkins, Ben Brown, Michael Walters

R: Todd Goldstein, Matt Crouch, Brett Ebert

In: Doedee, Gardiner

Out: May (susp), Jake Kelly

Predicted Scores: Mad Bomber 1471 vs. wimmera 1482


@fogdog has a hell of a head start. On fire


Have I missed something? Otherwise great write ups.


Good luck to the finalists, may you have a injury-free weekend with no late withdrawals!


Oops. Surprised Allblack didn’t pick that up.

Didn’t recognise your side from last year’s finals?

Lost my finals template, so I was using your elimination final against WOB last season as a template, evidently I missed inputting Allblack’s side in place of yours.


Updated Predicted Scores

Neela 1509 vs. Fudge 1371
WOB 1469 vs. Stoops 1419
Mad 1471 vs. wimmera 1446
Allblack 1444 vs. fogdog 1410


Now that the seasons over I can see myself cracking 1600 every week now!!


Holy moly pretty much all the matches are within 50 points! Super close!!!


This season is crazily open


Fog is going to smash me. Will win in a canter


@fogdog FA…



■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.