2018 FF Original discussion thread


I may have overreacted


All his high scorers have played early and well.
Game definitely not over.


Not sure what game you guys are watching.

Wines, Pittard, DBJ, Watts and Langford all well below average.

Allblack still a commanding lead on projections.


Your Port players have been well below par.


I hope the rest of your team has more mental fortitude than the coach!


Thought my fourth choice of three free agents was going to ton up.
May have over-reacted a little.


Predicted Scores - Showdown numbers not final

Neela 1487 vs. Fudge 1334
WOB 1453 vs. Stoops 1377
Mad 1370 vs. wimmera 1460
Allblack 1514 vs. fogdog 1356


My first round picks likes MB/Fudge losing.


Half my team decided not to show up this week, disappointing!


Unlucky for Stoops & wimmera to have Hickey & Moore get injured.

Neela 1443 vs. Fudge 1363
WOB 1453 vs. Stoops 1401
Mad 1465 vs. wimmera 1407
Allblack 1547 vs. fogdog 1304


At least a couple of games are close!!


Oh well, that’s what double chances are for.
I’ll take the scenic route.


Stoops back in it? Deledio has done his calf on 22 and out for the rest of the game and De Boer hardly dominating.


Oh hell no, go win wim! a stay on your end of the bracket!

Looks like it CB!


Nah, I’m toast.
AB is no gimme next week, either.
Looks like he might top score.


Back in it, will probably end up with low 1400 but suspect WOB will just pip me


At least Bonar has proven to be worth the wait, 85 on debut currently, amazed he didn’t get a game earlier!


Still hoping Fyfe makes it back but Fremantle never give a clue on actual injury lengths


Fudge giving himself every chance here. Oliver’s already hit his average at 1/2 time, with Harmes and vandenBerg not far behind.

Neela 1517 vs. Fudge 1469
WOB 1386 vs. Stoops 1410
Mad 1473 vs. wimmera 1371
Allblack 1540 vs. fogdog 1257

Barring injuries, Mad Bomber should be through from here. Both top half games are still wide open.


■■■■■■ hell, imagine Sexton in a team that got more than 30 inside 50’s a game.