2018 FF Original discussion thread


I’ll return the favour.
$60 on Stoops pls.


$30 on Stoops
$30 on Allblack


$30 on Stoops and Allblack please.


$30 on Fudge
$30 on Wim



You still collect footy cards?
I only buy a pack here and there.


Bit of a long story, but I found them.




In and around a grey shopping bag, next to the bins on bin day, in front of a house where I happened to park near where I work.
It was raining, and a some of them were completely wrecked, but most of them were savable.
So I saved them.
There were a lot.
Couple of hundred bucks worth, at least.


If they are just common cards, not worth much I’m afraid.


you are a complex person. never would have guessed you were a bin diver for kicks


I meant if I were to physically buy them.


bin items don’t cost much normally. for instance I heard of this guy that rummaged through bins while at work and found a stack of footy cards for free


It is a mental effort not to buy a pack every time see them at the 7-11 or supermarket checkout.
When I saw that someone had just thrown all these away, I couldn’t help it.
Opened my passenger side door and scooped them onto the floor of my car.


drive by bin diving. the enigma that is wim becomes more murky


I wish to point out, for the sake of accuracy, that the cards were not in the bin.
They were in the gutter.
Which is much better.


so your hobbies include cruising the streets looking for gutter treasure.

this should be a focus of a Netflix documentary


It was an odd moment for me.
I just figured the universe had provided and it would be rude of me to look the other way.

Edit: My theory is that some kid had bought and hidden them. His parents found out, got mad at him spending that much money on footy cards, and made him throw them out.

There. I think that paints me in a better light.


My old man threw out my 1987 and 88 full set of scanlens.
At the time they were probably worth around $300.
He was shocked when I told him so he never threw out another card until I told him it’s worth.

Back on to rubbish collection though…
It’s almost hard rubbish pickup.
There’s usually a tv case, half decent chair, etc.
I don’t usually bother looking through it, but a few years ago I found myself a decent hand operated soil compactor. I used it once then put it back into hard rubbish the following year.


Season over. Disaster