2018 FF Original discussion thread


I was feeling a little down until I looked at the other two scores.
Could be worse!


Full previews up tomorrow.

Predicted Scores:
Fudge 1448 vs. Stoops 1353
wimmera 1496 vs. Allblack 1498


I have a footy mad 5 year old. His maternal grandfather buys him a few packs of cards per week. It reminds me of the olde cards I had. Buggered if I could find them now, would have to trawl through my parent’s house in Mildura. That house looks like one you would see on one of those hoarders shows.




Stanley now injured too, a shame because on five round average for selected players I was projected to beat Fudge by 50 points, now I’ll get whacked


1st Semi Final

Fudge vs. Stoops

Head 2 Head: Fudge 5 – Stoops 2

In Finals: Fudge 0 - Stoops 1

Last Time: Round 11: Stoops 1198 lost to Fudge 1555

Last Finals Meeting: 2013 Grand Final: Stoops 1784 defeated Fudge 1546

Average Season Score: 1432 (4th) vs. 1347 (9th)

Last 4 Games: 1420 (6th) vs. 1434 (4th)

Top 3 (Playing) Weapons:

Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver & Bryce Gibbs


Jack Macrae, Patrick Cripps, Jack Steven



B: Caleb Marchbank, Alex Rance, James Frawley

HB: Sam Wright, Lachie Henderson, Jamie Macmillan

C: Gary Ablett, Bryce Gibbs, Mark Hutchings

HF: James Harmes, Jack Billings, Travis Boak

F: Aaron vandenBerg, Richard Douglas, Matthew Wright

R: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Lachie Neale

In: Douglas, Hutchings

Out: Armitage, Dixon


B: Brad Sheppard, Dylan Grimes, Daniel Rich

HB: Adam Saad, Scott Thompson, Jason Johannisen

C: Rory Atkins, Jack Macrae, Blake Acres

HF: Kane Lambert, Mason Wood, Darcy Parish

F: Jy Simpkin/Giro, Jake Stringer, Lin Jong

R: Tom Hickey, Patrick Cripps, Jack Steven

In: Cutler, Prestia, Stanley

Out: Hickey (inj), Simpkin, Grimes

Predicted Scores: Fudge 1457 vs. Stoops 1299

NB> Predicted score includes Stanley’s injury


2nd Semi Final


wimmera vs. Allblack

Head 2 Head: wimmera 8 – Allback 4

In Finals: First Meeting

Last Time: Round 17: Allblack 1482 lost to wimmera 1617

Average Season Score: 1476 (2nd) vs. 1433 (3rd)

Last Month: 1502 (2nd) vs. 1464 (3rd)

Top 3 (Playing) Weapons:

Ed Curnow, Matt Crouch, Jake Lloyd


Josh Kelly, Dyson Heppell, Angus Brayshaw



B: Tom Doedee, Darcy Gardiner, Ricky Henderson

HB: Jake Lloyd, Steven May, Brandon Ellis

C: Liam Shiels, Will Brodie, Ed Curnow

HF: Michael Walters, Tom Hawkins, Tom Phillips

F: Josh Jenkins, Ben Brown, Jack Lonie

R: Todd Goldstein, Matt Crouch, Brett Ebert

In: May, Lonie

Out: Darcy Moore (inj), SPP


B: Jimmy Webster, Dan Houston, Nick Vlastuin

HB: Alex Witherden, Ryan Burton, Andrew McGrath

C: Jared Polec, Dyson Heppell, Ed Langdon

HF: Josh Dunkley, Josh Caddy, Angus Brayshaw

F: Willie Rioli, Sam Switkowski, Paul Puopolo

R: Josh Walker, Josh Kelly, Dayne Zorko

In: Switkowski

Out: Peter Wright (inj)

Predicted Scores: wimmera 1451 vs. Allblack 1519

EDIT: Brodie’s out for the game with a hammy.


Hammy for Brodie, unlucky wim!


Oh ffs.


Was tossing up between him and Yolmen, too.


Eh, corkie for Danger. Hopefully he’s right for next week!



Will be a starter in my forwardline next year. Was worried about wasting my early draft pick on him but the investment looks sensational.


Riewoldt with a cheeky 192, 10.6 goal game. Couldn’t have done that a few weeks ago mate?


May yet reach forward eligibility but hasn’t got there yet. I have him at 5 games currently.

Played inside mid against Carlton and played inside mid today (including the opening bounce).




Are you claiming he wasn’t inside mid against Carlton and today?


Dan Houston injury evening things up as well add Rioli being a spud. This will get real tight


That game couldn’t have gone much better for me, but it’s still a long road back.


Good first fifteen seconds for me.


Gardiner gone after scoring 21 in the first quarter.

Two injuries.
Looking grim.