2018 FF Original discussion thread


You have some big guns to come. Zorko struggling which hurts


And Kelly injured. Whoever gets the winner of our game this week has a fair headstart


Kelly probably concussed.
Tough luck for him.

Still can’t see it affecting the result at this stage.


Goldstein is up against the Dogs without a ruckman.
If he gets cheap possessions and marks around the ground, he could easily hit 130 like he did against them earlier this year.


Love when Rory Lobb plays solo ruck, his scoring goes way up.


Haha not quite, lost Fisher, Scharenberg and Gaff (to stupidity). Should be close all around.


Reckon I need five tons from my last five players or, (not wishing, just being realistic) an injury to the AllBlacks.

Not giving up, but it is still pretty grim.
I was hoping for a seventy point deficit after tonight.
I’m a long way from that.


I think it will come down to Switkowski on debut which is not ideal


Was in prime ■■■■-taking mode tonight. Have just started the midfield review for that game - his first “rest” from rucking was taking Tomlinson’s wing role.

I’m sure I’ve still got that 3rd rounder around here somewhere if you want to return him.


They’re playing 2 rucks: Trengove and Roughead, so he may be able to get cheap stats, but he won’t be able to get as many cheap HOs against the 2nd ruck like he usually does.


Fudge 1458 vs. Stoops 1251
wimmera 1411 vs. Allblack 1454

Fudge through to play Mad Bomber barring multiple Melbourne injuries in the 1st few minutes.

wim’s still in touch but needs someone to go big tomorrow or more Allblack players to receive hard tags like Zorko did.


Haha thanks I’ll pass, but I don’t think it’s all that bad for you, this is the first full proper game I’ve seen him play solo ruck all game since being traded over and I don’t think I can count on GWS to keep playing him there.


Going to take a lot to save this one


Goldstein is the key. He’s still a better ruckman than half the other teams in the league and he usually has a day out against non genuine rucks. He’ll outscore Trengove and Roughead combined.

Goldstein traditionally struggles against the monster rucks (Sandilands, Nic Nat, Gawn, etc.). He’ll probable get around 80 next week against Jacobs, but he’ll follow that up with 120 the week after against the Saints.


Could see him coming. Really is going to boil down to the new kid


We’re going head to head.
Lloyd v Brayshaw.
Curnow v Langdon
Walters vs Strzelecki…I think it is.


Goldstein could be the most astute pick up of the year if he helps get Wimm home here, he’s on 83 mid way through the third.


He’s actually slowed down this quarter.
He was on 75 at half time.


One of the issues you may have with Switkowski is game time - Harley Bennell’s been on the park more this season and Sam’s just come back from a LTI.


Still on 99 at 3/4.