2018 FF Original discussion thread


Yep, needed to drop a 1st round player to make things interesting


My best side with keepers.

B: Howe, Jeremy (B) McGovern, Jeremy (B) Hunt, Jayden (B)
HB: Maynard, Brayden (B) Duryea, Taylor (B) TBD
C: Ross, Seb © Parker, Luke © Cunnington, Ben ©
HF: Goddard, Brendon (FC) Cameron, Jeremy (F) Motlop, Steven (FC)
F: Darling, Jack (F) Hogan, Jesse (F) |McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony (F)
R: Grundy, Brodie ( R )Scully, Tom © Taylor, Lewis (FC)

I/C: Longer, Billy ( R ) Honeychurch, Mitch (FC) Impey, Jarman (F)

Keeping Longer means I don’t have to panic buy for a ruck. I have a great ruck tandem so that is something I am happy to keep. There was some interest in Longer over the trade period but I opted to keep him. Grundy knows he has got competition but he is the incumbent so it is the aim for Longer.

I gambled (as always) on keeping Motlop, but despite the negative press he gets he is a pretty decent scorer and maybe he will be a part of the rennaissance at Port.

I think there is a lot of natural improvement in the list with Hunt, Duryea and Maynard still well and truly on the upward curve. Ross keeps getting better and improving each year (he has got very good genes).

Darling has been a bit underwhelming since he was traded in for coach and club favourite, Jiimmy Bartel. Hogan can’t have a worse year off field than 2017 and Lewis Taylor flourished under Fagan at Brisbane.

Scully keeps on keeping on and Jeremy Cameron had a better year than I thought to be the club’s main forward target.

Impey is one that could sink or swim. I showed interest in him in the in season trade period but I could not get him, I could not pull the trigger quick enough when he became available in FA/Waivers towards the end of last season. He is a player that I like but whether a change of clubs fires him up to perform to a higher and more consistent level is anyone’s guess.

The commentator’s bane, Ben Cunnington will be one of the first picked in our engine room and another big year is expected for him in 2018.

Mitch Honeychurch was supposedly generating interest from GWS but he didn’t go so hopefully that shows him that he can live up to those expectations and have a good run at consistent game time. He needs to find his niche and hopefully he gets that with Stringer leaving for a better club.

I am hoping ‘Ron Jeremy McLovin’ can keep his eye on the oppo’s wayward forward entries and not on the alleged pay packet that is rumoured to be coming from Norf, where he would be their sole player because they will not have the finances to field a side (if the talk is true) unless they use top ups and get some AFL money.

Goddard’s leadership and on-field “directions” will be invaluable if we are to have a tilt at the title as father time is expected to start catching up with him. Hopefully he is still kicking long balls from outside 50 and/or is linking up play from the Bomber backline to deliver to the formidable forwards at Essendon.

All in all a few gambles on players (Motlop Honeychurch and Impey) and some expected organic growth will hopefully propel us to an even better year in 2018 after having our best season ever in 2017.

Like everyone I would love another ‘distributor’ across half back and there are only a few of them that are reliable. Seeing former Cruncha, Docherty go down in the pre-season only makes them more of a commodity. I am not sure exactly who or what I am after with ruck probably solved and my other lines pretty solid. I will probably look for youngsters with plenty of upside but I am probably better placed to select experienced best 22 players than ever before.

I cannot wait to see who gets whom and who slides or bolts and what people think of the various picks.
Good luck with the draft everyone and have a great 2018 FF season.

And finally a last word on Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti who is the new coach’s pet. It is anticipated that his robust play, elite pressure and reliable goal kicking will earn him his first Smoten’s Brownlow, the goal kicking award and a Crunchas B&F!

PS: I forgot to add that my productivity at work and home will plummet for about the next week because I will be updating my browser, conducting last minute due dilligence and all round procrastinating.


Collingwood throwing up some interesting numbers with Murray and Stephenson. Schache showing that maybe it wasn’t just homesickness. Could just be an average footballer


Stephenson looks legit out there


Callum Brown.


Tomlinson just made things interesting for me.


Will be putting up some really good numbers before the end of the year


Doubtful Murray will make it to my first pick after today.
I’d imagine he goes somewhere between 10-15 if not earlier.

Didn’t have pick 17 earmarked for him, but I was considering him with one of my later picks. He seemed to have continued his NEAFL form from late last year.

Oh well…


Do we need a draft discussion thread?


Dunners, I am drafting in US Central Time.


Remember a few years ago when everyone shot me down for talking about potential draftees ahead of the draft? Does that not matter anymore?

In that case, Darcy Fogarty looking very impressive.


Haha Dan Houston has talked himself into the first round.

It was a toss up between him and Ellis! Might have made the wrong decision!


Sam Gibson took to his delisting rather well it seems.


Have been impressed my Fogarty. Looks at home. I am always weary of Crows players. Hard team to break in to.


Yep, that goes for a lot of Crows players. Gibson, Douglas, Atkins…I’ve hung onto Doedee but he’s a risk.
Job security is the issue, not whether they can score.
Having said that, Fogarty looks as much a blue chip investment as you’re ever gonna get.


It’s been a brutal day if you hold pick 21 hoping players slide


I think you’re right Stoops. My second round pick is much more interesting to me.


I’m not unhappy about not participating in the 1st round. My side doesn’t need more kids to carry. I think I’ll have some juicy prospects at 23 and 25.


Any word on who @topdon chooses as his final keeper?


Topdon’s Final Keeper

Brayden Preuss