2018 FF Original discussion thread


$30 on AB
$30 on fudge


Fyfe back for All Black is a huge win for him!

$30 on AB
$30 on Fudge


Fyfe in offsets the loss of Kelly somewhat.


$30 on Allblack & $30 on fudge please.


$60 on AB please.


30 each on Neela and AB.


Lol what?


I’m going for the draw.


30 each on Awesome Scotty and Mad Bomber please


$30 Neela
$30 MB


40 on ab and 20 on fudge thanks


Decided against the draw.
AB and MB pls.


IN: Conca, Z Jones

OUT: Gaff, Coffield

We’re coming up into our biggest game of the year so far, against one of the most in-form teams in the finals. AB’s mob have managed to average over 1500 during the course, even with key injuries.

After a “week off” (but not really, as they’ve been honing in on match tape and training everyday with yesterday being a the sole rest day), the boys are ready for the big game.

For us, we have made two changes so far with one change yet to be finalised. In come Zak Jones and Reece Conca, from suspension and an ankle injury. The omissions are pretty with Andrew Gaff (suspension) and Nick Coffield (dropped). The coaches know Gaff made a stupid error getting suspended and possibly costing flag hopes, but the combination of Jones and Conca, should be able to cover for Coffield and Gaff. The change the coaches are weighing up is whether or not to include young gun tall Harry McKay, who has average 70 over the past four games, the decision will be made right before the game begins.

This is match definitely won’t be taken lightly.


Early money breakdown is

AB - $190
MB - $150
Fudge - $150
AS - $60


$30 on Awesome Scotty
$30 on Mad Bomber


This weekend is nuts. Prelim here, Boys play the Tiges tonight, Bledisloe tomorrow and I have my rugby grand final tomorrow. If all four go my way there will be no one drunker than me.


Good luck to all finalists this weekend.


I think I will need it.


I’m surprised people have jumped off Neela. With Mitchell, it’s like when CB had Ablett in his prime. No game was out of reach because he’d go big or give 120.

The other game is genuinely 50/50 and could swing wildly through the weekend.

Best of luck to all.


He is red hot favorite. Just no value in his odds. Going to need something big for me to get close. Still not convinced Fyfe will play. Have arranged my team to have coverage for him on the bench.