2018 FF Original discussion thread


Davis starting the 3rd - albeit as a forward.


Big time for Parker to put up his highest score for the season.

Not so great time for Whitfield to turn in his lowest since Rd 9


Looks like no tag on Zorko. Love that.


Big out for Allblack. Witherden’s done the hammy.


That’s shocking.
He had two in-game injuries last round, too.


Been a good season but I think we can put a line through it now. AS has been awesome this year.


Awesome Scotty 1408 vs. Allblack 1314
Mad 1520 vs. Fudge 1463

44pts for Zorko in the final 3 terms after Miller went to him.
12pt 2nd half for Ah Chee
Steele held Mitchell well in the 1st half but Mitchell broke away for a 76pt 2nd half.

Melbourne will largely decide Fudge’s season as half of his remaining 10 players will run out for them tomorrow.


Looking at the scores today and that Witherden injury really hurt.


Yeah looks like it may hurt but at the same time; with the results you might just get up.

This game, if Brayshaw and Rioli can keep Yep and Petracca at bay you’re in with a huge chance.

Lots to play still.


Darling injury looks like a killer, done for the day on 3. Fudge should be home as his Melbourne boys are doing very well to half time.

All Black has a 60 odd point lead on Neela but who has an extra player, right now it’s 2 on 2 with Brayshaw holding out, Neela will still have Greenwood to come but if Neela can hold out a 60 point lead anything can happen if Greenwood gets an injury or has a bad game. You’d think Neela is the favourite from here to get the job done but it’s a close one.


killed any chance for me in league 2 as well :frowning:


Dang that Darling injury hurts MB.


105 point lead for MB

Wright, Gibbs, MacMillan and Douglas


Cunnington and Betts


Going to be tight, usually we have been the team to finish fast, this time we are having to hold on. Darling’s 3 may be pivotal…


And Greenwood sinks Allblack, putting Neela as the first confirmed team through to the Grand Final.


I think we are done, every update Fudge gains ten we get maybe 2. Cunnington seems to have stopped and Eddie is struggling.
16-0 on the last update. :frowning:


Well done Neela. Been a great year.


I know how foggy felt last week.


With a quarter left, MB holds a 13 point lead. He needs Betts to pull out a special quarter.


The horse has bolted.