2018 FF Original discussion thread


And similar this week for me too!!


Too good Fudge. I thought at some stages we may have got the win but it was not to be. Should be a an excellent GF, after two high quality preliminary finals. Any of the 4 teams would have been deserved Grand Finallists. Will the Temple of Bont convert a minor premiership into a win at the big dance? It will be an interesting week.

We have rode our luck this season, losing Darling effectively for 0 today was bad but we have had a fair slice of luck when similar things have happened to others. Unfortunately our bad injuries came at precisely the worst time when we could not cover them. I looked at the conditions in Perth and thought it would suit Darling pretty well. Unfortunately the FF gods are fickle and there is not much you can do about them.

Too bad @Allblack, your boys had a really solid year and finished way better than I thought they would in the pre-season poll. so credit to you as well.


Commiserations MB, it is a tough caper with injuries etc, you’ve been great all year and your team is well suited for a few years yet.
Will be a tough match next week against the Temple of Bont, need to get election right that is for sure.


Wouldn’t be to worried AB & MB, both will be near the big dance next year.


Two closely contested prelims and two very unlucky losers. Congratulations to Allblack and Mad Bomber on terrific seasons and I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of either of you in the prelims.

Official Final Scores

Awesome Scotty

Ah Chee, C F 42
Bontempelli C 117
Conca CB 80
Dangerfield C 115
Davis, P B 39
Greenwood, H FC 99
Hardwick FB 56
Hoskin-Elliott FC 58
Jones, Z CB 70
Kennedy, A B 70
Martin, S R 122
Mitchell, T C 106
Petracca FC 49
Petrevski-Seton FC 48
Rayner FC 66
Weller, L CB 85
Whitfield CB 72
Yeo CB 130



Brayshaw, Ang FC 142
Burton B 58
Caddy FC 91
Dunkley FC 132
Fyfe C 117
Heppell C 106
Houston FB 85
Langdon, E FC 51
Lloyd, D FC 69
McGrath, A CB 73
Polec C 70
Puopolo F 42
Rioli, W F 51
Vlastuin B 60
Walker, J FR 86
Webster, J B 69
Witherden CB 15
Zorko C 74


Betts F 40
Cameron, J F 57
Cunnington C 77
Darling F 3
Geary B 37
Goddard, B CB 73
Grundy, B R 147
Impey F 81
Lloyd, S F 62
Masten C 92
Maynard, B B 97
McDonald-Tippa F 40
Mihocek B 70
Miles, T FB 69
Motlop FC 91
Parker C 143
Ross, S C 107
Westhoff FB 129

lost to


Ablett C 95
Armitage C 78
Barrass B 67
Billings FC 97
Boak FC 103
Douglas FC 71
Frawley B 29
Gawn R 111
Gibbs C 104
Harmes FC 104
Henderson, L B 81
Hibberd, Michael B 51
Kent FC 77
Macmillan B 79
Neale C 104
Oliver C 75
Wright, M FC 44
Wright, S B 72


Commiserations @Allblack, good game and unlucky about the injury to Witherden. You’ve got a tremendous team and I can almost guarantee that you will make top 4 and play a pivotal spot in the finals next year! Thanks for the game this weekend and best of luck next year.

I have to say I got a bit of luck my way this weekend. Thoroughly disappointed with my forward line this weekend, with a complete lack of output and need to get them training this week.

Also, @The_Mad_Bomber1, great season and super, duper unlucky with the injury to Darling.

Re-match next week from the first week of the finals. This time around no Gaff on my end. As Fudge said it’s going to come down to selection.


BBFFL Punters Club - Week 4

1.70 Awesome Scotty vs Fudge 2.15

1.30 Tom Mitchell 100+ points
1.60 Patrick Dangerfield 100+ points
2.30 Christian Petrraca 100+ points
2.00 Hugh Greenwood 100+ points

1.50 Max Gawn 100+ points
1.65 Gary Ablett 100+ points
2.15 Jack Billings 100+ points
2.30 Travis Boak 100+ points

Week 4 rules:

Max bet 100 per round
Max bet 50
Finalists can not bet on the result of their own games
Awesome Scotty and Fudge can bet on player scoring

Account balances:

220 Awesome Scotty
185.5 Vandrs
165 Blummers
155.5 Fogdog
143 Wezza
135 Smoten
122 Crazy Bomber
119.5 Redbull
116 Alber Goodthur
83 Stoops
52 Wimmera
40 Jefferson
34.5 Mad Bomber
30 Allblack


Great work Dill.

Can I please have:

$50 on AS

$30 on Gawn

$20 on Ablett



REPORTER: Coach, are you looking forward to the biggest game of the year after scraping through last week?

AS: Of course! The lads are extremely pumped and understand they were fortuntate to get through last week against Allblack. We’re extremely raring to go and hoping to have a good game against Fudge this weekend.

REPORTER: So, you have a few key players out this week, Fisher, Gaff, Scharenberg, Roberton - how will you manage?

AS: Obviously those player who were injured will be missed, and have played a key part of our season’s success. We have some depth to cover the players who are out, however, it’s not the depth we’ll be relying a great deal on but moreso the next tier of player stepping up and pulling big games. Gaff on the otherhand was absolutely stupid! Need to get him back into gear for next season and go get mentally prepared.

REPORTER: How about Bontmepelli?

AS: He went through some light drills, after hurting his back last week. Obviously he would love to play, but we need to look after his long term health as well.

REPORTER: Forward line - disappointed last week, didn’t they?

AS: Don’t get me started. Petracca, Ah Chee, SPS and Will stayed back after our last game to re-group and get some practice in. We’re expect all to have bigger and much better games this week.

REPORTER: And youngster Rayner, will he play a game in his rookie season?

AS: Certainly, he’s worked his way into the season. Had some okay games and had some great games, consistency needs work but he can turn a game on it’s head. He will certainly be useful.

REPORTER: Phil Davs?

AS: Again, like Bont, hurt himself. Hasn’t done much this week but we’ll need to evaludate during the week. His spot might be up for grabs.

REPORTER: Who’s looking to come in?

AS: Potentially Big Harry, he’s had a great couple of weeks and putting some pressure on the forwardline.

REPORTER: And what about this being your second grand final in two years?

AS: The team was absolutely distraught losing the final last year. We worked extra had over the pre-season, during the season, finishing minor premiers but it all means nothing unless we can pick up the premiership cup on the weekend.

REPORTER: Will you take up the tag chockers if you lose?

AS: I certainly hope not, last year we were massive underdogs and maybe slight favorites this year. No matter what tag sticks, we can gaurantee you we will at least give it our 110% this weekend!

REPORTER: How about your opponent, Fudge, you beat them in the finals already once.

AS: Mate, past matches mean absolutely nothing this weekend, we’re taking it one game at time. Fudge has a tremendous team and his rebuild was nothing short of amazing. It will be a tough game, and know they will bring their best - so we will obviously need to match them.

Thanks for your time


Good work, Dill.

$50 Mitchell

$25 Billings

$25 Petracca


Good work Dill, and good stuff AS, I think i’ll do similar:

REPORTER: Coach, it has been a few years since you’ve been still alive at this time of the year, how does it feel?

FUDGE: It is a little surreal, some players have lifted beyond their expectation and we find ourselves here which hasn’t happened since 2014.

REPORTER: Speaking of 2014, you lost, and not to mention 2013, how do you tackle the prospect of 3 Grand Final losses on the trot?

FUDGE: No doubt they aren’t great memories, first of all getting well beaten by CB in 2014 and getting pumped in a record score by Stoops, so as a coach I have learnt some valuable lessons, but we do have many different personnel in our lineup this week than we did back 4 years ago.

REPORTER: How are your injuries and expecting any changes?

FUDGE: We have a few injuries that we’ve had for the back half of the year as has every team, but we are relatively healthy. C.Dixon missed last week, Jacobs and Blakely, who are all in our best 18, but we’ve had some good coverage. Suckling we acquired in the trade period, but we haven’t been able to get him right, our medico’s had a chat to fogdog’s medico’s and they believed he’d be right come finals time, if not prior, but stressed that this type of injury can turn pear shaped, and playing for the Dogs he may not be risked. It would have been a good reunion as he played in our last premiership back in 2012.
Frawley looks to be sore so he’ll be a player that misses out this week. Marchbank showed good form in the two’s on the weekend and looks set for a recall which is great for him. Rance may be still after playing most of the year for us but didn’t play last week and didn’t do enough.
In terms of other selections we’ll see how the team trains tonight, but I wouldn’t think there would be too many other changes, Wright has been a little down on form, two scores in the 40’s in the last two weeks doesn’t cut it, but he has scored an 88 and 90 in the past 5 weeks; he has Hayward, Kersten & vandenBerg banging down the door, but we’ll probably try and keep a winning formula with only the one required change unless someone breaks down tonight.

REPORTER: Are you going to tag anyone?

FUDGE: We will look to put Harmes to Mitchell, if we can keep Mitchell within 30 of Harmes’ score we’ll go a long way to winning.

REPORTER: Other than the tag, any other plans against AS, he has beaten you in the qualifying final a couple of weeks back.

FUDGE: I think you know what you are going to get from his top line players. With McInerney out last week for Brisbane this helps Martin, and the usuals of Whitfield, Yeo, Danger, Bont in particular that we may not be able to do too much about, it is the other players as AS mentioned that could be the difference in this match, the likes of Petracca, Greenwood, Hoskin-Elliot, Conca, Weller and these guys that we need to limit their influence to keep him scoring under 1500.

REPORTER: Any notable mentions to players other than you have previously mentioned?

FUDGE: Yes, Barrass has shown he can fill a role for us, so he’ll play, and looking for him to get 70+. Billings has responded to criticism and has had a great patch of form at the right time of year, it is good to have Douglas back, the experience will be valuable. Harmes has been in sensational form. Henderson and Hibberd have recently come back and are welcomed additions. Our fitness staff have done a great job in planning to have these types of players right for this game, and not to mention Kent. The guys who we’ve traded in particularly in the last 2 seasons have done everything they can for us, MacMillan, Henderson, Ablett, Boak & Armitage. Also the players that have been so consistent all year in Oliver, Gawn, Neale & Gibbs, we wouldn’t anywhere near where we are without them.
We hope they can taste success this weekend against a great opponent.
All the best to AS, and thanks for your time.


Based on the line of questioning, Fudge is the media darling.




Got lucky with Nash, I hoped but was expecting the worst!


50 on fudge. 25 fawn and 25 Dangerfield


$50 on Mitchell
$20 on Gawn
$15 on Billings
$15 on Ablett


$50 on Fudge
$50 on Billings


$50 on Fudge
$25 Ablett
$25 Gawn


I’ll take $50 on Gawn and $50 on AS please.

Grand Final looks to be a super close matchup!


I think it hinges on whether Bontempelli plays.
I thought he was questionable earlier this week.