2018 FF Original discussion thread


Yeah, I reckon he’s 50/50 to be a late withdrawal.

If he does play, it’ll probably end up being midfield as staying still for an extended period in the forward line messes with his hip.

Let’s see what happens.


Grand Final

Awesome Scotty vs. Fudge

Head 2 Head: Awesome Scotty 4 – Fudge 9

In Finals: Awesome Scotty 1 – Fudge 1

Last Time: Qualifying Final: Awesome Scotty 1558 defeated Fudge 1443

Overall Finals Record:
Awesome Scotty: 13 Matches – 6 Wins; 7 Losses
Fudge: 28 Matches – 22 Wins; 6 Losses

Record in Grand Finals:
Awesome Scotty: 1 Match – 1 Loss
Fudge: 7 Matches – 4 Wins; 3 Losses

Average Season Score: 1526 (1st) vs. 1431 (4th)

Average Last 4 Matches: 1530 (1st) vs. 1437 (5th)

Record Last 2 Months: Awesome Scotty: 6-1 ; Fudge 6-2

Players Used: Awesome Scotty: 27; Fudge: 32

100pt Ave Weapons:

Tom Mitchell, Elliot Yeo, Patrick Dangerfield, Lachie Whitfield & Stef Martin
Clayton Oliver, Max Gawn, Gary Ablett, Bryce Gibbs & Lachie Neale

Complete List of Players Used per Side (and Games Played)

Awesome Scotty

Greenwood 21
Hardwick 21
Hoskin-Elliott 21
Martin, S 21
Mitchell, T 21
Weller, L 21
Whitfield 21
Yeo 21
Dangerfield 20
Gaff 20
Petracca 20
Petrevski-Seton 20
Bontempelli 18
Fisher, Z 18
Jones, Z 18
Scharenberg 18
Conca 14
Rayner 14
Ah Chee, C 8
Acres 7
Kennedy, A 4
Roberton 4
Davis, P 3
Coffield 1
Jones, J 1
McKay, H 1
Nelson 1


Gawn 22
Gibbs 22
Harmes 22
Macmillan 22
Neale 22
Oliver 22
Billings 21
Rance 21
Wright, M 21
Dixon 20
Ablett 18
Hibberd, Michael 18
Douglas 17
Frawley 16
Jacobs 14
Blakely 13
Wright, S 12
Marchbank 10
Boak 9
Hayward 9
Armitage 8
Henderson, L 5
Jetta, N 5
Hutchings 4
Jong 4
Kent 4
Wagner, J 4
Fogarty, L 3
Puopolo 2
vandenBerg 2
Barrass 1
Stretch 1


Now all I can think about is some Haighs Fudge.


Good luck, guys.
You’ve both had great seasons.
Here’s to no injuries.


About the 3rd place playoff that I am looking like I play AB in, is it a legit game or is it just something that UF does automatically? Do I take it seriously or not?


You want to kick yourself for scoring more than both finalists, don’t you?


No not at all. Other years when I did not make the finals I often outscored the teams still going around.(more than I should have)


-Friday, 24 August 2018, 4.17pm

“Early talks coming out of the Temple of Bont is that star player, Marcus Bontempelli, is expected to play this week’s massive game against the Gisborne Obliterators. However, people externally still believe that he might be a late withdrawal.

An internal source has told us that The Temple of Bont will be debuting two players this weekend, however, the coaches are yet to make their decision. Apparently they’re weighing up the cost benefit of a high floor, low ceiling vs boom, bust players in Harry McKay and Connor Nash.

In any case, the team looks fired up and ready to go regardless of the question marks surrounding the team and they certainly will not be taking G.O. lightly.”


Terrible end of the year for me. After the trade period, I knocked out a couple of 1500+ scores. Then all the injuries hit

That end to this season with injuries was the worst I can ever remember. Literally zero luck. Form players also dropped away who had been great all year. Not one thing went right for me really which is frustrating because I think I could of challenged again but ultimately I don’t think I was good enough to make the grand final

Good luck to both grand finalists


B: Yeo, Hardwick, Weller
HB: Jones, Nash, Kennedy
C: Conca, Bontempelli, Whitfield
HF: Rayner, WHE, Petracca
F: Greenwood, McKay, SPS
R: Martin, Mitchell, Dangerfield

EMG: Ah Chee, Stracevich, Davis, De Koning

OUT: Davis, Ah Chee
IN: Nash, McKay


I’d like to put a $100 on LAV please.


If it’s not too late:
$50 on Fudge pls.
$50 on Billings.


Is it luck tho? If you gamble on injury prone players chances are they gonna get injured.


Neela 1468 vs. Fudge 1447

Interesting gamble by Neela risking Starcevich as cover for Bont to play Nash.


Watching franga come good has made up for an average year.

My backline looks set for years to come now.

B: Harris Andrews, Aaron Francis, Martin Gleeson
HB: Jack Crisp, Brodie Smith, Adam Tomlinson


yep, your backline looks set! there’s some real quality in there. solid work Vandrs!


How has Tomlinson’s season been?
He was always a bit up and down for me.

The important thing now is not to mess it up by being distracted by something shiny.
I’m getting better at that, but I still fall for it.
It really is important.


Played most games and averaged 73.

I think I originally drafted him and traded him to someone a few years back. Not sure for what though.


Going to shamlessly plug my fundraising attempt here. Will donate a portion of my FF winnings to it to! :slight_smile:

I am currently fundraising (a target of $750) for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

To donate please visit - http://www.rundanafarber.org/BAAHalf2018/neela (anything helps!)

I will be running the Boston Half Marathon in October this year. To make things interesting for those who want to donate, consider this a win/win situation.

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  • 50% of all donations for a finish time over 95 minutes
  • 20% of all donations for a finish time over 90 minutes but less than 95 minutes

*Quickest half this year was a little over 2 hours, but my personal best (in 2015) is 90.06 minutes.

In the event that I do break 90 minutes, I will still donate $100. Fundraising target is $750.

It is highly likely I will either die trying in the attempt or become super broke! :joy:


Massive quarter from Langdon to get Fudge back into the game!