2018 FF Original discussion thread


Langdon’s score is very handy. Would have been even more handy if he was on Fudge’s list.

You’re still in the box seat with Mitchell still to come.


Haha mixed up Langdon and Neale.


Headaches for both sides.

Mitchell again copping a hard tag needs 55 in the last to hit his predicted score. Hardwick needs a miracle to get anywhere near his average - 50 off currently. Jones and Nash also need good last terms to hit their predicted marks (70 and 57 respectively). McKay though has justified Neela’s gamble, as he should surpass his average.

Fudge has his own headaches with Marchbank needing to triple his score in the last to hit his predicted score and with Gibbs still needing 28 to hit his average, Fudge would be hoping for a much more productive last term than last week’s 6. Douglas is also struggling, but Matt Wright at least has been better than his last 2 and should come out around par.


Big turnaround with Fudge recovering from a 52pt deficit before the night games, helped by Neela’s 4 Syd-Haw players performing 112pts below predicted.

Neela 1441 vs. Fudge 1445

Absolutely anybody’s game, but things again will heavily depend on Melbourne’s performance with Fudge lining up with 5 Dees.


Yep massive turn around.

Not looking good early with shoddy performances by some players in the more recent games.


Surprised our predicted scores are still mid 1400s with some of those below par performances, or maybe they are around the mark! We’ve both got our defensive coaches hats on, at least it is making it a close one with injuries playing no part today.


Yeah he’s still up and down. As AS said he’s averaging over 73 for year, but nearly 85 from his last 5.

When they get a few back for next year he should spend more time around the wing* which should help his scoring.

  • waits for dunlop to say he’s never played wing on his life!


He scored best on the wing for me, as that link-up marking tall.
I do like that sort of player. Good ol’ Scott ‘potato that walks like a man’ Stevens used to play that role.


A tight grand final…I love it!

Will Neela finally get rewarded for his years of strong form and slow rebuild or will Fudge pull off the Hawthorn style quick rebuild?


Martin, Rayner and Barrass are on track to be in the ballpark of their averages, but Neela would be disappointed with Yeo who still needs a 71pt 2nd half to hit his mark. 100pt players are easily able to hit the turbo with 40-50pt terms, but nonetheless he is danger of losing further ground should Yeo not pull the finger out.

Good signs for next season for AG, Jeff and Vandrs with Berry, Bailey & Ryan performing strongly.


Kent done for the day on 2! That’s probably it for me, and it was Whitfield who got him ironically. I did make the Granny thru a similar incident with Darling so I can’t complain, will need a bit of a miracle from here.


I’ll let ya take Vanderberg’s score.

If i lose i lose! Can’t have injuries killing a GF!


Hmmmm interesting.

Also interesting is that Coniglio started a FF in today’s game.


Haha, we should consider taking the option on UF that if a player plays less than 30% you get the score of the bench player (but needs to be in that position), which makes it difficult for it to automatically work without a manual change.
I may not have may the GF if we had that rule in though, haven’t looked!


He’s injured a lot Kent so my own fault!


Unfortunately players get injured early, like the real thing, early in games which is all part of the game. Fudge will have to win wearing Kent.


Not sure what foggy and Craze’s opinions on this are, but I personally hate that option, and I say this having beaten you 2 weeks ago in your comp solely because of it. Injuries happen. Winning fantasy football games is sometimes as much about luck as it is skill and good decision making.

Counting scores from injured players regardless of when the injury occurs is fair, I’d hate to see games being decided whereby 1 team has an injured player a fraction under the time limit and the other being a fraction over. The other issue, is some players can score more in a quarter than others do in a full game, so the possibility exists, although small, that teams could lose points.


That’s a good point!


Oh I definitely agree with you there Dunlop. 100%.

Reminds me of the whole sub rule sh*t which was a nightmare.


Fair enough, makes sense!