2018 FF Original discussion thread


Neal-Bullen’s doing an excellent tagging job on Whitfield.

Fudge still very much in this. Sam Wright won a final for me against Windy Dill 6 years ago, and he’s turning the clock back today. Already almost to his average at 1/2 time.

150-170 in a half is gettable with 4 players unopposed in the final game.


A huge 52pt last term by Harmes has Fudge in the box seat.


58 to win.

Billings and Armitage quiet but still Fudge’s to lose.


Fudge streaks away to win the premiership!


Congratulations on an amazing win Fudge. We just couldn’t get the job done, had a few sloppy moments and bad selections by the committee.

Fudge, you had an amazing turn around and quick rebuild - you don’t see that happen often! We will need to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate for the new year.

Thanks everyone for a great year everyone!


Well done AS, commiserations. It was a very up and down weekend on both parts with players not performing as we both would have hoped.
I’m sure you’ll be right up there again next year with your squad. Cheers and stoked to not lose 3 in a row, some guys lifted a bit out of their skin.


Congratulations to Fudge on the premiership, fantastic victory! Commiserations to Neela on another GF loss, that Gaff brainfade was very costly.



Very similar scoreline to the 2012 Granny, me 1432 v 1414 Smotes.
2018 1438 v 1415.


Congratulations Fudge. A master coach in this competition. Neela would have been a worthy winner and will be hard to beat next year considering the quality of the squad he has put together.


Congratulations Fudge. Cracking year!


Official Final Scores

Awesome Scotty

Bontempelli C 130
Conca CB 75
Dangerfield C 158
Greenwood, H FC 84
Hardwick FB 22
Hoskin-Elliott FC 45
Jones, Z CB 44
Kennedy, A B 75
Martin, S R 105
McKay, H FR 64
Mitchell, T C 101
Nash, C CB 46
Petracca FC 98
Petrevski-Seton FC 85
Rayner FC 55
Weller, L CB 70
Whitfield CB 51
Yeo CB 107

lost to


Ablett C 99
Armitage C 51
Barrass B 60
Billings FC 85
Boak FC 86
Douglas FC 59
Gawn R 120
Gibbs C 111
Harmes FC 125
Henderson, L B 92
Hibberd, Michael B 68
Kent FC 2
Macmillan B 80
Marchbank B 38
Neale C 113
Oliver C 98
Wright, M FC 48
Wright, S B 107

Coincidentally the final scores were identical to Fudge’s winning prelim against Mad Bomber.

Villains and Heroes

Dangerfield (Neela) +54 - Season High
Harmes (Fudge) +44
S.Wright (Fudge) +44 - Season High
Bontempelli (Neela) +40 - Season High
L.Henderson (Fudge) +30 - Season High

Whitfield (Neela) -51 - Season Low
Hardwick (Neela) -45 - Season Low
T.Mitchell (Neela) -30 - 7 Week Low
Armitage (Fudge) -26
Z.Jones (Neela) -26 - Season Low

NB> Kent not included - I’m not calling an injured player a villain

Closest Grand Finals (on record)

18pts - 2012: Fudge d. You Shall Be Smoten
20pts - 2009: Crazy Bomber d. Fudge
27pts - 2018: Fudge d. Awesome Scotty
36pts - 2015: Windy Dill d. Crazy Bomber
70pts - 2011: fogdog d. Screw Flanders

A really close grand final to cap another tightly contested season.
Congratulations Fudge. A phenomenal effort and yet again proving why you’re historically the best coach in the competition by some margin.
Neela, a dominant season that was thwarted by late-season injuries and suspensions. I’m sure you’ll be thereabouts again next season.


congrats fudge. you too neela.


I went to the game today and saw that a Melbourne player (#16?) looked to have hurt his shoulder/collarbone early on and had no idea who it was only saw some frustrated Dees supporters saying he had done it again.

Well done to both coaches today. One of the best GF’s I have seen and either of you would have been worthy winners. Congratulations Fudge and bad luck Neela. I am sure both of your squads will be pretty close next season as well.

Well done everyone on what has been probably the closest FF season our league has had, bring on the AFL’s ‘silly season’ so we can get started on our trades for another end of year trade period.


So another season’s in the books and Fudge’s players are off performing impromptu sets with rock bands of their choosing…so what’s next for the rest of us?

Well Windy Dill will be releasing the betting results later in the week. Did Neela hold on? Or was he pipped again?

If anybody wants to post their end of season reviews and B&F’s, go for it as they’re always fun to read, if you’re posting B&Fs, PM Crazy Bomber with the results so he has them handy to add the history thread when he has time.

Not sure where @Crazy_Bomber is at with the tabulating of the Brownlow, so that may or may not be coming soon.

For my part, I’ll be releasing a final 3 week batch worth of midfield frequency stats towards the end of the week, ahead of releasing the proposed positions for next season at the start of the AFL’s Grand Final Week. Everybody is then free to weigh in and propose your own, or dispute a proposed change.

@fogdog and Crazy Bomber as leaders will be dictating when voting commences and ends on the positions and the start and end of the trade period, so stay tuned for more definitive dates.

As always I hope everybody thoroughly enjoyed another challenging season, and once again hearty congratulations to this year’s premier Fudge.


The Dunlop Medal will be done very likely during the actual Brownlow week to coincide. Was originally going to do earlier but life got in the way.


BBFFL Punters Club
Finals Results

The WINNER is Vandrs

Account balances:

  • 230 Vandrs
  • 185 Awesome Scotty
  • 165 Blummers
  • 153.5 Alber Goodthur
  • 135 Smoten
  • 129.5 Crazy Bomber
  • 127 Redbull
  • 118 Wezza
  • 100.5 Fogdog
  • 83 Stoops
  • 52 Wimmera
  • 40 Jefferson
  • 34.5 Mad Bomber
  • 30 Allblack


Thanks dill for adding a heap of fun to the finals!!


Congrats to the grand finalist.

First prize to fudge is $230

Second prize to Awesome Scotty is $90

PM me your bank details and I’ll organise payment.


Congrats Fudge and AS on great seasons! Good of Fudge to knock AS’ pick from 18 to 17 for me.

Thanks to all for a great year as well, I’ve enjoyed seeing my rebuild start to take shape and I’m excited for the next couple of years.

Thanks Dunners, Craze and Fog in particular for all the work behind the scenes, huge effort every year.

Speaking of my rebuild, when will the trade period start?