2018 FF Original discussion thread


I was going to write something but it was going to be exactly what stoops said.

Congratulations on the win Fudge. I feel like I helped in some way sending you Billings and Oliver for sweet FA.

Although Byrne started to look in his last 2 games and it seems the blues rate him so there is hope I can break even yet.


Huge! Haha can you keep my entry for next year and donate whatever is left to here? :slight_smile:


Kudos! And agree with the sentiment!


Final release of MFD

Rd 20 - Brisbane vs. North

Bounces: 35


Miss Rate: 1 of 155 players

Beams 27
Berry 23
Zorko 20
Bastinac 19 wing
McCluggage 17 wing
Taylor 16 wing
Christensen 12 wing
Rayner 12
Mathieson (FC) 12
Robinson (FC) 10
Starcevich 6 (5w, 1i)

McInerney 27
Martin 8


Clarke 30 wing
Anderson 28
Cunnington 26
Ahern 21
Dumont 21 wing
Simpkin 18
Turner 12 wing
Ziebell 11
Hrovat 7 wing

Goldstein 32
Daw 3

Rd 21 - Essendon vs. St Kilda

Bounces: 33; Miss Rate: 0

Merrett 28 5w
Heppell 25 16i, 9w
Myers 20 1w
Colyer 19 wing (2i)
Parish 15 4w
Zaka (CB) 14 (13w, 1i)
Smith 14 9i, 5w
Langford 12 1w
Fantasia 6 4w, 2i
McGrath 6 wing
Walla 6 1w

T-Bell 28
Stringer 5

St Kilda

Ross 29
Steele 28
Sinclair 27 wing (1i)
Steven 21 1w
Freeman 15 wing
Acres 12 7i, 5w
Newnes 10 wing
Billings 8 wing
Gresham 7
Long 5 4i, 1w
Armitage (CB) 3
Paton (F) 0

Pierce 23
Marshall 10

GWS vs. Adelaide

Bounces: 31; Miss Rate: 0


Shiel 28 15i, 13w
Ward 26 6w
Tomlinson 26 wing
Taranto 18 3w
Coniglio 17 1w
Kelly (inj) 16 8i, 8w
Hopper (FC) 16 2w
Bonar 6 5i, 1w
Lobb 1 wing
Whitfield 1 wing

Lobb 28
Tomlinson 3


Atkins 27 wing
Sloane 24
Mackay 22 wing
M.Crouch 21
Gibbs 19 10i, 9w
Douglas 14
CEY (FC) 13
Greenwood 11
Lynch 4 wing

Jacobs 26
Jenkins 5

Melbourne vs. Sydney

Bounces: 26; Miss Rate: 0

Harmes 23 1w
Jones 20 wing (3i)
Tyson 19 wing
Brayshaw 19
Oliver 17
Petracca 11
JKH 8 wing
Fritsch 7 wing
vandenBerg 4
Salem 2
Lewis (B) 0

Gawn 23
T.McDonald 2
Pedersen 1


Hewett 25
Kennedy 21
Hannebery 21 wing
Cunningham 17 wing
Parker 17
Heeney 14 2w
Jack 14 wing (2i)
Papley 1

Sinclair 24
Dawson 2

Port Adelaide vs. West Coast

Bounces: 21

Port Adelaide

Miss Rate: 1 of 105 players

Polec 18 wing
Ebert 17
Wines 15
Wingard 13
Rockliff 10
Westhoff 9 wing
Motlop 8 wing (1i)
S.Gray 4 3w, 1i
R.Gray 4
Boak 4 2w, 2i
Watts 1 wing

Ryder (inj) 13
Westhoff 7
Howard 1

West Coast

Yeo 19
Masten 19 wing
Shuey 17 2w
Redden 16 10i, 6w
Sheed 15 9w, 6i
Hutchings 14 4w
Cripps 2 wing
Ah Chee 1
Rioli 1

Lycett 16
Vardy 5

Rd 22 - Richmond vs. Essendon


Bounces: 26; Miss Rate: 0

Martin 21 1w
Graham 18 1w
McIntosh 17 wing (1i)
Grigg 17
B.Ellis 17 wing
Edwards 13 3w
Conca 8
Lloyd 7 wing
Higgins 6 4i, 2w
Rioli 3 2w, 1i
Caddy 2 1w, 1i
Castagna 1 wing

Nankervis 24
Grigg 2


Zaka 24 wing (3i)
Heppell 20 5w
Merrett 19 5w
Myers 12
Smith 12 7w, 5i
Walla 9
Langford 8
Guelfi 8 wing
Stringer 7
Colyer 5 wing
Parish 5
McGrath 1 wing

T-Bell 24
Stringer 2

St Kilda vs. Hawthorn

Bounces: 27; Miss Rate: 0

St Kilda

Steele 26
Ross 22
Steven 21
Geary 18 wing
Newnes 12 wing
Billings 9 wing
Acres 8 6i, 2w
Sinclair (FC) 6 wing
Gresham 5
Webster 5 wing
Armitage (CB) 1 wing
Long 1
Lonie 1 wing
Paton (F) 0

Pierce 20
Marshall 7


Mitchell 22
Morrison 21 wing (1i)
O’Meara 19 5w
Smith 16 wing (1i)
Shiels 16 1w
Burgoyne 13 2w
Worpel (FC) 11 3w
Gunston 5 wing
Breust 4
Puopolo 4
Nash (FC) 3 wing
Impey 1

McEvoy 20
Pittonet 7

West Coast vs. Melbourne

Bounces: 34; Miss Rate: 0

West Coast

Masten 31 wing
Redden 29 16w, 13i
Yeo 29 1w
Hutchings 28 8w
Shuey 28 2w
Sheed 22 14i, 8w
Rioli 2
Cripps 1 wing

Lycett 24
Vardy 10


Harmes 31
vandenBerg 27 wing
Jones 27 14w, 13i
Brayshaw 25 1w
Oliver 24
Tyson 22 wing (4i)
Petracca 7
Spargo 6 wing
Gawn 1 wing
Lewis (B) 0

Gawn 27
Weideman 5
T.McDonald 2

Gold Coast vs. Brisbane

Bounces: 23

Gold Coast

Miss Rate: 2 of 115 players

Weller 19 wing (2i)
Barlow 19 wing (1i)
Bowes 17
Lyons 12
Fiorini 12
Miller 11
Swallow (FC) 9
Ainsworth 4
Heron (CB) 3 wing
Sexton 2 wing
Ah Chee (CB) 2 wing
Young 1 wing
Rischitelli (B) 0
Holman (F) 0

Witts 20
Crossley 3


Cutler 20 wing
McCluggage 18 wing
Beams 17
Berry 14
Zorko 12
Mathieson (FC) 8
Robinson (FC) 7
Rayner 7
Starcevich 6 4w, 2i
Bailey (FC) 3 2i, 1w
Taylor 1 wing

Martin 22
Walker 1

Rd 23 - Port Adelaide vs. Essendon

Bounces: 34; Miss Rate: 0

Polec 24 wing (3i)
Boak 19 6w
Wines 19
Ebert 19 3w
SPP 18
Wingard 17 1w
Byrne-Jones 16 wing
Motlop 14 wing (4i)
R.Gray 13
Houston 6 wing
Watts 3 wing
Neade 1 wing
Westhoff 1 wing

Ryder 22
Frampton 11
Westhoff 1


Heppell 31 19i, 12w
Merrett 29 17i, 12w
Smith 18 5w
Myers 17
Zaka 15 wing
McGrath 15 8i, 7w
Langford 12 1w
Walla 11 2w
Parish 10 6i, 4w
Colyer 5 wing
Baguley 4 wing
Laverde 2

Leuenberger (inj) 15
Stringer 17
Myers 2

Melbourne vs. GWS

Bounces: 27; Miss Rate: 0


Harmes 24
Oliver 23
Jones 22 11i, 11w
Brayshaw 21
vandenBerg 18 wing (1i)
Tyson (inj) 11 wing (1i)
JKH 8 wing
Spargo 4 wing
Fritsch (CB) 3 wing
Neal-Bullen 1 wing

Gawn 21
Weideman 3
T.McDonald 3


Kelly 25 15w, 10i
Ward 22 1w
Taranto 21 13w, 8i
Shiel 19 10i, 9w
Hopper 17
Tomlinson 13 wing
Coniglio (FC) 11
Bonar 4
Lobb 1 wing
Whitfield 1 wing
Reid 1 wing

Lobb (inj) 18
Tomlinson 8
Ward 1

Sydney vs. Hawthorn

Bounces: 26; Miss Rate: 0


Kennedy 24
Hewett 22
Cunningham 19 wing
Florent 18 wing
Heeney 15
Hannebery (inj) 9 5w, 4i
Newman (FC) 9 5i, 4w
Jack 6 5w, 1i
Papley 5
Dawson 2
Lloyd 1 wing

Sinclair 25
Heeney 1


Mitchell 23 1w
Shiels 23 3w
Burgoyne 15
Smith 15 wing
Henderson 11 wing
Morrison (FC) 10 wing
O’Meara (?) 10
Worpel (FC) 9 2w
Gunston 7 wing
Breust 4
Nash (FC) 2 wing
Puopolo 1 wing

McEvoy 23
Roughead 3

Brisbane vs. West Coast

Bounces: 28


Cutler 26 wing
Berry 19
Beams 19
McCluggage 18 wing (3i)
Starcevich 15 wing (4i)
Zorko 12
Robinson (FC) 10
Rayner 10
Mathieson (FC) 5
Taylor 2 wing
Bailey (FC) 2
Rich 1 wing

Martin 21
McInerney 7

West Coast

Miss Rate: 2 of 140 players

Masten 26 wing
Yeo 23
Sheed 22 7w
Redden 22 7w
Hutchings 21 11i, 10w
Shuey 19 1w
Venables 2
Rioli 1
Ryan 1 wing
Cripps 1 wing

Lycett 12
Vardy 16


I’m slowly starting to re-update the current squad thread - should have them all done by the end of AFL Finals.


I may have missed it, but what do the values in brackets indicate?


There are a few things that could be interpreted as brackets in that quote…

If you’re talking about the actual number - its how many times for the match they started as one of the 5 mids at centre bounces.


So Worpel (FC) means you think he played as a forward centre for the match (currently a C only position)?
and weren’t sure where O’Meara lined up when not starting at the bounce?

So we are looking at possible position changes with the Name (XX) ?


Ah. Gotcha. “Values” threw me as its often used to refer to numbers.

Typically those guys are pure Cs who for that match predominately played somewhere they don’t have eligibility for, though it also extends to anybody who received midfield time who fits the latter part (eg Morrison, Nash etc) - for players receiving midfield time its the simplest way to tally them. As at the end of the season, its quick and easy to go across the 12-15 games and have something that brings my attention to a player rather than having to find whether they’re above or below the line for each game.

Does it mean you’re looking at possible position changes? For some players - yes - for others, no - it depends how often they’ve played there across the season as to whether they reach the 7 game benchmark I use for this - eg. Fiorini’s first game back at AFL level he played more as a back than a mid to ease him back into things, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be nominated as a CB in a few weeks. Late in seasons is when some clubs out of finals like to do some experimenting.


Legend. Thanks mate!


I’ll field offers for Cox. 1st round picks only.


Tom Mitchell, Gaff, Whitfield and Danger!


I wonder if I’ll still get no offers for Jack Crisp for another year. Guy is a jet!!


I’m assuming there are position polls beforehand, but when does trade period officially begin?


A week after the grand final I thought?


Just a heads up on the Dunlop Medal, the initial aim was to get it done by tonight but unfortunately that won’t be the case. 5-4-3-2-1 specific system rewarding certain stat catagories for what I was doing (to try and make it a bit more unpredictable) is very time consuming and the majority of my Blitz time has been on my phone, I’m aiming to get some more laptop time this weekend to properly sit through and do this over the next few weeks, so apologies if anyone wanted it tonight. Unfortunately life situations + weekend working takes the lifeforce out of you when you get home late, I’ll have more free time in coming weeks.

@Dunlop may correct me if I’m wrong but I believe position polls are open now, from memory in previous years you can nominate in this thread or PM me the players you want up and I’ll have them sent out after the Grand Final. Trade week starts up basically same time as the real one does, a week after the grand final.


Close. Proposed position list up first then a week to nominate other players or refute any proposed changes.

The list will be up Wednesday. Obscure SANFL & NEAFL players are more time consuming without the Inside Football analysis.


Will probably forget about this again if I don’t do it now. Was planning on something more elaborate, but this’ll have to do.

2018 Seagull B&Fs

Best Clubman:

Heath Grundy

Rising Star

Jack Higgins

John McCarthy Award (Most Improved)

Olli Florent

Hall of Fame Inductee

Andrew Carrazzo
127 Games - 4th Highest
2007 West-Richardson Medallist
2008 Runner-Up WRM

West-Richardson Medal

In an exceptionally close count, 2 players traded the lead throughout the season, until the final round when the leader choked, turning in their lowest score for the season, whilst the other was BOG in the defeat to wezza.

3rd Place

Lachie Hunter (116 Votes)

Lachie’s vote total is the highest amount for a 3rd place finisher in the history of the medal - which possibly says a lot about the amount of depth in high average guys in the squad in general and that some of last year’s top 10 barely got on the park which limited the competition at the top end.

2nd Place

Rory Laird (129)

Laird narrowly misses the opportunity to become the 2nd player to win back-to-back B&Fs after Tom Rockliff (2011-2). Surprisingly though, he polled 1 more vote than he did in his win last season.

West-Richardson Medallist (134 Votes)

Jarrod Witts

Congratulations to Wittsy on his inaugural win. He finished 2nd last season.


Proposed 2019 Positions

General philosophy:

  • Players need to have played a minimum of 7 games in a position for me to recommend a change.

  • First year players don’t lose positions in year 1, unless they’re playing somewhere different and already have 2 positions.

  • For first year players who aren’t already classified as pure mids, they need to play every game as a mid to be nominated as pure mids in season 1.

  • Players must play 2 seasons as a mid, before being nominated as a pure mid.

NB> Unfortunately whatever Rolo has done at the back-end, prevents me from making bold the nominated players like in previous years to make things easier. If people are having difficulty reading it, I’ll manually post the changes.

I’ll post more player specifics over the next day or 2.

Abbott, Ryan R
Ablett, Gary C
Acres, Blake FC
Adams, Marcus B
Adams, Taylor C
Ah Chee, Brendon FC
Ah Chee, Callum F FB
Ahern, Paul FC
Ainsworth, Ben FC
Ainsworth, Brayden C
Aish, James C
Aliir, Aliir B
Allen, Matthew F FC
Allen, Oscar F FB
Allison, Jacob FC
Amartey, Joel # FR
Ambrose, Patrick B
Amon, Karl FC
Anderson, Jed FC
Andrews, Harris B
Apeness, Michael FR
Appleby, Flynn # B
Armitage, David C FC
Astbury, David B
Atkins, Rory C
Atley, Joe C
Atley, Shaun FB
Austin, Logan B
Baguley, Mark FB
Bailey, Zac C FC
Baker, Liam # FC
Baker, Oskar C
Ballantyne, Hayden F
Ballard, Charlie FC CB
Ballenden, Connor FB
Balta, Noah FB
Banfield, Bailey # FC
Barlow, Michael FC
Barrass, Tom B
Barrett, Jake # FC
Barry, Dom C
Bastinac, Ryan C
Battle, Josh F
Bayok, Tarir # FC
Beams, Claye # CB
Beams, Dayne C
Begley, Josh FC
Bell, James # C FC
Bell, Tom FC
Bellchambers, Tom R
Bennell, Harley FC
Berry, Jarrod CB C
Betts, Eddie F
Bewick, Rohan FC
Bews, Jed B
Billings, Jack F
Birchall, Grant B
Black, Aaron F FB
Blair, Jarryd F
Blakely, Connor CB
Blicavs, Mark CR CB
Boak, Travis FC F
Bolton, Shai F FC
Bonar, Aiden FC
Bonner, Riley B
Bontempelli, Marcus C
Bowes, Jack CB
Boyd, Tom FR R
Brand, Kaiden B
Brander, Jarrod FB
Brayshaw, Andrew FC
Brayshaw, Angus FC
Brayshaw, Hamish FC
Breust, Luke F
Broad, Nathan B
Broadbent, Matthew B
Brodie, Will C
Broomhead, Tim FC
Brown, Ben FR F
Brown, Callum FC
Brown, Jake # CB
Brown, Luke B
Brown, Mitch W. FB
Brown, Nathan B
Brown, Tyler C CB
Bruce, Josh FR
Buckley, Dylan # B
Buckley, Jack # F
Bugg, Tom FC
Buntine, Matt B
Burgoyne, Shaun CB
Burrows, Ryan # F
Burton, Ryan B
Butler, Dan F
Buzza, Wylie FR
Byrne, Ciaran B
Byrne-Jones, Darcy B
Caddy, Josh FC
Cameron, Charlie F
Cameron, Darcy FR
Cameron, Jeremy F
Campbell, Tom FR
Carlisle, Jake B
Casboult, Levi FR
Castagna, Jason FC F
Ceglar, Jonathon R FR
Cerra, Adam FC
Cheney, Kyle B
Chol, Mabior # FB FR
Christensen, Allen FC
Clark, Hunter CB
Clarke, Dylan FC
Clarke, Ryan C CB
Clavarino, Oscar B
Clurey, Tom B
Cockatoo, Nakia FC
Coffield, Nick CB
Cole, Tom B
Coleman-Jones, Callum FR
Collins, Kieran B
Colyer, Travis FC
Conca, Reece CB
Coniglio, Stephen C
Connellan, Ray # FB F
Constable, Charlie CB
Cordy, Zaine B
Corr, Aidan B
Cotchin, Trent C
Cousins, James # C
Cox, Brennan FB F
Cox, Cedric CB
Cox, Mason FR
Crameri, Stewart # F
Cripps, Jamie F
Cripps, Patrick C
Crisp, Jack CB B
Crocker, Ben F
Crossley, Brayden FR
Crouch, Brad C
Crouch, Matt C
Crowden, Mitch FC
Crozier, Hayden FB
■■■■■■■, Isaac B
Cunico, Jordan CB -> C
Cuningham, David FC
Cunningham, Harry FC
Cunnington, Ben C
Curnow, Charlie F
Curnow, Ed C
Cutler, Tom CB
Dahlhaus, Luke FC
Daicos, Josh F FC
Dale, Bailey FC
Dangerfield, Patrick C
Daniel, Caleb F
Daniels, Brent F
Daniher, Joe FR
Darcy, Sean R
Darling, Jack F
Davies-Uniacke, Luke FC
Davis, Ben F
Davis, Phil B
Daw, Majak BR
Dawson, Jacob # C
Dawson, Jordan FC
Dawson, Liam FB
Day, Sam FB FR
de Boer, Matt F
De Goey, Jordan FC
De Koning, Tom FR
Dea, Matt B
Dear, Harry FR
Deledio, Brett FC
Dickson, Tory F
Dixon, Charlie F
Dixon, Hugh FR
Docherty, Sam B
Doedee, Tom B
Douglas, Richard FC
Dow, Paddy FC
Draper, Sam # R FR
Drew, Willem C
Drummond, Nathan C CB
Duggan, Liam CB B
Duman, Taylin # CB
Dumont, Trent C
Duncan, Mitch C
Dunkley, Josh FC
Dunn, Lynden B
Dunstan, Luke C
Durdin, Sam FB B
Duryea, Taylor FB B
Eagles, Matthew # BR B
Ebert, Brad C
Edwards, Jackson # C
Edwards, Shane FC
Eggmolesse-Smith, Derek # B
Elliott, Jamie F
Ellis, Brandon CB
Ellis, Corey CB
Ellis-Yolmen, Cam # C
England, Callan # C
English, Tim R
Fantasia, Orazio F
Farrell, Kane CB FC
Fasalo, Alex F
Filipovic, Lachlan # R FR
Finlayson, Jeremy B
Fiorini, Brayden C
Fisher, Zac FC
Florent, Oliver FC
Flynn, Matt FR
Fogarty, Darcy FC
Fogarty, Lachlan FC
Foote, Jordan CB FC
Fox, Robbie # C FC
Frampton, Billy FR
Francis, Aaron FB B
Franklin, Lance F
Frawley, James B
Freeman, Nathan C
Fritsch, Bayley F FC
Frost, Jack B
Frost, Sam B
Fyfe, Nat C
Gaff, Andrew C
Gallucci, Jordan FC
Gardiner, Darcy B
Gardner, Ryan B
Garlett, Jarrod FC
Garlett, Jeff F
Garner, Joel CB
Garner, Taylor F
Garthwaite, Ryan B
Gawn, Max R
Geary, Jarryn B
Gibbs, Bryce C
Gilbert, Sam B
Giro, Stefan # FC
Glass, Conor # B
Glass-McCasker, Jesse # B
Gleeson, Marty B
Goddard, Brendon CB
Goddard, Hugh B
Goldsack, Tyson B
Goldstein, Todd R
Gowers, Billy # FB F
Graham, Jack C
Graham, Nick FC
Gray, Robbie FC
Gray, Sam FC F
Green, Josh F
Greene, Fergus F
Greene, Toby F
Greenwood, Hugh FC
Greenwood, Levi FC FB
Gregson, Cory F
Greshem, Jade FC
Grey, Brady FC
Griffen, Ryan CB FB
Grigg, Shaun C
Grimes, Dylan B
Grundy, Brodie R
Grundy, Heath B
Guelfi, Matt FC
Gunston, Jack FB F
Guthrie, Cam CB
Guthrie, Zach # B
Hall, Aaron C
Hamling, Joel B
Hanley, Pearce CB
Hannan, Mitch FC F
Hannebery, Dan C
Hanrahan, Oliver # FC
Harbrow, Jarrod B
Hardwick, Blake FB B
Harmes, James FC
Hartigan, Kyle B
Hartlett, Hamish B
Hartley, Michael B
Hartung, Billy FC C
Hawkins, Tom F
Hayball, Matthew # FB B
Hayden, Kyron C FC
Hayes, Sam FR
Haynes, Nick B
Hayward, Will F
Heatherley, Kurt B
Heeney, Isaac FC
Henderson, Lachie B
Henderson, Ricky CB C
Henry, Jack # FB
Heppell, Dyson C
Heron, Jacob # FC
Hewett, Cam # CB
Hewett, George FC
Hibberd, Michael B
Hibberd, Mitch CB
Hickey, Tom R
Higgins, Jack FC
Higgins, Shaun FC C
Hill, Brad C
Hill, Stephen C CB
Himmelberg, Elliott FB FR
Himmelberg, Harry FB F
Hinge, Mitchell # CB
Hipwood, Eric F
Hodge, Luke CB B
Hogan, Jesse F
Holman, Nick # C FC
Hombsch, Jack B
Honeychurch, Mitch FC
Hooker, Cale FB
Hopper, Jacob C
Horlin-Smith, George FC
Hoskin-Elliott, Will FC
Houlahan, Jordan F
Houli, Bachar B
House, Timm FB B
Houston, Dan # FB B
Howard, Dougal FB B
Howe, Dan CB C
Howe, Jeremy B
Hrovat, Nathan F
Hughes, Ethan B
Hunt, Jayden B
Hunter, Lachie C
Hunter, Peter # FR
Hurley, Michael B
Hurn, Shannon B
Hutchings, Mark C
Impey, Jarman F FB
Irra, Emmanuel # CB
Jack, Kieren FC
Jacobs, Ben CB C
Jacobs, Sam R
Jarman, Ben # F
Jaska, Josh # B
Jeffries, Tom # R
Jenkins, Josh FR
Jetta, Lewis CB
Jetta, Neville B
Jiath, Changkuoth # F FB
Johannisen, Jason B
Johnson, Aidyn F
Johnson, Alex # B
Johnson, Michael B
Johnstone, Dion F FB
Jonas, Tom B
Jones, Harrison # FC CB
Jones, Jamaine # F
Jones, Liam FB B
Jones, Nathan C
Jones, Scott R FR
Jones, Zak CB B
Jong, Lin FC
Joyce, Darragh # CB B
Joyce, Jesse B
Junker, Oscar # FC
Karpany, Malcolm FC
Keath, Alex B
Keays, Ben FC
Keeffe, Lachlan FB
Keilty, Declan # FB B
Kelly, Jake B
Kelly, Josh C
Kelly, Tim FC
Kennedy, Adam B
Kennedy, Josh J. F
Kennedy, Josh P. C
Kennedy, Matthew FC
Kennedy-Harris, Jay FC
Kent, Dean F
Kerr, Pat F
Kerridge, Sam C
Kersten, Shane F FB
King, Mitch R
Kirby, Kayle F
Knight, Riley FC
Kolodjashnij, Jake CB B
Kolodjashnij, Kade B
Kreuzer, Matthew R
Ladhams, Peter # R FR
Laird, Rory B
Lamb, Jed F FB
Lambert, Kane FC
Lang, Darcy F
Langdon, Ed FC
Langdon, Tom B
Langdon, Zac F
Langford, Kyle FC
Langford, Will C FC
Langlands, Doulton # CB
Larkey, Nick FB F
Lavender, Luke # FR
Laverde, Jayden FC
LeBois, Kym # F
LeCras, Mark F
Lemmens, Sean FB F
Leslie, Jack B
Lester, Ryan FC FB
Leuenberger, Matthew R
Lever, Jake B
Lewis, Jordan C CB
Lewis, Mitch FR
Liberatore, Tom C
Lienert, Jarrod # FB B
Ling, Matthew CB
Lipinski, Patrick FC
Lloyd, Daniel # FC F
Lloyd, Jake B
Lloyd, Sam F
Lobb, Rory FR
Lobbe, Matthew R
Logue, Griffin B
Lonergan, Jesse C
Long, Ben FB F
Long, Jake FC
Longer, Billy R
Lonie, Jack F
Lovell, Kieran C FC
Lycett, Scott FR
Lynch, Brad # B
Lynch, Max # FR R
Lynch, Tom J. F
Lynch, Tom T. F
Lyons, Corey FC
Lyons, Jarryd FC C
Mackay, David CB
Macmillan, Jamie B
MacPherson, Darcy # FC
Macrae, Jack C
Macreadie, Harrison CB B
Madgen, Jack # B
Maibaum, Jack FB B
Marchbank, Caleb B
Markov, Oleg CB
Marsh, Harry B
Marshall, Rohan # FR
Marshall, Todd F
Martin, Dustin C
Martin, Jack F
Martin, Stefan R
Masten, Chris C
Matera, Brandon F
Mathieson, Rhys C FC
May, Steven B
Mayes, Sam B
Maynard, Brayden B
Maynard, Corey # C
Mayne, Chris F FC
McCarthy, Cam F
McCarthy, Lincoln F
McCartin, Paddy F
McCartin, Tom F
McCluggage, Hugh FC
McDaid, Cillan # CB
McDonald, Luke CB
McDonald, Oscar B
McDonald, Tom FB FR
McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony F
McEvoy, Ben R
McGovern, Jeremy B
McGovern, Mitch F
McGrath, Andrew CB
McInerney, Oscar # FR
McInnes, Fraser # FR
McIntosh, Kamdyn CB C
McKay, Ben FB
McKay, Harry FR
McKenna, Conor B
McKenna, Patrick FB
McKenzie, Daniel CB
McKenzie, Trent B
McKernan, Shaun # FR
McLarty, Sam FB FR
McLean, Toby FC
McNiece, Ben # B
McPherson, Andrew CB
McStay, Dan B FB
McVeigh, Jarrad B
Meek, Lloyd R FR
Melican, Lewis B
Melksham, Jake FB F
Membrey, Tim F
Menadue, Connor FC CB
Menegola, Sam FC
Menzel, Daniel F
Merrett, Jackson FC
Merrett, Zach C
Miers, Gryan FC
Mihocek, Brody # B FB
Milera, Wayne FC FB
Miles, Anthony C
Miles, Teia FB B
Miller, Ben FB
Miller, Touk FC C
Mills, Callum B
Minchington, Darren FC
Mirra, David # B
Mitchell, Tom C
Mohr, Tim B
Moore, Callum # F
Moore, Darcy FB
Moore, Dylan FC
Morgan, Alex B
Morris, Dale B
Morrison, Harry CB FC
Motlop, Steven FC
Mountford, Declan CB
Mullenger-McHugh, Nathan # FB
Mullett, Aaron B
Mundy, David FC
Murdoch, Jordan FC
Murphy, Lachlan # B FB
Murphy, Marc C
Murphy, Nathan FB
Murphy, Tom # CB
Murray, Sam CB B
Mutch, Kobe C
Mutimer, Kurt C CB
Myers, David C
Mynott, Trent # C FC
Naish, Patrick CB
Naismith, Sam R
Naitanui, Nick R
Nankervis, Toby R
Narkle, Quinton FC
Narrier, Gordon # FC
Nash, Conor # CB FB
Naughton, Aaron B
Neade, Jake F
Neal-Bullen, Alex FC F
Neale, Lachie C
Nelson, Jackson B
Newman, Nic CB
Newnes, Jack FC
Nicholls, Tom R
Nielson, Daniel B
North, Tom C
Nutting, Connor B
Nyhuis, Ryan # B
O’Brien, Lochie CB C
O’Brien, Reilly R
O’Brien, Tim FR FB
O’Connor, Mark # CB
Olango, Tony # R
Oliver, Clayton C
O’Meara, Jaegar C
O’Riordan, Colin CB
O’Rourke, Jono C
O’Shea, Cam B
Otten, Andy FB B
Oxley, Adam # CB
Paparone, Marco B
Papley, Tom FC
Parfitt, Brandan FC
Parish, Darcy FC
Parker, Luke C
Parsons, James F
Partington, Luke FC
Patmore, Jake CB
Paton, Ben B CB
Patton, Jon F FR
Payne, Jack B
Pearce, Alex FB B
Pearce, Danyle C
Pedersen, Cam FR
Pendlebury, Scott C
Perryman, Harry CB
Petracca, Christian FC
Petrevski-Seton, Samo FC
Petrucelle, Jack FC
Petty, Harrison B
Phillips, Andrew FR
Phillips, Ed FC
Phillips, Tom FC C
Picken, Liam FC
Pickett, Jarrod FC
Pierce, Lewis # FR R
Pink, Toby # F
Pittard, Jasper B
Pittonet, Marc R
Plowman, Lachie B
Poholke, Myles FC
Polec, Jared C
Polson, Cameron C FC
Porter, Callum FC
Powell, Wil C FC
Powell-Pepper, Sam FC C
Prestia, Dion C
Preuss, Braydon FR
Puopolo, Paul F
Rampe, Dane B
Rance, Alex B
Ratugolea, Esava FR
Rayner, Cameron FC
Redden, Jack C
Redman, Mason FB B
Redpath, Jack FR
Reid, Ben B
Reid, Sam B. F
Reid, Sam J. # F
Rice, Bailey B
Rich, Daniel B
Richards, Ed B FB
Ridley, Jordan CB B
Riewoldt, Jack F
Rioli, Daniel F
Rioli, Willie F
Rischitelli, Michael C CB
Roberton, Dylan B
Roberts, Fletcher B
Robertson, Nick CB B
Robinson, Dan FC
Robinson, Mitch C FC
Rockliff, Tom C
Rohan, Gary F
Ronke, Ben # FC F
Rose, James F
Ross, Jackson FC
Ross, Seb C
Rotham, Josh CB
Roughead, Jarryd F
Roughead, Jordan R FR
Rowe, Sam B
Ryan, Liam F
Ryan, Luke B
Ryder, Paddy R
Saad, Adam B
Salem, Christian B
Sandilands, Aaron R
Savage, Shane B
Schache, Josh F
Scharenberg, Matt B
Scheer, Brad FC
Schoenfeld, Josh C
Schoenmakers, Ryan FB F
Schofield, Will B
Schumacher, Angus CB
Scrimshaw, Jack B
Scully, Tom C
Seedsman, Paul CB C
Selwood, Joel C
Selwood, Scott C
Setterfield, Will C
Sexton, Alex FC
Shaw, Heath B
Shaw, Matt # CB
Sheed, Dom FC
Shepperd, Brad B
Sheridan, Tommy CB
Shiel, Dylan C
Shiels, Liam C
Shipley, Nick C
Short, Jayden B
Shuey, Luke C
Sicily, James FB B
Sidebottom, Steele C
Sier, Brayden C
Signorello, Matthew C
Silvagni, Jack F
Simpkin, Jy FC
Simpson, Dawson R
Simpson, Kade B
Simpson, Sam # FC
Sinclair, Callum FR R
Sinclair, Jack FC C
Skinner, Sam FB
Sloane, Rory C
Smith, Archie R
Smith, Brodie B
Smith, Devon FC
Smith, Isaac C
Smith, Joel FB B
Smith, Josh B FB
Smith, Nick B
Smith, Roarke # CB B
Smith, Tim # F FR
Smith, Zac R
Snelling, Will # C
Soldo, Ivan R
Spargo, Charlie FC
Spencer, Max # B
Sproule, Zach # F
Stanley, Rhys FR R
Starcevich, Brandon FC
Steele, Jack FC
Stein, Jake # B
Stengle, Tyson # FC
Stephenson, Jaidyn FC
Steven, Jack C
Stewart, James F
Stewart, Tom B
Stoddart, Ryley B
Stratton, Ben B
Stretch, Billy CB
Stringer, Jake FC
Strnadica, Luke # FR
Styles, Angus # B
Suckling, Matt B
Sutcliffe, Cam CB
Swallow, David C
Switkowski, Sam F
Taberner, Matt F
Talia, Daniel B
Taranto, Tim FC
Tarrant, Robbie B
Taylor, Harry FB
Taylor, Lewis FC F
Taylor, Sam B
Thomas, Dale FC FB
Thomas, Josh FC
Thompson, Rory B
Thompson, Scott D. B
Thurlow, Jackson CB
Tiziani, Lachie F
Tomlinson, Adam B CB
Toumpas, Jimmy CB
Towers, Dean FC
Townsend, Jacob FC
Treloar, Adam C
Trengove, Jack C
Trengove, Jackson BR
Tucker, Darcy FC
Tuohy, Zach B
Turner, Kayne F
Tyson, Dom C
vandenBerg, Aaron FC
Varcoe, Travis FB F
Vardy, Nathan FR
Venables, Daniel FC
Vickers-Willis, Ed B
Viney, Jack C
Vlastuin, Nick B
Wagner, Josh B
Walker, Josh FR FB
Walker, Taylor F
Walker, Will FC
Wallis, Mitch C FC
Walters, Michael FC
Ward, Callan C
Waterman, Jake F
Watson, Declan B
Watson, Francis # B
Watts, Jack F
Webb, Lukas FC
Webster, Jimmy B
Weideman, Sam F FR
Weitering, Jacob B
Weller, Lachie CB
Weller, Mav F
Wells, Daniel FC
Westhoff, Justin FB FR
White, Brandon B
Whitecross, Brendan F
Whitfield, Lachie CB
Wigg, Harrison CB
Williams, Bailey B
Williams, Josh C
Williams, Marley B
Williams, Zac B
Williamson, Tom CB
Willis, Mackenzie # B
Wills, Rupert C
Willsmore, Dallas # FC
Wilson, Nathan B
Wilson, Patrick # CB
Wines, Ollie C
Wingard, Chad FC
Witherden, Alex CB B
Witts, Jarrod R
Wood, Easton B
Wood, Mason F
Wooller, Toby FC
Worpel, James C FC
Wright, Matthew FC F
Wright, Nathan F
Wright, Peter FR
Wright, Sam B
Xerri, Tristan FR
Yeo, Elliot CB
Young, Aaron FC F
Young, Lewis FB B
Zaharakis, David C
Zerk-Thatcher, Brandon BR
Ziebell, Jack FC
Zorko, Dayne C
Zurhaar, Cameron # FC F

Personal Player Nomination:

Shaun Grigg C -> CR

I believe Grigg is a unique case that is not for me to decide, but for the group. He has more than qualified in normal measures as he has played every match as Richmond’s back-up ruck - even when Callum Moore was playing they were still using Grigg. However, he is also a non-KPP player who not even state league clubs would deem tall enough to play as a ruck, and given the pounding Grundy gave him during his brief chop-outs on the weekend (which flowed onto clearances and direct scores) it seems likely Hardwick will re-evaluate the 2nd ruck role within the side.


Grigg from C to CR would be the most obvious position change ever.