2018 FF Original discussion thread


Josh Bruce played 22 games as St Kilda’s back-up ruck in 2016 and had his proposed FR status overturned.

Jack Watts played half a season as a back-up the same year and had his proposed ruck status overturned as well.

There is more of a gap between how one person sees a back-up ruck to another I think then any other position (maybe wing), based purely on the amount of players who have had votes overturned.

It is probably a complete waste of people’s time, but I’m looking at it as a referendum on non-KPP back-ups, particularly if more teams start heading in that direction - Sydney used mids all season (bar Cameron’s 1 game and 1 game they threw Aliir in there), they just used so many of them that nobody reached the 7 game mark. St Kilda did it for large stretches and the Dogs also experimented with it.


So did Essendon with Stringer.



I think they’re all reasonable although I think Sicily losing FB is a trifle harsh.


Grigg has been a second ruckman for 2 years, lol.


Great work again as usual Dunlop.

You probably could’ve left Ryan Griffen of the list though as he’s retired lol

So can we nominate in this thread for position changes?

If so then I nominate Jack Crisp from B to CB.


Great job Dunlop.

I was going to nominate Mitch Wallis for FC.
He’s frustrating because he starts in the midfield which shows up on Dunlop’s research, but he generally at worst 50/50 split between forward and midfield in all other instances.


Yep. Go nuts.

If the player isn’t part of your squad you need to nominate them in here, otherwise if you wish to dispute a change proposed for your player, or think I’ve missed a position switch for your guy, you can opt to either nominate them in here or PM Craze directly.


Analysis breakdown for this season:

Adelaide: 14 Games
Brisbane: 13
Carlton: 13
Collingwood: 15 + GF pending
Essendon: 13
Fremantle: 12
Geelong: 13
Gold Coast: 12
GWS: 15
Hawthorn: 16
Melbourne: 17
North Melbourne: 12
Port Adelaide: 13
Richmond: 14
St Kilda: 12
Sydney: 17
West Coast: 15 + GF pending
Western Bulldogs: 12

Industry Trends: The AFL is largely a copycat industry, even down to their coverage of their state league players. A few years back the general trend was to be open and let supporters know what role they were playing and how they played (though couched in general terms). Unfortunately for this process, that has flipped back the other way to tossing out a game report, some give wrap-ups to the top 2 or 3 guys, but only Richmond & Hawthorn still provide the individual player breakdowns. Together with the loss of the AFL Player Ratings that were very useful for obscure players, this means I’ll probably have to change things up next year, as even the seasonal reviews for players I was unsure about were vague.

Guys who I’m aware played other positions during the year - some of these may be worth a nomination as guys have been successful before without hitting 7 games in a position, particularly if they’re playing there in finals:

The Beveridge Obsession with Flexibility:
Zaine Cordy - 3 games as a forward-ruck
Caleb Daniel - trialled as a back to end the year
Josh Dunkley - The only time he attended a centre bounce in the first half of the year was in his short-lived stint as 2nd ruck
Jason Johannissen - Started the year as a forward
Brad Lynch - Played the final 5 games forward
Aaron Naughton - 3 games forward
Ed Richards - Trialled as a wing for 2 games, before predominantly playing the second half of the season as a forward
Josh Schache - 2 games as back-up ruck
Bailey Williams - After Macrae’s injury he played 2 games as an inside mid before being injured himself
Easton Wood - Started the year as a forward


Paul Ahern - Started the season as a back at VFL to ease him back into things
Brayden Ainsworth: forward-mid in his 3 AFL games but played inside mid at WAFL level
Jacob Allison - At least 1 of his 3 AFL games was played as a back. He played the NEAFL finals as a wing and Brisbane’s end of season review for him was vague as to his predominant position for the season. Didn’t have time at the end of the season to wade through 2,000 replies in Brisbane’s BigFooty NEAFL thread to see whether I could find enough matches.
James Aish - Has played all 3 finals as a back, with a 4th coming tomorrow. Played the opening round as a forward (may’ve played as many as 5 games there).
David Armitage - aside from the 7 games forward, was trialled as a back for 2 games at the end of the season
Bailey Banfield - had a couple tagging as a back
Shaun Burgoyne: Used occasionally as a forward-mid across the year
Darcy Byrne-Jones: Port played 8 defenders for 2 games late in the season, which pushed Darcy to playing as a defensive forward - notably on Whitfield
Adam Cerra - 5 games back
Allen Christensen - played the last couple as a back
Hunter Clark - started the season as a forward
Stephen Coniglio - 4 games including 2 of their last 3 as a forward-mid. Possible he got to 7 as there was no trend/consistency from game-to-game as to when he played more forward
James Cousins - Forward-mid at AFL level, but not enough to qualify given he was always inside mid at VFL level
Patrick Dangerfield - 2 games as a forward-mid.
Bailey Fritsch - Final 5 games of the season (4 AFL + VFL GF) as a back
Jack Graham - At least 4 games forward. Potentially got there.
Aaron Hall - Started 3 games as a back, in 2 he switched positions after half time (to inside mid and forward respectively), in the 3rd he didn’t last long before injury
Jacob Heron - At least 3 of his last 5 AFL games were as a back, his first 3 AFL games were as a defensive forward and he was forward in the NEAFL before the call-up. Couldn’t find enough detailed information about his position between being dropped and being recalled to ascertain when the switch happened.
Jake Kelly - When Atkins was dropped, he was tried in his wing spot.
Jake Kolodjashnij - Played the EF as a wing.
Chris Masten - Replaced Sheppard as the Eagles 7th back once Sheppard was injured in the QF
Cam McCarthy - Tried replicating the Kersten experiment for a game or 2 in the WAFL before abandoning it
Mitch McGovern - Was swung back in the 2nd half of 2-3 games when he was struggling to impact as a forward.
Connor Menadue - Spent the first half of the season in the VFL playing as a back flanker, called up for Richmond and played 3 games as a defensive forward before being dropped. Was recalled late in the season to play 2 games as a HBF, dropped again and then resumed playing wing in the VFL.
Dave Mirra - 3 games as a forward at VFL
Conor Nash - Mainly played forward at VFL level but was also trialled on the wing
Lachie Neale - Played the Rd 11 Collingwood match as a forward-mid
Nic Newman - 4 games mid-season as a defensive forward
Ryan Nyhuis - Ross again pulled out the defensive forward card for a game
Jaegar O’Meara - 1 game late in the season as a forward
Jono O’Rourke - Tried as a back in the VFL. Forward-mid at AFL level
Ben Paton - All AFL games as a forward
Marc Pittonet - Forward-ruck at AFL level
Sam J. Reid - Plugged gaps and bounced around - played at least 2 games on the wing and 2 down back
Jarryd Roughead - Had the odd game as the 2nd ruck
Scott Selwood - Played the EF as a defensive forward
Nick Shipley - Both AFL games as a forward.
Steele Sidebottom - 5 games forward. May’ve got there, but given how his forward games were truly random, I’m not nominating based on possibilities.
Jack Silvagni - Experimented with him in different positions at the end of the season - 2 games as an inside mid, 4 as a back.
Jack Sinclair - 3 games as a forward - not enough over a 2 year period to retain his F status.
Ryley Stoddart - Both AFL games were as a defensive forward
Cam Sutcliffe - Aside from the opening match, his other AFL games were as a forward-mid.
Dean Towers - back-up ruck
Adam Treloar - 2 games forward
Patrick Wilson - sole AFL game was as a forward. Inside mid at SANFL level


love the analysis. really appreciate the effort you put into this and through out the season.


I’m ready for off-season trade period to start!


I will be chasing a ruck and a forward. Not dealing for potential. Want someone to step straight in, still building so no-one in their retirement phase.

Polec is on the table. 92 averaging centre who will get feed plenty of cheap ball from the north midfield.


I’m a little behind where I thought I’d be in getting everything updated, but all bar Allblack, wimm and Mad Bomber have their correct squads. I’ll complete the remaining 3 tomorrow and then start on the draft order.

I’ve taken the liberty of removing confirmed retirees - in the event they pull a Hodge, they’ll be returned to your squad and you’ll have to delist another player. Not sure whether you’ll need to delist the retirees on UF before you can trade.

Once I’ve completed the 3 remaining lists I’ll post a full list of who needs to delist players, but feel free to get in early if you know you need to delist 1 or 2 players.


I’ll delist Jack Leslie and Ben Stratton please!


I’ll delist Oskar Baker and Jordan Foote please.


I’ll delist Ben McNiece.


Delisting Shane Biggs please.


could I please delist cam Pederson and Liam baker


Smotes pm’d me to say he wants to delist Zerrett and Treloar.


Ah crap. Ditched Biggs from the list total as he’d retired, but not from your list on here. It was 32 with Biggs, 31 with him already gone, so you still need to delist 1 more.


No probs, delist Angus Schumacher please.